UM Womens BB: Dont lose Saniya Chong!

UM Womens BB: Dont lose Saniya Chong!

Submitted by Blue Blue Blue on July 12th, 2012 at 9:00 AM

this is an open call-out to the womens basketball team:    do not lose Saniya Chong!

I have tried on multiple occasions to (in compliance) contact our womens recruiting staff to tell them that one of the top HS players in the country is a High Honor student who will look her best in maize and blue..........and now her "top 4" list is published in the local papers and it includes Ohio State (as well as UConn, Marylnad and Louisville.

Saniya Chong is a 5' 9" guard from a suburb of New York City who is incredibly good.......much better than another local girl who started at guard as a freshman for west virginia.   Chong recently went to a big tourney and scored 53 or her teams 79 points.....with Geno Auriemma in the front row.   Shooting, passing, rebounding, defense- she excels (and dominates) in all.

I cannnot imagine seeing her in scarlet and gray., and if that happens, she will get plenty of ink on this blog as she torches us.

Kim B-A:    go get Chong!