My 2017 College Football Experience

My 2017 College Football Experience

Submitted by UNCWolverine on December 12th, 2017 at 12:09 PM

As we find ourselves in a bit of a lull between the regular season and bowl games I thought I’d take the time to post about my 2017 college football experience. I am single with no kids, and being in sales my manager allows me a fairly flexible work schedule so long as I hit my numbers.

So I have decided to take advantage of this time in my life and opportunity to indulge in one of my favorite things, college football. I absolutely love Michigan football, but I also really enjoy experiencing new stadiums, campuses, fanbases, etc. So this fall I set out to check off a few more boxes. Here goes….

September 9 – Stanford (24) @ USC (42)

I really thought Stanford was going to take it to the Trojans. My Stanford buddy and I took Stanford +6 and we never had a chance. I recall after seeing this USC offense that they might go undefeated this season and wished Michigan could have one of their two superb backs who combined for 235 on 34 carries.

I did not take a wide shot picture from my seat probably because I’ve been to several games at the Coliseum. But I did think it was interesting that you could definitely tell where the student section started and stopped based on brand new shirts compared to those that have been washed and faded over the years.

September 16 – LSU (7) @ Mississippi State (37)

This was my second LSU away game (last year’s loss to Wisconsin at Lambeau). The Tigers were 2-0 going into this game and there was no reason to expect this result. This team looked confused and undisciplined all over the field. In fact I believe two LSU DLinemen were ejected for dangerous and absurdly stupid hits to the Bulldogs QB within minutes in the3rd quarter.

This was first time to Starkville and hopefully my last. The cowbells were just awful (akin to vuvuzelas) and it just boggles my mind that they are allowed to bring them into the stadium. They do mostly stop ringing them when the opposing team comes to the line of scrimmage, but they begin ringing them right after the ball is snapped. I also can’t believe they are allowed to ring them when the opposing team is huddling up, there is just not a chance at any verbal communication outside of shouting in the huddle. It made for a brutal neutral/opposing fan experience and I never plan to subject myself to that shit again.

Here you can see that they’ve set the stadium up so you can actually sit outside near the south endzone and watch the game on the big screen above the north endzone. That seemed unique in all my travels. This was after the game was no longer in doubt, so I’m sure it was packed at the beginning of the game.

September 17 – Pats (won) @ Saints (lost)

October 14 – Auburn (23) @ LSU (27)

After that loss to Mississippi State and then the embarrassment by Troy I don’t think anyone saw this one coming. And by halftime it looked like Auburn would walk away with a fairly easy victory. But LSU scored the only points in the 2nd half, 13 all in the 4th quarter to pretty much save their season and probably Coach O’s job.

This was something I don’t really think I’d seen before. Players were holding up these banners/flags to, I can only assume, hide the coach’s whiteboard from lookie loos in the Auburn press box. Seemed overly paranoid to me, but maybe it’s been a thing in the past.

October 15 – Lions (lost) @ Saints (won)

November 4 – Oklahoma (62) @ Oklahoma State (52)

This was an area of the country I haven’t spent much time. This was my 2017 grad school buddy trip. Last year we did Florida @ Tennessee and this year we decided on the Bedlam Game for their hall pass weekend. We experienced a lot of great BBQ and the open carry law. We really wanted to place a wager on the game to make it more interesting. Last year we took the over and it helped pay for our dinner after the game. The over/under in this game was 76.5 which seemed pretty high. But this was a Big12 game and not Michigan State v. Iowa so we decided to take our chances. It was 38-38 AT HALFTIME. This made the game very enjoyable from that standpoint.

And I didn’t have to look far for the obligatory….

And as Game Day was in town that weekend we got to meet Lee Corso very early Sunday morning at the airport. I’ve been in the “he really should just retire” camp the past few years. But man after meeting him he’s such a nice and charming guy I have backed off that stance. I hope he can continue for years to come.

November 18 – Cal (14) @ Stanford (17)

A few of us went to the Stanford @ Cal game in the pouring rain last year. I had never been to a game on the farm so decided sort of last minute (night before) to fly up Saturday morning to catch this game. I actually did something that I don’t usually do when I go to games, I took the time to walk the (athletic) campus a bit. Not surprisingly it is all very impressive. I have to say it would be tough to turn down Stanford if you’re an athlete in just about any sport, and they have the Director’s Cup results to back that up.

