OT - Five Stupid Questions, Vital Answers

OT - Five Stupid Questions, Vital Answers

Submitted by Space Coyote on July 16th, 2013 at 8:32 AM

The board has been fairly tame lately, and likely will be once more today. Football season is drawing nearer, but is still to far ahead to create much discussion which hasn't been had before. Damnit, I need a good ol' passionate argument about something that confuses the lady in my life when I claim "this guy is wrong on the internet!" Because of this, I present to you five questions that on the surface seem stupid, in reality are stupid, but the answers could be of vital importance for those that desire to live by social norms, or for those that want to call their friends idiots.

Spurred from a debate long ago about toilet paper orientation, in which consensus seemed closest to: if you have a stupid cat or a stupid kid (face it, the kid's about 3 years old, he's likely pretty dumb still) you can put your TP folded back to the wall; otherwise, fold it over the top.

I'll post my answers below as not to clutter the OP. Here are the questions:

  1. When serving cake, should it be served warm, cold, or room temperature (this question does not include ice cream cake)?
  2. When placing cups in the cupboard, should they be placed open-side up or open-side down?
  3. When talking about the midwest region, does "midwest" imply the plains states or the Great Lakes region?
  4. When eating Oreo's, should they be eaten whole or should they be twisted apart and eaten seperately?
  5. Are stars in the night sky our past kings, fireflyies that got stuck up in that big blueish-black thing, or balls of burning gas billions of miles away which appear as a massive, luminous sphere of plasma held together by its own gravity until their ultimate demise forces them either become massive or collapse upon itself?