SI Investigation: Oklahoma State Has Been Paying Players

SI Investigation: Oklahoma State Has Been Paying Players

Submitted by ChopBlock on September 8th, 2013 at 7:14 PM

[Not seeing anything on site search about this, nor on the mod thread canning the subject, so here goes...]


Sports Illustrated is set to break a major, major story on alleged naughtiness by the  Oklahoma State football program this week. The lowlights:

  • Paying players 
  • Phony/nonexistant jobs for players (maybe it's an OSU thing?)
  • Academic fraud: systematic outsourcing of player's classwork to others, and adjusting their grades upward
  • Campus hostesses providing sex to recruits

There's a few things to note about this that suggest this might be, like, an actual thing and not just a media spectacle

  • The timeframe stretches across more than a decade, since the Les Miles days. 
  • The University (and WVU, who currently employs Joe DeForest, an assistant coach at the center of the allegations) have already started damage control. They're shocked, shocked, that improprieties are going on in here.
  • If you're going to flat-out state that the University is paying players (about the most damning allegation possible), you better have dang good evidence.

Now, it's much too early to say which of these allegations will or won't be substantiated, and the NCAA hasn't said a word on the subject. But SI is planning to run a multi-part exposé on the subject, so this might get ugly, at least publicity-wise.


Edit: Many of these violations are alleged to have occured between 2001 and 2007, outside of the NCAA statute of limitations. Howeva, SI insists that DeForest paid players as recently as 2011, which is fair game.




Terrelle Pryor on Improper Benefits - "I felt like I was doing God's work."

Terrelle Pryor on Improper Benefits - "I felt like I was doing God's work."

Submitted by Michael Scarn on May 9th, 2012 at 12:30 PM

Well, um, I'm not sure what to say other than to quote and link this article.  Terrelle Pryor details the story of selling his Gold Pants for $3,000, money he says he used to pay his Mom's rent and heat bills.  

Whenever I write my book the proof will be in there, the receipt that the money I gave my mother was to pay the electric and heat bill. The truth is going to come out one day when the time is right. I don't think I deserved (being punished) in that way, because of the reason I was doing it. I felt like I was doing God's work in a way, and I was getting driven into the ground.

Strangely, he mentions nothing about tattoos, loaner cars, etc.  Some people are just crazy enough to believe their own nonsense.

Buckeyes lose bowl, finish 6-7. First <.500 season since 1988

Buckeyes lose bowl, finish 6-7. First <.500 season since 1988

Submitted by markusr2007 on January 2nd, 2012 at 6:55 PM

The Ohio season is finally over. 6-7 finish topped off by loss to a mediocre Florida squad 17-24.

2011 counts the first losing record for Ohio football program since 1988 (John Cooper 1st year) and 1966 (Woody Hayes) before that.

No championship and no bowl next year for Ohio, so only role to play appears to be "spoiler" in 2012.



Never Forget Guy Presents: Buckeye Angels Xmas Gifts

Never Forget Guy Presents: Buckeye Angels Xmas Gifts

Submitted by MGauxBleu on November 25th, 2011 at 11:35 PM

Here we are, on the eve of the game. And while we hate Ohio (State) with every fiber of our beings, that does not change the fact that many of us have misguided friends or loved ones who cheer for the Buckeyes. Obviously, dealing with these people will be easier this holiday season after a victory, but you will still have to see them. So with only 30 shopping days left until Christmas, I have setup an Etsy account to peddle cheaply made crap that you can give to your cousin's dick husband instead of the usual forties of Camo or Skoal variety packs.

As always with Etsy, each product is handmade with found materials (from in my neighbors' garbage), so quantities are limited and are priced accordingly.

Jim Tressel Angel Tree Topper


Bask in the glow of a tragic hero. Wonder at his pureness as he gazes down upon his Christmas kingdom.

Two AA batteries not included.

$164.00 USD

Terrelle Pryor Doily Angel


This is a charming small angel, about twelve inches across, that attaches nicely to a window with a small suction cup hook. It's slimness is convenient because it does not interfere with closing blinds or curtains. Light enough to be hung on a mirror for an unexpected seasonal touch. At first glance, it appears to be a large intricate doily cut from paper. That is the first impression when hung on a window and viewing it from outside. Folding the paper angel's wings forward gives a feeling of motion. This would make a great seasonal decoration for any window. Please contact me if you need a quantity.

