So I watched the entire OSU Spring Game today...

So I watched the entire OSU Spring Game today...

Submitted by AZBlue on August 20th, 2014 at 8:46 PM

It is available on Youtube - no link (too old and lazy to learn)- I just googled it

General Notes: 

  • My Primary focus was on Barrett - given the recent BM injury
  • You may wish to watch on mute unless you are fond of hearing how great and innovative Urban Meyer is i.e. Braxton's head-cam, Urban renaming his coaches "group leaders" etc. 
  • I am not an ex-coach or football expert, just a fan that spends too much time on MGoBlog
  • This was a true 2 team scrimmage not 1s vs. 2s as it may affect the results on the field.


Football Notes:

QB's - Barrett

  • Better runner of the 2 QBs - offense looked very Braxton-like with Barrett at the helm
  • Not quite as shifty or as fast as BM imo
  • 17-34 by my count passing
    • Only 7 completions 5+ yards downfield
    • Only 1 completion (crossing route) 15+ yds
    • 0-5 on true deep balls - 2 were "catchable"
  • Not as good an arm as Jones on the deep stuff


  • Big Kid ala Terrelle Pryor - but less mobile and shifty - (less of an athelete than our DG imo)
  • Didn't chart his passing but he was 3(or4) for 10 on deep throws - 4 were catchable - of the non-catchable throws -  one may have been an OOB throwaway and one was an End of Half Hail Mary
  • Didn't seem as good on the short stuff as Barrett
  • Seemed to be a less designed runs or read-options with Jones as QB


  • Played almost all vanilla except for 1 goal line stand where they did some run blitzes and stopped Jones' offense 3 straight plays from the 2.
  • Lots of press coverage - seemed very good coverage on almost all the deep throws (catchable or not)

Running Backs

  • Dunn (sigh) and Ball seemed the most effective to me (both were on the same offense fwiw)
  • Elliot and Samuel were clearly faster but weren't able to get the edge like Dunn was.

Punting -- 2 punts would have been blocked in a non-scrimmage.  Might be solely due to scrimmage effort levels.  No returns or kickoffs were practiced

O-Line/D-line -- OSU showed much better ability to run than the recent M scrimmage (benefit of spread O?) but the pass protection was less than stellar on non quick pass plays.  Probably would have been 10+ sacks in a real game.  (This is with no blitzing)

Because its OSU.........Nelson Munz memorial plays:

  • Barrett - 1st and 10 on his own 2.  Pass play - holds the ball too long (freshman!) gets sacked and fumbles for the only TD for Jones' team.
  • Jones (personal fav) - 1st and 10 on own 20.  Pass play - ball is stripped or slips out of his hands - Jones chases and recovers the ball in the end zone, eludes tacklers and throws for a -12 yard completion.
  • Corey Smith - WR reverse/pass - Pass covered - runs to the 1 - fumbles for a touchback reaching for the goal line.


Summary - Defense hard to tell due to the split teams and vanilla scheme but press coverage was prominent and effective.  Offense struggled for the most part - I would expect a freshman-year Braxton level offense from OSU by November - possibly worse depending on the O-line development and Hyde-less running back production.


Hopefully I have provided some useful info for those who don't want to watch a 2+ hour youtube video.