Baseball: Summer Ball Teams

Baseball: Summer Ball Teams

Submitted by formerlyanonymous on June 23rd, 2010 at 6:17 PM

Baseball season doesn't end with the College World Series. For most players, it continues all summer long. It's here, and the weight room in the fall, that players make their big jumps for next year. So with that in mind, we'll keep an eye on some Michigan players over the course of the summer.

With games starting over the last week, here's an overview of the destinations of Michigan players.

The Knowns

  • Wareham Gatemen (Cape Cod) - Derek Dennis and Anthony Toth
  • Butler Blue Sox (Prospect) - Ben Ballantine and Matt Broder
  • Quincy Gems (Prospect) - John Lorenz
  • Richmond RiverRats (Prospect) - Kevin Krantz and Garrett Stephens
  • Anchorage Bucs (Alaska) - Coley Crank
  • Lake Erie Monarchs (Great Lakes)- Travis Smith
  • Lima Locos (Great Lakes) – Logan McAnallen, Cam Luther, and Tyler Mills
  • Alexandria Beetles (Northwoods) - Patrick Biondi, Kevin Vangheluwe and Kolby Wood
  • Winchester Royals (Valley League) - Kyle Clark
  • Michigan Rams (AAABA) - Brandon Sinnery (really?), John DiLaura, and Sam Cleary (incoming freshman)
    Not a lot of super interesting notes here. The one that really stands out is Brandon Sinnery pitching for the Rams. Nothing against the Rams, but Brandon seems like he'd be a bigger pick up for ANY other league. The Rams have been home to many of our freshmen who haven't seen playing time, not a guy who is poised to be Michigan's #2. This is a pretty large step down for Sinnery from his stint last summer with the Winchester Royals of the Valley League.
    Lima, Alexandria, and Richmond continue to have multiple Wolverines. Coley Crank and John Lorenz both are sticking it out with their clubs from last year. Travis Smith moved from the Texas Collegiate League to the Great Lakes, and hopefully it serves him better. Last summer with the Brazos Valley Bombers was forgettable.
    In the marquee division, Michigan sends two to the Cape, both with Wareham (Ryan LaMarre's club last season). Toth and Dennis appear to be working on their double play combos as regular players. Neither has hit very well, both around .285, but sometimes it takes time to get used to the wood bats.


    Looking over the returning roster, a few guys I couldn't find.
  • Ricky Samuel (P, So)
  • Matt Gerbe (P, Sr)
  • Bobby Brosnahan (P, Rs So) – Once was listed on Lima Locos roster, no longer.
  • Michael Kershner (P, Rs Fr)
  • Zach Johnson (C, Rs Fr)
  • Ben Paskus (2B, Rs Fr)
    Gerbe was in the Valley League last season, but he doesn't appear on any active roster I've been able to find. Brosnahan is also a strange one to be missing. He was with Lima last year. It could be that they're in summer school and will join a team later. As for now, it's unknown.
    The other players on that list have yet to make an appearance in a game. Ricky Samuel is supposed to be a major part of the bullpen next season, so I'm somewhat surprised he's not on a roster somewhere.

I'll probably post an update on how seasons are going closer to the start of school, or if I hear about players joining teams late.