Submitted by jdog on September 3rd, 2018 at 9:48 PM

Wondering why the Viper position is not called the "Wolf" position (or "Wolfman," if you prefer) by the coaching staff.  Is there a meaningful distinction here or just an abnegation of tradition?  

Apologies if this has already been discussed.

Gameday Traditions

Gameday Traditions

Submitted by canzior on October 26th, 2016 at 9:19 AM

My new wife has been adopted as a Michigan fan, and we are starting a family.  I became a Michigan fan being from Detroit, and an Uncle who played high school ball with a couple guys on the 89 team.  He liked both UM and MSU though, while I stuck with UM.  I grew up in the DC area, so not a lot of Michigan fan-dom in my life.  I am curious if anyone has any awesome gameday traditions that they have/had with parents, aunts/uncles, children, or friends that they wouldn't mind sharing.


Also of note: I spoke with a friend about PSU/OSU (he was at the game, speaking with the coaches before the game)...Penn State's gameplan going into the game was to mimic Wisconsin's defensive scheme, and put their starters on special teams to gain an advantage. 


Shoe Throwing Ritual at Yost

Shoe Throwing Ritual at Yost

Submitted by 707oxford on December 18th, 2015 at 1:38 PM

I recently received an email from the athletic department congratulating my 5-year old son because he gets to ride the zamboni during the second intermission of one of the upcoming hockey games.

I graduated over a decade ago and just recently moved back to Michigan; so this will be his first Yost experience, and I have not been back since I was a student so I am a bit rusty on the rituals.

In efforts to ensure he fulfills his rightful duties and to give him the best interactive experience with the fans, I need some help with the proper etiquette for zamboni riders.  Namely:

  1. Do kids still do the shoe throwing thing?  
  2. If so, does anyone know if this is openly accepted by the staff or are kids specifically instructed not to do it?  (being his first game, I'd like it to be a positive experience and don't want him to get yelled at or suffer negative consequences that may scar his future fandom)
  3. Is there a specific time to throw the shoe? (right away or as prompted by the student section)
  4. Should he throw said shoe onto the ice or aim for the student section?  
  5. Any other responsibilities he should be aware of to earn "Best Kid Ever" chants?

Also, as an aside - are "Children of Yost" shirts available anywhere?  Would love to get one for my son as a memento, though I imagine youth sizes may be hard to come by for such an item.

Thank you for your help in brainwashing raising yet another faithful wolverine.  Go Blue!


Slippery Rock Articles

Slippery Rock Articles

Submitted by Everyone Murders on October 16th, 2014 at 1:19 PM

MLive has a pair of nice articles relating to the upcoming "home" game for Slippery Rock.  The FIRST relays some of the history of Michigan's Slippery Rock fetish, while the SECOND pertains to Slippery Rock adopting special uniforms out of respect for Michigan's general dislike of green and white uniforms and those who wear them.  While not a fan of uniformz for established programs, I think the special uniforms look good and tie in well with the "The Rock" theme.

Part of the stadium experience for many of us is awaiting the announcement of the Slippery Rock score, and this will mark the third time that the Big House has served as a home-away-from-home for Slippery Rock. 

Slippery Rock

End of the School Year

End of the School Year

Submitted by Bringitback2a2 on December 5th, 2013 at 4:14 PM

Hello MgoUsers, 

I'm doing a report for school, and without going into too much detail, here are my questions..

1. Is there any one particular event as students that signifies the end of the school year here at University of Michigan? 

2. Do you know of any other schools around the country who hold events that signify or occur near the end of the school year? 

Thanks for the help

Little Brown Jug Article

Little Brown Jug Article

Submitted by Everyone Murders on November 2nd, 2012 at 8:59 AM

Link to Article:|topnews|text|Sports

There's a nice article in today's Detroit News about the woman who paints the scores on the Little Brown Jug, Jil Gordon.  The article references Greg Dooley's, with a nod to its "Little Brown Jug Lore" section (check it out here :  - it's chock full of Little Brown Jug history).  Per Dooley:

The most common story about how the challenge for the Little Brown Jug came do be is inaccurate. Most retellings say that former Michigan coach Fielding Yost sent a letter to Minnesota athletic director Louis Cooke and asked that the Jug, left behind after the 1903 game, be returned. Cooke was said to reply: "If you want it, you'll have to come up and win it."
"The story that Yost wrote or wired or mailed some request after the '03 game — that didn't happen," said Dooley, who said there is no evidence of that communication. "There is evidence to suggest it was hatched before the 1909 game. There was some kind of challenge. Michigan bought the jug in Minnesota, left it there, probably because they didn't care about a 30-cent jug. Minnesota found it — they didn't steal it — and probably thought, 'This is cool' and painted the score on it and the athletic director hung it in his office."

The more you know!  Here's to hoping Michigan is able to keep that jug in Ann Arbor.

Seniors Carried Off the Field After Their Final Practice

Seniors Carried Off the Field After Their Final Practice

Submitted by MGoShoe on January 1st, 2011 at 7:56 AM

At yesterday's final pre-Gator Bowl practice the seniors received the honor of being carried of the field by their teammates.  Bruce Madej tells the story at with an accompanying slideshow of th final practice.

There was a mix of former, soon to be former and current football letterwinners at Jacksonville University Thursday afternoon (Dec. 30) when Michigan conducted its last practice of 2010 for Saturday's Gator Bowl (Jan. 1).

The last practice is somewhat bittersweet. You have watched these student-athletes grow to adults in a four or five year time frame, and you wonder what the future will hold for the players leaving college life.

Today, they are being hoisted on the shoulders of their teammates as they are carried off the field for the final time at Michigan. Tomorrow, these same players will be headed into their 'real' lives. A career as a lawyer, dentist, sales rep, teacher, etc.

So it seemed apropos that today was also the day the U-M football M Club Letterwinners were invited to practice. This is the same group that sponsors the M Go Blue banner that the team touches as it runs out of the Michigan Stadium tunnel.

Congratulations to the seniors as they make this transition. They will be missed, but they will join an exclusive fraternity of M Club Letterwinners.

As I watched the proceedings taking place, I -- yes, an honorary M Club letterman -- looked at our M Club lettermen and thought to myself if these players being carried off the field today have a life like those former players I have been with during this practice, Michigan and its coaching staff did their 'real' job -- building the young men to be leaders and the best.

All is not lost! - OSU AD running scared

All is not lost! - OSU AD running scared

Submitted by Blueto on August 27th, 2010 at 1:20 PM

My appologizes if someone already posted this -

OSU AD Smith felt compelled to put out a video on the web because he is getting so much pressure on moving the game. It sounds like there is some hope the powers that be may cave if the fan bases keep up the pressure.

OT: Favorite Autumn Michigan Traditions?

OT: Favorite Autumn Michigan Traditions?

Submitted by MDTCaptain on July 1st, 2010 at 6:11 AM

It's July, so we're only one month away from the month we start the season, and I can already smell the tailgates.  There is so much to the fall semester in Ann Arbor, in addition to the gridiron.  Besides on-field action and results...

What is your favorite autumn tradition / memory in Ann Arbor?  

For me, practicing in an empty Big House in brisk fall weather, hearing the band practice at Elbel almost every day, and leaves EVERYWHERE are some that stick out.  I'm sure the rest of you have others...