OT - Clausen Haircut Spat, marginally involves UM

OT - Clausen Haircut Spat, marginally involves UM

Submitted by TrppWlbrnID on May 9th, 2012 at 1:24 PM


so this is pretty strange, but apparently former ND QB Jimmy Clausen has had a bit of an issue with Supercuts.

he suggests that he will let his hair grow out and provides this picture as evidence of how awesome it was:


its hard to tell, but this pic is from the 2008 Michigan game at ND, during this play best i can tell, he hurls a 50 yard bomb to Golden Tate, which he further discusses in his twitter rant. this was RR's first year, if you have wiped it from your memory and ND ends up winning 35-17. is this what the kids call "trolling?"

i don't use the twitter and this is really minor, but i thought jimmy might appreciate some reminders of his previous haircuts vs michigan, like this: