OT? - Yahoo 1201 S. Main St. Pick'em Review/Trash Talk Thread

OT? - Yahoo 1201 S. Main St. Pick'em Review/Trash Talk Thread

Submitted by Steves_Wolverines on November 21st, 2016 at 9:49 AM

We're 12 weeks into the Pick'em season, with 2 weeks to go. This thread can be used to gloat about your performance so far, reflect upon when your entry dropped from contention, and a general pick'em discussion thread.

Congrats to the 57ish users who have made picks every week. 

Congrats to Kenny Powers Possee, our current leader; recording high points in week 6.

Rounding the other top contenders are:

2. MGoCombs
3. Gosselin Geese
4. GoblueATL
5. Mfan_in_ohio
6. ZTMaizeNBlue (my entry)
7. BlueGrizzly
8. Thatswatsheesed
9. Biakabutuka
10. Muppet Glee Club

Good luck to everyone who will be making picks in these final 2 weeks! I think 1st place may be out of reach for me (165 points back), so I'm hoping for a Top 5 finish.

Go Blue, and may the odds be ever in your favor!

Eleven Warriors Article on Michigan's Trash Talking

Eleven Warriors Article on Michigan's Trash Talking

Submitted by StephenRKass on March 2nd, 2012 at 9:40 PM

Over at Eleven Warriors, there is an article entitled LINK: The Clucking Up North. The column is about Molk's comments dissing OSU Center Brewster, Wisconsin's Konz, and other comments from Michigan recruits. (Pipkins on Schutt, and Magnuson's tweet. (**** OSU. It doesn't matter who their coach is, we will continue to whip their ass, and enjoy doing it.)

While I don't care for Ohio, Byrnes has a point. Sometimes it is better to shut your mouth, and let your play on the field do the talking. In my way of thinking, Michigan's record against Ohio over the last 10 years doesn't warrant a lot of trash talking. Hoke gets this, and actually, he must have conveyed it to the team. The guys doing the yapping are either done (Molk) or haven't started yet (Magnuson, Pipkins, even Dymonte Thomas.)

When we have flipped things, and dominate Ohio for multiple years, I'll feel better about guys talking.


When does Trash Talking go over the line?

When does Trash Talking go over the line?

Submitted by StephenRKass on October 21st, 2011 at 10:21 AM

Is there such a thing as trash talking going too far? I know that Rose and Webber were really into trash talking, and Michael Jordan was also a master at it.

In the ESPN article on the Gholston suspension, there is a comment about the context for the punch to Lewan:

Gholston, a sophomore and a starter, said in a statement that he was provoked to react.

I get that Glolston was provoked. I also get that on the field, some players would do anything to gain an advantage. Does that mean anything can be said? I'm thinking about next year. Can Lewan say to Gholston, when they're on the ground after a play, just the two of them, [EDIT:  My original hypothetical example was over the line for several bloggers, so I am striking / editing it. My original question, BTW, is not about what Lewan said or didn't say. I'm not speculating on that. I'm interested in whether or not trash talking can go too far.]  "You're a ******* ****** ******, and your mother is a cranked out ****** ***** who'll do anything for her next fix. She'd even **** *** if someone paid her enough." Can Lewan do opposition research and throw out insulting but true statements about Gholston's relatives or friends or history to provoke Gholston to punch again?

Obviously, we're not talking about any public statements . . . the players know that you can't do politically incorrect things. But tactically, would players do something like that? I can easily imagine that there are some guys out there that have no personal boundaries.

Myself, I think things like that go over the line and are just wrong. But I can easily imagine some guys being big enough tools to do that kind of trash talking. More than once, I've seen Lewan described here as a "nasty" player who likes to ride donkeys, and he's not an idiot. He knows that the refs will be watching for Gholston, and all he has to do is pull Gholston's chain enough to get him ejected from the game.

I guess I'm wondering if players nowadays have an internal code tacitly agreed upon about what is ok and what is over the line, and not ok.