I have always considered Cal to be Michigan’s sister school from school colors to the education to the campus politics. Crazy Cal kids…

This picture was taken inside the gates after they scan your ticket. They have beautiful landscaping all around the outside of their stadium. They haven’t touched the bathrooms/concession stands since they built the stadium, but it really is a great environment, highly recommend it.

November 25 – Michigan/OSU

I’ve only missed a handful of OSU home games since the early 90s even though I’ve really not lived in Michigan since about 2000. I did not want this year to be one of those years even though I knew it would be JOK getting the starting nod. I’ve got nothing groundbreaking to say about the game.

But I will say for those that live in/near Michigan and are able to attend a lot of games, coming back for a game or two each year truly is for me a highlight of every year. I’ve brought numerous friends back for games and to see our campus over the years. I am proud of our university regardless of our wins and losses. As this post signifies I’ve been to dozens of campuses and it really doesn’t get much better than what we’ve got at Michigan, go blue.

I checked off 3 new P5 stadium boxes this fall which now puts me at 22 total. Here is my list in no particular order:

North Carolina

Oklahoma State




Michigan State











Florida/Georgia Cocktail Party - Jacksonville



Mississippi State


Texas A&M

One last thing, In my previous company I used to work with a real ass hat that was a big Louisville fan/alum/arrogant loudmouth. After the championship game against them I mentioned that it was a shame that the refs ruined the end of our game with that terrible foul call on Trey Burke. He commented that it was indeed the right call because Burke impeded his way to the basket. Then he threw in this diddy, “you should stick to things you know about in Michigan, like asparagus”. So I did what any Michigan asparagus-loving fan would do, I anonymously sent him this:

1971 Big Ten Big Time Football Highlights, Bill Fleming narrates

1971 Big Ten Big Time Football Highlights, Bill Fleming narrates

Submitted by markusr2007 on May 24th, 2016 at 6:28 PM

New video posted today is a must see for fans of classic Michigan football, and affords viewers an interesting snapshot in time of what Big Ten football was like in the early 1970s.

This was Bo Schembechler's 3rd team, and his first outright Big Ten title (8-0, 11-1) as Michigan coach. Bo would not win another outright title until 1980, but would sharing the Big 10 crown multiple times in between with Ohio State or Michigan State..

Some interesting footage as well of Michigan players like WR Bo Rather that I had not seen before.

There's some interesting sideline reactions and banter from BigTen coaches as well, like the old NFL films. Indiana's John Pont complaining about player mistakes, etc.

Michigan grad Bill Fleming adds the voice and Purdue's band adds the music.

I can't embed, so here's the link below.




Stanford Recruits/Players Drafted Under Harbaugh

Stanford Recruits/Players Drafted Under Harbaugh

Submitted by mgoDAB on August 12th, 2015 at 10:25 PM


I haven't seen anything like this on the board yet so I composed something I thought you would all enjoy. I put together a list of Stanford players selected in the NFL Draft who played for Harbaugh, was recruited by Harbaugh, or both. I used 247 recruiting info. If a player has a year next to his recruiting info (e.g. 2008), that means he was recruitied under Harbaugh. Jim played at least some role in the 2007 and 2011 classes, while having a total role for the 2008-2010 classes. If no class is written, the player was not recruited by Jim but played for him.

2008 NFL Draft

No one.

2009 NFL Draft

No one.

2010 NFL Draft

RB Toby Gerhart. 2 (51) Minnesota Vikings

            3* FB 0.8579 NTL: 393 POS: 7

TE Jim Dray. 7 (233) Arizona Cardinals

            3* TE 0.8889 NTL: 197 POS: 10

DE Erik Lorig. 7 (253) Tampa Bay Buccaneers

            4* TE 0.9000 NTL: 151 POS: 7

2011 NFL Draft

DT Sione Fua. 3 (97) Carolina Panthers

            3* DT 0.8778 NTL: 278 POS: 27

FB Owen Marecic. 4 (124) Cleveland Browns

            2007 2* FB 0.7745 NTL: NA POS: 21

CB Richard Sherman. 5 (154) Seattle Seahwaks

            3* ATH 0.8389 NTL: 605 POS: 46

WR Ryan Whalen. 6 (167) Cincinnati Bengals

            No info. Probably a walk-on.

