5th Year seniors had to "audition" during spring practice

5th Year seniors had to "audition" during spring practice

Submitted by The Mad Hatter on July 22nd, 2015 at 11:48 AM

This bummed out Keith Heitzman, which led to his transfer to Ohio University.



We've all heard some buzz about 5th years not being invited back, but this is the first time I've heard that there was a formal try out process.

McGary, GRIII Stay for Sophomore Season

McGary, GRIII Stay for Sophomore Season

Submitted by Soulfire21 on April 18th, 2013 at 4:36 PM

They're back!

Glenn Robinson III, Mitch McGary officially returning for sophomore seasons umhoops.com/2013/04/18/gle… via @umhoops

— Dylan Burkhardt (@umhoops) April 18, 2013

I wanted to get 'McScary' started... I don't know if that will be a thing, but I HAVE A CHANCE TO MAYBE DO IT.

For something more official, the story at MGoBlue.com

UFR -- Secondary Against UConn

UFR -- Secondary Against UConn

Submitted by Hail2Victors on September 6th, 2010 at 9:32 PM

Unfortuantely, I was not in a position to watch the game on Saturday.   Thankfully, my beautiful bride (and Michigan grad) was able to tape much of the game for me after some technical difficulties with the DVR.   Seeing the final score and the hightlights on line yesterday while sitting in a 3-hour layover in Philly's airport didn't prepare me for the horror as I watched the replay today. 

I wil take nothing away from the offense.   They did really well for a first game and if D-Rob can stay healthy, this team should a lot of games.

My fear is the still the defense.   UConn really beat themselves in so many ways on Saturday with innumerable drops in key situations.  Our secondary had as many problems as feared in preseason but were blessed by drops and a few overthrows by UConn.   For this weekend, I fear Michael Floyd and Kyle Rudolph will torch our  secondary should Crist get as much time to throw as Frazer did.  I look for a very high scoring game in South Bend.

Anybody else fearing this as well?

Those who stay [committed] will be champions.

Those who stay [committed] will be champions.

Submitted by MGoAndy on October 22nd, 2008 at 3:33 PM

EDIT: I never thought asking people to stay true to their word would draw such criticism.  Before you go spewing expletives and passing judgements on me, read all my responses to various vitriolic criticisms. 

Clarification: The system of college football recruiting is fundamentally flawed.  It encourages, if not forces, young, young men to commit to schools very early, when they may not have had a chance to weigh all their options.  However, this does not give these young men a free pass to hand out commitments willy nilly.  Reform is due in the system, but the young men must also be careful about their commitments. 

I wrote this in a fit of passion and rage. Sorry for any incoherence.

We, as the University of Michigan football fan base, need to stop lauding prospects. Our fawning and drooling over 40 times and Rivals stars is breeding class upon class of divas. We shower them with praise, follow their high school seasons, and imagine them in future lineups, and in the process create kids who think they're better than everyone else. 

When you make a commitment, you keep that commitment. You are COMMITTED to that school, COMMITTED to those traditions, COMMITTED to what it stands for. 

If you do not BLEED Maize and Blue, do not commit to Michigan. Do not commit to Michigan if you could just as easily go to OSU, MSU, ND, or PSU. I want someone who HATES OSU. I want someone who wants nothing more than to run out of that tunnel and touch the MGOBLUE banner in front of 110,000 screaming, maize and blue clad fans. 

I know you're just in high school and you're fickle and a visit to any campus excites you. If your blood isn't MAIZE, take all your visits, weigh all your options, and then commit. I understand you want to secure a spot, but how selfish is it to commit just to save a spot in line, knowing you're likely to back out and go somewhere else? Stop committing as soon as you get your offer if you're not 100% Maize and Blue.

Will Campbell should have never committed. Kevin Newsome should have never committed. Bryce McNeal should have never committed. Anthony Fera should have never committed. 

Take your time, weigh your options, and then commit. Michigan will find a place for you.  I know there is some truth to the need to lock up a place before a school looks elsewhere, but you as recruits have the ability to change this system.  Stop committing as a high school junior if you don't bleed Maize and Blue.  Send the message to programs that they must respect your right to weigh your options and make your decision in good time.   

To close, if a slow start and some ugly losses sway you, Michigan doesn't want you. This season should excite you to get on the field and play for UM. It should excite you to bring UM back into national title contention. It shouldn't inspire you to jump ship.  It should inspire you to restore Michigan's place amongst the elite in college football.  It should inspire you to uphold the legacy of Yost, Crisler, Bo, and Lloyd, and to create a new legacy for RichRod.  It should inspire you to be the next Desmond Howard, the next Charles Woodson, the next Braylon Edwards, or the next Mike Hart.  It should inspire you to engrain yourself into the hallowed tradition of University of Michigan football.