John Beilein Appreciation Thread

John Beilein Appreciation Thread

Submitted by rob f on February 24th, 2018 at 2:23 PM
I won't even put this in the form of a question. Why ask if there's a classier coach anywhere when it's crystal clear: There is no coach ANYWHERE, in ANY SPORT, who is classier than the man leading our basketball program. Programs everywhere invite trouble, find trouble, and then deny trouble. Under John Beilein's leadership, trouble is NOT on our radar. CLASSIEST. COACH. A N Y W H E R E !!!

OT - Row Designation in the Big House

OT - Row Designation in the Big House

Submitted by funkifyfl on September 28th, 2016 at 10:35 AM

Sorry if I'm missing a board guideline, but I have a quick question regarding row designation at the Big House as I'm trying to get some tickets for Illinois. Several sections at the Big House do not appear to reach field, more specifically Sections 5, 7, 8, 10, 14, 16, 17, 27, 29, 30, 32, 36, 38, 39, and 41 (OCD is an awful thing). My question is whether seats in these sections use the same row numbering as the others.


In other words, is Section 5, Row 1, actually at the same height as say Section 6, Row 20? Or alternatively, does Section 5 just "start" at Row 20, and Section 5, Row 20 is right next to Section 6, Row 20? Thanks in advance for any info.

Cool story bro! Asst. Coach Billy Donlon x Uber

Cool story bro! Asst. Coach Billy Donlon x Uber

Submitted by PaperWolverine on September 9th, 2016 at 10:39 PM

First thread ever created by me and probably the last, might as well be a "cool story bro".

[TL;DR ver. at the bottom.]


I am a part-time Uber/Lyft driver in the DMV(DC, Maryland, Virginia) area and just got finished with a long and ardous drive with a passenger who felt the need to vent her whole life problems to me. As I ended the ride I immediately received another request and the pick up was at Paul VI, which is a basketball powerhouse in town. My first thought was that this was probably going to be some sweaty smelly teen who just got done with football practice and now wants a ride home. [I am getting there] I pull into the parking lot only to find no one outside the normal pickup zone. I wait and make a couple of calls but no answer, so after some time I am ready to cancel the ride, right? No, I wait some more and then get a call saying the rider was on the other side of the school and was making his way to me. As he approaches the first thing I notice was the Michigan Jordan apparel and then some light luggage. 


At first I think nothing of it, he gets in, verifies that I am his driver and then we proceed. I small talk and ask if he is a coach at the school, all the while not bringing up his Michigan gear...yet and his answer is that he was just 'checking out some of the kids' there and the he is from 'Michigan'. I instantly get a sinking feeling of excitement in my chest but my focus is on the road, as it should be, and give a calm "...okay that's nice." It's football season and the name he was using on the Uber, William, didn't register in my brain so I am assume this is football related but I should have known when he didn't recognize their football field when he described where he was during the call. So I throw out a mentioning of the beat down of those rainbow warriors and he said, "no, basketball" and because of ignoring the aforementioned clue of the football field identity crisis, Paul VI, basketball powerhouse, full jumpsuit despite 103 degree heat and etc. I then understood he was with bball side of things. 


We begin the chat about the area, recruiting(nothing major or ground breaking nor did I probe), local DC sports and Uber vs Lyft and a little bit about myself. I asked how recruiting was when he coached at American U in DC and to compare it to Michigan, came away with how it is important to recruit locally but even more of importance to be able to recruit nationally and so on. I then asked how he sees Michigan's success and general success in recruiting and we agreed it isn't always about landing that "top 5" guy as long as you can get that under appreciated guy who develops in a year or two and contributes. I then threw out the Trey Burke example, he agreed and then we moved on. Oh and about some of the lost battles, he backed up Mr. Beilein's integrity and said he would never play foul to win like some of the others, I agreed and that was that. He also really likes the guys they have for the 2017 so far. Talked about his very busy itinerary, laughed about my Redskins and our false sense of revitalized hope every season and completed an excellent, safe Uber experience. 40+ min drive and that's about it.