Small suction cup not included.

$47.98 USD (Bulk Discounts available)

"TatGate: Redemption" 10 Piece Nativity Set


Celebrate in your own way, this wondrous event that is about to occur before our very eyes.   Our "TatGate: Redemption" nativity set feature finely crafted figurines, with rich colors and detailed expressions.  They are a pleasure to behold and a joy to own.  The high quality of these figurines ensure that they will be a family keepsake for generations to come.


  • 1 Terrelle Pryor Shepherd Boy
  • 1 Virgin Jim Tressel
  • 1 Devier Posey (Delivering frankincense)
  • 1 Boom Herron (Delivering myrrh)
  • 1 Mike Adams with realistic bewildered action
  • 1 Diper Dandy Savior Braxton Miller
  • 1 Urban Meyer as the wisest king of all
  • 3 sheep representing

    • NCAA Investigators
    • OSU Compliance
    • All of Buckeye Nation


$10,000+ USD (Though might be willing to barter for the right amount of autographed memorabilia, used football equipment, rounds of golf and no less than 7 heavily-discounted and/or free loaner cars.)

Ohio Verdict Update

Ohio Verdict Update

Submitted by SanFrancisco_W… on November 2nd, 2011 at 3:18 PM

While this may not deserve it's own thread, I thought it merited some mention as I have seen many people on the board talking about the OSU verdict and when it will come down.  Here's a snippet from the Cleveland Plain Dealer:

Ohio State spokesman Dan Wallenberg told The Plain Dealer Tuesday that the school is still finalizing its response to the employment issue that saw four Buckeyes suspended after Ohio State and the NCAA ruled they were overpaid by former booster Bobby DiGeronimo. Wallenberg said there are no new issues, but Ohio State hasn't completed its report on these violations, which were first revealed at a news conference on Oct. 3.

Once the school submits that response, it will then wait for word from the NCAA. Every indication is that the OSU administration still does not expect a post season ban to be part of any penalties, and OSU coach Luke Fickell said he had no update on any postseason problems. In the last 10 years, five major college football programs were given postseason bans of one or two years.


So Ohio hasn't even finished their report yet, thus making it take even longer and if I had to guess, the better they play the longer it will take them to submit this report.



Edge of Despair: 11W on The State of Buckeye Football

Edge of Despair: 11W on The State of Buckeye Football

Submitted by BlueDragon on September 12th, 2011 at 11:53 PM

In an effort to help provide more general Big Ten coverage, here are two interesting (and schadenfreude-laden) items posted on Eleven Warriors today:

1)  The Edge of Despair, on the State of Buckeye Football.  Long story short, it's not good.  I was at the first two games of Ohio State's current season, and a dramatic last-minute finish versus Toledo--Toledo!--is not in the Ohio State modus operandi.  His description of the game environment, when corrected for OSU Tatgate bias, is accurate in many details.

Edge of Despair

2)  Highlights from OSU-Toledo.  The choice of song and tone is hilarious.  Not pictured:  Turnovers, throws to Tacopants, missing starters, repeated booings of Bausermann's throws to Tacopants.  /notsayinjustsayin

Edit:  Star Trek : Star Wars :: Denard Robinson : Notre Dame

NCAA Informs Ohio State Of Ongoing Investigation

NCAA Informs Ohio State Of Ongoing Investigation

Submitted by SanFrancisco_W… on August 10th, 2011 at 4:08 PM

According to 97.1 The Fan in Columbus, the NCAA has informed Ohio State University that they will be continuing their investigation.  The report comes from the Common Man and the Torg show with its sources coming from former OSU football players.


More details to come once I find a print source.  I know we all love to see it, but they broke the news on the radio with promise of following up on it. 


EDIT: Here's the link

EDIT #2: Torg now saying he thinks PRYOR is talking in an effort to get him into the Supplemental Draft.  Granted this is heresay and high speculation, but it raises some interesting questions.  Mind you, Torg is the one who broke this story on air when I posted it....before it made it to ESPN.

EDIT #3: 97.1 NOW REPORTING THAT THE SIGNING OF MEMORABILIA DID NOT STOP AFTER OSU "PUT THE CABOSH ON IT!"  This is getting unbelievable!  Torg says booster involved is from Northwest Ohio. They are livid! Tune in and laugh your ass off.


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