Sad Future for Taco Pants?

Sad Future for Taco Pants?

Submitted by sammylittle on February 24th, 2012 at 10:54 AM

Looking ahead toward the future of UM's passing game, I fear a dramatic reduction in the utilization of Taco Pants.  The Mythical 8 foot tall receiver has benefited from the abundance of slot ninjas on the roster and DRob's inaccuracy as a passer, especially when nursing injury. 

Two factors will likely reduce the utilization of Taco Pants in the passing game:

1.  Quarterback Play - A fully healthy DRob with two full years in Borges's system will likely fell less compelled to seek out Taco Pants as a second or third option.  Devin and Shane are widely believed to be more accurate passers than DRob.  While Taco Pants may be an attractive target during times of transition, Devin and Shane will likely be better prepared that the wave of freshmen who took the reigns over the past several years.

2.  Receiving Target Recruiting - While Junior Hemingway was often able to snatch passes intended for Taco Pants with his leaping ability, no other UM receiving target has capable to challenging Taco Pants for passes thrown high.  Hoke seems to have sent out a directive to recruit taller receiving targets.  Jaron Dukes and Jake Butt have the height necessary to come away with passes intended for Taco Pants. 

While his contributions have been many.  I fear that Taco Pants may fade from our awareness as he is utilized less often.