WR Doug Baldwin. UFA Seattle Seahawks

            2007 2* WR 0.7778 NTL: NA POS: 157

2012 NFL Draft

QB Andrew Luck. 1 (1) Indianapolis Colts

            2008 4* QB 0.9768 NTL:43 POS: 3

G David DeCastro. 1 (24) Pittsburgh Steelers

            2008 3* OC 0.8847 NTL: 297 POS: 5

TE Coby Fleener. 2 (34) Indianapolis Colts

            2007 3* TE 0.8333 NTL: 738 POS: 40

OT Jonathan Martin. 2 (42) Miami Dolphins

            2008 3* OT 0.8620 NTL: 442 POS: 41

WR Griff Whalen. UFA Indianapolis Colts

            2008 NR WR NA NTL: NA POS: NA

2013 NFL Draft

TE Zach Ertz. 2 (35) Philadelphia Eagles

            2009 4* TE 0.9090 NTL: 193 POS: 5

TE Levine Toilolo. 4 (133) Atlanta Falcons

            2009 4* TE 0.9117 NTL: 181 POS: 3

RB Stepfan Taylor. 5 (140) Arizona Cardinals

            2009 4* RB 0.8961 NTL: 239 POS: 22

2014 NFL Draft

LB Trent Murphy. 2(47) Washington Redskins

            2009 3* WDE 0.8347 NTL: 979 POS: 34

OT Cameron Fleming. 4 (140) New England Patriots

            2010 3* OT 0.8600 NTL: 554 POS: 38

G David Yankey. 5 (145) Minnesota Vikings

            2010 3* OT 0.8600 NTL: 560 POS: 39

S Ed Reynolds. 5 (162) Philadelphia Eagles

            2010 3* S 0.8250 NTL: NA POS: 83

RB Tyler Gaffney. 6 (204) Carolina Panthers

            2009 4* FB 0.8955 NTL: 247 POS: 2

DE Ben Gardner. 7 (231) Dallas Cowboys

            2009 2* SDE 0.7667 NTL: NA POS: 114

TE Ryan Hewitt. UFA Cincinnati Bengals

            2009 3* TE 0.8472 NTL: 786 POS: 35

2015 NFL Draft

OT Andrus Peat. 1 (13) New Orleans Saints

            Not in a Harbaugh class.

S Jordan Richards. 2 (64) New England Patriots

            2011 3* ATH 0.8755 NTL: 382 POS: 23

CB Alex Carter. 3 (80) Detroit Lions

            Not in a Harbaugh class.

DE Henry Anderson. 3 (93) Indianapolis Colts

            2010 3* WDE 0.8558 NTL: 629 POS: 34

WR Ty Montgomery. 3 (94) Green Bay Packers

            2011 4* WR 0.9026 NTL: 231 POS: 30

NT David Parry. 5 (151) Indianapolis Colts

            2010 NR DT NA NTL: NA POS: NA

By starz:

5* drafted—0 (0 5* players recruited)

4* drafted—7

3* drafted—14

2*-NR drafted—6

(Includes UFAs. Excludes Andrus Peat and Alex Carter.)

By round:

1st —2








(Excludes Andrus Peat and Alex Carter.)

Notre Dame home games, fake ref whistles, and a pattern.

Notre Dame home games, fake ref whistles, and a pattern.

Submitted by BlowGoo on October 14th, 2012 at 1:07 AM

Two years ago, we were fortunate enough to be in South Bend to watch Michigan defeat Notre Dame. It was a great college football atmosphere. We were sitting in the middle of ND established fan seating, as we were guests of friends whose child is on the ND band. Though we were dressed in maize and blue, the spirit of good sportsmanship and prevailing sense of a common love of the game (with deserved mutual respect for each other's programs) meant we had a good time among the ND faithful.

Fast forward to THIS year, and the atmosphere was different. We should have been tipped off by the article the Friday before about ND's efforts to make their home field louder and more advantageous. Still, we were surprised when the game commenced and the amount of pumped in music was DRAMATICALLY louder.

But, hey, we're used to noise in the Big House, right?

Yet we AREN'T used to piped in music being played CONSISTENTLY even AFTER the opposing QB had STARTED HIS SNAP COUNT. In fact, I had NEVER seen that happen consistently at any football game I had previously attended, on ANY level.

