It's been a bad week for [former] Michigan WRs

It's been a bad week for [former] Michigan WRs

Submitted by Leaders And Best on August 23rd, 2013 at 6:27 AM

Braylon Edwards' job is in jeopardy after the Jets signed Mohamed Massaquoi yesterday:

Steve Breaston was released by the NO Saints a couple days ago:

Mario Manningham was placed on the PUP list by the SF 49ers and will miss at least the first 6 games of the season:

David Terrell was arrested on felony drug charges a couple days ago in Chicago:,0,479646.story

And of course, Amara Darboh is out for the season after foot surgery. Jeremy Gallon and Jason Avant need to be extra careful right now.

SLIGHT MOD EDIT - I modified the title so that people would not think that the current Michigan WR depth chart was taking further hits. LSA

Report: Lions interested in Steve Breaston

Report: Lions interested in Steve Breaston

Submitted by Butterfield on February 25th, 2013 at 1:21 PM

The Lions are reportedly one of five teams interested in Steve's services.  Would be a nice slot guy for Matt Stafford, pretty dependable player and dangerous in space - which he would have plenty of with Megatron commanding constant double and triple coverage. 

It would be a great fit for both sides - no doubt in my mind that Breaston would see a return to his Arizona numbers when he was playing alongside Fitzgerald.  Even if you think the Lions are the worst thing ever, their pass heavy offense is certainly not career suicide for good wide recievers. 

AUDIO: Inside Michigan Football Radio Show - Air Force. VIDEO: Breaston Feature

AUDIO: Inside Michigan Football Radio Show - Air Force. VIDEO: Breaston Feature

Submitted by Thorin on September 7th, 2012 at 7:21 AM

MGoBlue made the (unedited) radio show "premium" this week. To hell with that. Here's the show minus 17 minutes of commercials for free.


Steve Breaston Cameo in Wiz Khalifa Video

Steve Breaston Cameo in Wiz Khalifa Video

Submitted by JBE on May 29th, 2012 at 11:57 AM

Steve Breaston makes a cameo in Wiz Khalfi video, "Work Hard Play Hard."!


Notice the signed jersey. Notice him running Lloyd Carr style steps. Notice ballet shoes. Notice hard hats. 

Sorry if already posted. I searched.


2005 Rose Bowl Full Broadcast 720p

2005 Rose Bowl Full Broadcast 720p

Submitted by Thorin on January 26th, 2011 at 4:57 AM

I understand why, as the anti-ESPN Classic, WolverineHistorian doesn't do Michigan losses. But sometimes the difference between winning and losing is so small that I feel like it's almost inconsequential when judging the overall greatness of a game. I can promise you that's not how I felt on January 1, 2005 (or January 1, 2000). I'm not sure if it's just the passing of time or what Vince Young did to the college football world the next season or both, but I definitely feel now that this is a great Michigan football game. 

This was the first time the Rose Bowl was in HD. Does anyone know if there were other Michigan games that year in HD? If not, this would be the first HD Michigan game too. Quarters 2-4 are untouched streams from a blu-ray rip. I had to re-encode the pregame/1st  quarter to get it in under YouTube's 2GB limit. OK yeah tl;dr, commence seeking for shots of GERG.

Steve Breaston has infinite hustle

Steve Breaston has infinite hustle

Submitted by jaster on September 13th, 2010 at 3:22 PM

Anyone see any of the Cardinals-Rams game yesterday?  And if so, did you see Breaston's hustle play?  I couldn't find a clip (maybe someone else has one?), but for those who didn't see it, here's a recap:

The Cardinals are in a shotgun formation on their own 45.  Anderson takes the snap and the Rams' LDE comes around the edge and knocks the ball out of his hand.  At this point, Breaston is running laterally in a drag route and is on the Cards' 47.  He recognizes the fumble and without hesitation makes a b-line towards the ball, with a total of ten players (mostly linemen) between him and the pigskin.  The ball meanwhile, apparently a fan of the Rams, bounces all the way back to the Cards' 23, where it is picked up in stride by the Rams' RDT, Clifton Ryan.  Ryan (a Spartan, lol) sees nothing but daylight and begins racing (liberal usage of the word) to the endzone.  Breaston is by now sprinting with full afterburners and is bypassing everyone between him and Ryan.  As Ryan gets to the 5 yard line, Breaston catches him.  But instead of trying to tackle him, Breaston, with authority, slaps the ball out of Ryan's arm, saving a touchdown and allowing the Cards to recover the ball.

Thing o' beauty.

Steve Breaston - David Merritt Collaboration

Steve Breaston - David Merritt Collaboration

Submitted by MGoShoe on July 4th, 2010 at 10:24 AM

I am what it is

A product of Red Nerds and overflowing red pop fizz

Red stains on my shirt

Jeff Arnold in has a nice feature covering Steve Breaston's and David Merritt's collaboration on a new I Miss You, Inc. shirt. 

Merritt asked Breaston to construct an original piece that would inspire [a] unique T-Shirt design to be part of Merritt's company's summer line. Breaston [went] to work, finishing a poem he had started that focused on his hometown's [North Braddock, PA] positive aspects.

Merritt's company, I Miss You, Inc., is built on a mission of making others feel special and on community pride. When Merritt read the poem Breaston had written for the campaign, he knew he had something he would work with.  More importantly, he read a piece of original poetry he knew others could relate to.

"I said I wanted something real, something about his community and once he sent it to me, I knew this was it. This was perfect," Merritt said. "It was just a perfect representation of how he felt about his community.  But Steve really cares about people and that's what we try to do with IMU - really care about people. So that's what made him perfect for his - not only because he can write so well, but because he cares so much for his community."

Check out the full article and check out the full line of Merritt's products.

Braylon Edwards Charity BBall Game 6/19 @ Crisler

Braylon Edwards Charity BBall Game 6/19 @ Crisler

Submitted by MGoShoe on May 19th, 2010 at 9:03 PM

The Braylon Edwards Foundation has announced that Edwards and his foundation will host a celebrity basketball game 19 June at Crisler Arena  featuring a slate of NFL players including former Michigan stars Mike Hart, LaMarr Woodley, and Steve Breaston.  Other participants include Mark Sanchez, Darrelle Revis and Santonio Holmes of the Jets, Ryan Mundy of the Steelers, Dante Stallworth of the Ravens and Kerry Rhodes of the Cardinals.

...[D]oors open at :7:30 p.m. and tip-off is at 8 p.m... A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the University of Michigan Women’s basketball scholarship. 

“Being able to contribute to my hometown is very important to me, and I am thrilled this year my fellow teammates from the Jets and friends from the NFL will be able to join me in helping the U of M women’s basketball team.” 

All tickets for this event will be general admission. Tickets will be $10 each and $8 each with orders or 5 tickets or more.  To order tickets, call the Michigan Athletic Ticket Office at (866) 296-MTIX (6849) or log on to

Sounds like a great opportunity to see some Michigan heroes and other outstanding athletes supporting a great cause.  Only "all in fun" lighthearted booing of Santonio Holmes is in order.  Remember, he's raising money for Michigan athletics.

[Edit - added link to the 10 May press release.]