Sponsor Note: Gathering Spots and Events for the Florida Game in Dallas (M bars/tailgates etc.)

Sponsor Note: Gathering Spots and Events for the Florida Game in Dallas (M bars/tailgates etc.)

Submitted by Seth on August 10th, 2017 at 7:52 PM

The Alumni Association’s Dallas Club put together this list of places M fans can get together over Labor Day weekend in Dallas if you’re going to the opener. I’m copy-pasting this from their site. They’ve also asked Dallas people (Dallasians? Dallations? Dalls?) to share any travel tips for visiting your awful city.


Whether you're visiting from out of town or among the thousands of Michigan alumni and fans who live in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, the Michigan Alumni Club of Dallas welcomes you for Michigan-Florida game weekend!  There's lots to do here in the DFW "Metroplex" - but when you're ready for a break, below are a few suggestions on where to meet up with other Wolverines for food and local brews.  Check back for late-breaking updates or visit our Facebook page.


Nickel and Rye, 2523 McKinney Avenue, Dallas - Uptown's "Michigan Bar".  You know you're in friendly territory when you see a Michigan flag over the entrance and a huge Block M painted on the outdoor patio.  Nickel and Rye offers a great selection of beer from national and local breweries, including Deep Ellum Brewing Co. in Dallas.  For each pint of Deep Ellum beer you buy, Nickel and Rye and Deep Ellum will donate $2 to our scholarship fund (Thursday 8/31 through Sunday 9/3).  Nickel and Rye also features great food and an excellent selection of cocktails.  Enjoy happy hour specials from 4 PM-7 PM on Thursday and 3 PM-7 PM on Friday.  See below for other events.

Houston Street Bar & Patio, 902 Houston Street, Fort Worth - Fort Worth's "Michigan Bar".  This Fort Worth favorite features burgers, sandwiches, pizza, drink and a rooftop patio!  Happy hour runs from 3 PM-8 PM Thursday and Friday, 12 PM-6 PM Saturday and all day Sunday, with a special menu for Michigan fans Tell your server "Go Blue!" and Houston Street will donate 10% of your tab to our scholarship fund (Thursday 8/31 through Sunday 9/3).

Fox and Hound, 18918 Midway Road, Dallas - our original "Michigan Bar".  If you're staying in the north suburbs or north Dallas, this location is probably closest to you.  Full bar with lunch/dinner menu.  Huge room with multiple screens for watching the football game on Saturday if you don't have tickets.  Plenty of free parking.


Alumni Territory Season Kickoff Tailgate, Arlington Convention Center, Arlington.  The official Alumni Association tailgate featuring food, beer, wine and an appearance by the Michigan Marching Band.  Admission is $100 for adult members and includes food and a hosted bar (beer and wine).  Kids 5 and under get in free, and anyone not wishing to drink alcohol at the tailgate can purchase a "minor" tailgate ticket for $80, regardless of age.

Do-it-Yourself tailgating.  Check out these tips for doing your own tailgate at AT&T Stadium.  Labor Day in Dallas is typically sunny and HOT - be prepared with sunscreen and plenty of fluids.

Other tailgating.  The U-M Club of Dallas Facebook page may feature posts from local alumni who are organizing their own tailgate activities.  If you're a local, we encourage you to join our Facebook group and share your plans.


Humperdinks Arlington (700 Six Flags Dr, Arlington, TX) opens at 10 AM with a section for Wolverine fans. Humperdinks offers a $15 round-trip shuttle service to the stadium starting 3 hours before game time.  If their lot is full, overflow parking should be available across the street (observe posted signs). Management recommends you arrive on the early side to get a seat and sign up for the shuttle time of your choice.

Nickel and Rye, 2523 McKinney Avenue, Dallas, our Uptown Michigan bar, is opening its doors early for Michigan fans. Starting at 9 AM, get fired up for the game with brunch and drinks on the patio.


Don't have tickets to the game?  Catch it at one of our three DFW watch party locations:

Nickel and Rye, 2523 McKinney Avenue, Dallas.  Indoor and patio seating.  Nickel and Rye will donate 10% of your tab to our scholarship fund if you wear maize and blue or mention "Go Blue!" to your server.

Houston Street Bar & Patio, 902 Houston Street, Fort Worth.  Indoor and rooftop seating (only limited TV viewing on rooftop).  Houston Street will donate 10% of your tab to our scholarship fund if you wear maize and blue or mention "Go Blue!" to your server.

Fox and Hound, 18918 Midway Road, Dallas.  Indoor seating with patio break area (no TV viewing on patio). The largest and oldest Michigan bar in the DFW area, Fox & Hound features an extensive menu, full bar and plenty of big screen TVs.