The shenanigans didn't stop there: our friend's child on the ND band told us after the game that, for the first time ever, their band was microphoned the week prior as a warmup to Michigan.

For the Michigan game, ND used DOUBLE the microphones from the week before. All for the sake of amplifying the crowd noise, and irresponsibly TIMING the amplification beyond decent sportsmanship.

Why am I (re)writing about this now? Because throughout that game, we heard repetitively fake ref whistles coming from the crowd. They were subtle enough that they were hard to precisely localize, but they seemed to come from the same part of the field. And occurred throughout the entire game. I had supposed that the whistle was too faint to effect gameplay, because the refs weren't commenting on it... ... until the second half, wherein Michigan fans will no doubt recall the refs threw a flag against Michigan on either a false start or offside, but took the unusual step of announcing that there would be no penalty assessed against Mich due to a whistle from the crowd causing undue/unfair confusion.

No formal penalty nor warning was issued to the fans in attendance by the refs as was their responsibility.

Now, I recognize as much as the next football fan that when you have six turnovers, well, you get what you get and to blame the refs for the loss is tacky. So I'm not doing that.

But after tonight's Stanford game in South Bend, wherein, ESPN writes, "The Irish got a stop on third down, though the Stanford players CONTENDED THEY HEARD A WHISTLE ON THE PLAY AND STOPPED PLAYING.. They settled for Williamson's field and a three-point lead," given how critical that stop turned out to be, well, it seems something stinks in South Bend.

Once again, the refs failed to act, and in so doing, merely encouraged fake whistles in the future.

I've never seen a PATTERN like this before of outrageous lack of integrity. Isolated episodes? Yes, of course. But repeated stuff like this? No.

Am I being naive, and this fake whistle / amped music during snap count / overamplifying home band-stuff happen ALL THE TIME, and I'm only noticing it now? Because I've been to a ton of games at multiple levels and not seen this repeated crap before.

Am I the only one seeing this?

Are there other (in)famous examples of habitual stretching of "home field advantage" to questionable limits?

Is this cheating?

4 Star Lineman commits to Stanford-(NOT GARNETT)

4 Star Lineman commits to Stanford-(NOT GARNETT)

Submitted by Look Up_See Blue on December 21st, 2011 at 8:21 PM

Just saw this post on ESPN that is paywalled but has some information about a 4-star commit from Minnesota.  Here is the link:…


Does anyone have any insight on how this may effect the decision of Josh Garnett and if this helps Michigan at all for his services?  Hope the title was clear and didn't cause any panic.

What an LSU-Ok St. NCG means for Michigan

What an LSU-Ok St. NCG means for Michigan

Submitted by spookers on December 4th, 2011 at 10:29 AM

If Ok St. jumps Alabama to get into the BCS NCG vs LSU, assuming Michigan is a BCS qualifier, what does that mean for us?  The first thing it means is that Alabama is guaranteed a spot in the Sugar Bowl as there is an SEC tie-in.  That also means the Fiesta Bowl has the first TWO choices.  They have the first choice as a replacement pick for Ok St. and the next pick as their regular selection (Fiesta, Sugar, Orange). 

Does the Fiesta select Michigan and Stanford?  I guess another way of putting it is CAN the Fiesta select BOTH Michigan AND Stanford?  Does the Rose Bowl have an exclusive in the BCS on a B1G-PAC12 matchup (aside from the NCG.  If Alabama does not go to the NCG, there is a very good possibility that the FIESTA picks Michigan.  Who would they be paired with. My guess is K-State for the same reason Alabama would go to the Sugar. 

Bucknut Recruiting Perspective

Bucknut Recruiting Perspective

Submitted by True Blue in CO on October 19th, 2011 at 8:54 PM
In an effort to follow our enemy here in the South, I caught this interesting update on 11Warriors. The author has the belief that the Buckeyes have legitimate chances with Washington, Stanford, Pittman, Kozan, and Diamond. While Washington and Stanford may be legitimate due to proximity, I see delusions of grandeur here when you do not have a head coach confirmed for 2012 and they have not even offered Kozan. It will be fun to watch what happens here but I do not see how they round out a solid top 20 class with the swirl of uncertainty with the NCAA and the lack of a coaching commitment. (Edit: My personal opinions and wishes got in the way of clear thinking. Thanks to the Board for setting me straight.)