TL;DR Version.

  • Picked up Asst. Coach Billy Donlon in my Uber at Paul VI, basketball powerhouse. Northern VA.
  • Talked about crootin' and stuff. 
  • Ride was safe.
  • Didn't have subs but still was awesome.
  • The end.


2016 NCAA Tournament Bracket Resources

2016 NCAA Tournament Bracket Resources

Submitted by Dubs on March 14th, 2016 at 11:19 AM

Everyone has their own preferred methods, but I figured I would make a post that could more or less consolidate all resources people use to help them make picks.  I used to love the Wall Street Journal "Blindfold Bracket," but they did away with that last year in lieu of something a little more time efficient.  Here are my two:

WSJ Madness Machine (change variables such as 3 pt shooting and experience and it generates your whole bracket for you in seconds):

My other resource is (of course) Nate Silver's FiveThirtyEight:

Any other resources you got?  Post 'em. 

Defensive Players Adjusting to Brown?

Defensive Players Adjusting to Brown?

Submitted by funkifyfl on February 9th, 2016 at 12:09 PM

After the excitement that was NSD, I'm still starved for substantive discussion before spring practice starts. After reading some of the ESPN Way Too Early Top 25 thread, someone mentioned that they expect this defense to be tops in the nation. My question is whether anyone foresees any issues transitioning to Don Brown's defensive schemes coming off last year.


This defense will be crazy talented and experienced. The d-line has 7-8 starter quality players and multiple stars. The secondary has 2 incredibly high caliber athletes and good experience. The linebacker corps is definitely the weakest of the 3 defensive units, but with Peppers playing the hybrid blackhole of space position, UM will likely only need 2 fulltime 'backers.


Just as I expect the returning offensive players to improve after having another year in the Harbaughffense, I think it naturally follows to ask whether the defense may take some time to adjust to Brown's style. Fortunately, Michigan's first 3 games are against teams that were fairly abysmal last year and are all at home. Colorado had 4 wins last year which is more than Hawaii and UCF combined. That builds in some nice cushion for the defense to learn the nuances of the scheme. Frankly, the D line should have no problem adjusting because other than run fits and select drop coverages, their complexity is likely limited to stunts and twists. The secondary plays a lot of press man, and that won't change much. So it really boils down to the LBs.


While last year's D handled pro style offenses well, once Glasgow went out and they played spread offenses or IU, things went south. There are some potentially mitigating factors (read: Durkin packing his bags during OSU week), but nevertheless, do you expect there to be any growing pains as this talented, experienced D adapts to Brown's schemes and likely integrates 2 true freshmen and essentially a new LB corps?

UM Commit Damien Harris only had 11 carries (...but...)

UM Commit Damien Harris only had 11 carries (...but...)

Submitted by buddhafrog on September 1st, 2013 at 11:48 PM

UM 5 star 2015 commit Damien Harris was only given 11 carries this past Friday.


He gained 266 yards and 5 TD's, and came out of the game only two minutes into the second half.

Yeah.  That be crazy.  Must've ate subs.

EDIT: follow the link through to the original link, and it shows that Harris actually did even better.  Still left two minutes into the 3rd quarter but finished with 13 carries for 352 yards.  Should've played the entire game and gone for that ellusive 700-yards-in-a-game mark.

Video link from comments below:

Hahahahahahaahahahahah (now thinking about Peppers highlights also) Lolololololololololol

Syracuse talks their 2-3 zone and how it will be tough for Burke

Syracuse talks their 2-3 zone and how it will be tough for Burke

Submitted by GetSumBlue on April 5th, 2013 at 9:04 PM

Disclaimer: It's a freep article and sorry if this has been posted. Didn't see anything yet.

The video clip is benign, but the comments in the article could possibly add some extra motivation for Burke and company in tomorrow's game.