OT - Baylor hires Temple's Matt Rhule as new HC

OT - Baylor hires Temple's Matt Rhule as new HC

Submitted by PutInPeters18 on December 6th, 2016 at 12:06 PM



Link to Fox Sports article on it, but Baylor found their new coach to replace Art Briles, who was fired for being a terrible person in regards to several Title IX issues within the program. 

Rhule led Temple to two of their best seasons ever, capping it off with a 10-3 season this year and an AAC conference championship with a 34-10 win over Navy in their CCG. 

Good hire for Baylor. Hopefully he doesn't generate too much hype that some of the Texas guys we're in on (Filiaga) start giving them more looks. 

Also, I'd imagine the Temple job would be a decent opening for several Big Ten assistant coaches, perhaps like someone from OSU (Fickell?). Could draw some conference assistants out. 

Softball Thoughts on Temple

Softball Thoughts on Temple

Submitted by megangoblue on March 4th, 2012 at 1:12 AM

Temple is an extremely beatable team and the only reason we split with them is because we didn't bring our bats with us the first game. The first pitcher they threw to us was pretty slow and rather inconsistent. I remember she had a rise and change up, both of which she threw frequently but were never called strikes. The second pitcher I don't remember as clearly, but I know she was faster than the first (but still not overpowering) and didn't have too much movement to it. So at the plate just be patient and wait for the pitcher to throw a strike.

Hitting wise, they weren't really over powerful either and I would classify them more as a speed type of team. We made a few mental lapses on defense that allowed them to score when they did, and if I recall correctly their 1 and 4 hitters were probably their best. Number 1 was also fairly quick and will stretch for an extra base if given the chance. Number 4 was a big leftie, and I stayed low and away from her for the most part. The only pitch she hit hard off of me was a changeup (but it was a pretty fat pitch) so by no means be afraid to throw her one -- I'm fairly certain our other pitcher struck her out (possibly more than once) on a changeup as well. Otherwise, I don't remember many other big hits by their team so I assume just mix it up and I have no doubt that Michigan's pitching staff is good enough to beat them (and will probably have their own scouting report).

On a side note, we were Temple's first game so there is a chance that there have been adjustments made to the lineup and the team might be playing differently after getting some games under their belt. However, from what I saw they are not an extremely difficult team to beat so long as you come ready to hit. Good luck to Michigan tomorrow!

Also, thanks to everyone again for the congratulations and support!