Thursday, August 31

  • Nickel and Rye: Happy hour 4-7 PM. $5 burgers all night long. Live music starting at 7
  • Houston Street Bar & Patio: Happy hour 3-8 PM.  Rooftop reservations and large trays available (see flyer)

Friday, September 1

  • Nickel and Rye: Bell's Brewery pint night - keep the glass!  Happy hour 4-7 PM. Live music starting at 7. Live DJ starting at 10
  • Houston Street Bar & Patio: Happy hour 3-8 PM.  Rooftop reservations and large trays available (see flyer)

Saturday, September 2 - Game Day

  • Nickel and Rye: Opens early for brunch on the patio at 9 AM.  Watch party begins in early afternoon.  Live music starting at 7. Live DJ starting at 10
  • Houston Street Bar & Patio: Opens at 11 AM. Happy hour and watch party 12-6 PM.  Rooftop reservations and large trays available (see flyer)
  • Fox and Hound: Opens at 11 AM. Full bar with large assortment of beer. Watch party begins in early afternoon

Sunday, September 3

  • Nickel and Rye: Opens for brunch on the patio at 10:30 AM
  • Houston Street Bar & Patio: Opens at 11 AM. Happy hour all day!  Rooftop reservations and large trays available (see flyer)

Sponsor Note: The 2017 Saturday Edge BIG TEN Betting Prospectus

Sponsor Note: The 2017 Saturday Edge BIG TEN Betting Prospectus

Submitted by Seth on July 28th, 2017 at 1:32 PM


The gamblers are always a good resource for me to get a sense of what teams are good. Coaches don’t pay attention to things they don’t need to, and other bloggers, though closer to the situation, also get caught in our own echo-chambers. But when it comes to the bettors, the dispassionate siren of money erases a lot of those biases and extends the amount of caring.

I particularly like the guys at Saturday Edge because they pay us to let you know when their annual Big Ten betting prospective is out. I feel for them on this one because every time they were about to release it Michigan State needed updating. The Michigan section is top-notch:

DL – Despite losing 4 starters, including 3 NFL draft selections, Michigan still boasts some serious talent along the D-Line starting with sophomore DE Rashan Gary, the #1 recruit in the 2016 class. He’ll be joined by potential NFL pick DT Maurice Hurst (11.5 TFL & 4.5 sacks), highly productive (when healthy) NT Bryan Mone & junior DE Chase Winovich (9 tfl & 5.5 sacks).

Some Experience at LB – WLB Mike McCray (75t – 2nd) will be joined in the middle by sophomore Devin Bush (12t). Sophomore Khaleke Hudson (8t) takes over for Peppers at the hybrid Viper/Sam position and he should be very good, though he is not in Peppers' league in man-to-man coverage.

Secondary has question marks - Michigan is in the unenviable position of replacing their entire secondary from last year. Tyree Kinnel played in thirteen games and he’ll start at FS. Beyond that, there are mostly just questions. Josh Metellus (15t) will start at SS, backed up by Jordan Glasgow. Cornerback is a true unknown as UM has some talented youngsters (Lavert Hill, David Long & Keith Washington) but basically no one with much experience.

In a world where many previewers don’t know the different between a hybrid space player and a standup defensive end, someone not from the Michigan sphere paying close enough attention to get all of these correct probably has a good handle on things.

Sponsor Note: Homesure Lending & Tix for Tonight

Sponsor Note: Homesure Lending & Tix for Tonight

Submitted by Seth on February 16th, 2017 at 10:50 AM

2017 logoo

^swanky new logo.

So March, when the housing market starts to really pick up again, is only a few weeks out. If you’re trying to get out ahead of that market you’re probably already looking. If you’re waiting for spring selections you may want to start working on your pre-approval right now. So it’s a good time to remind you that Matt’s the guy to talk to. He makes the process easy, knows all the tricks, and keeps a small shop that deals with multiple lenders so he can charge way less than the loan mills, and get you approved faster. He can do Michigan, Florida, or Ohio now, and recently opened an office in Ann Arbor. He did my loan, and Brian’s loan, and a bunch of other readers’ loans.

Link: http://www.homesurelending.com/go/mgoblog

Sponsor Note: MGoBlog's Bank Just Opened an Ann Arbor Office

Sponsor Note: MGoBlog's Bank Just Opened an Ann Arbor Office

Submitted by Seth on December 2nd, 2016 at 5:42 PM


We do this thing here at MGoBlog where we tend to convert our friends and patronage into advertisers and vice versa. Here’s another of those instances: OSB Community Bank just opened a new headquarters on Eisenhower in Ann Arbor, and that’s as good a time as any to share our other lender friends.OSB Community Bank

Where Demorest does our houses, OSB specializes in commercial lending (including SBA and USDA loans), quick-drop courier banking, and personal and commercial electronic banking. Matt actually recommended them to us (if you talked to him about financing something besides a home loan he probably referred you there too).

OSB Community Bank was founded in Onsted, Michigan in 1907; they’re now up to five locations in Brooklyn, Clarklake, Onsted, Adrian, and Ann Arbor. They don’t hit you up with any surprise account fees and such, and are genuinely interested in helping local businesses succeed. A growing small business like ours is right in their wheelhouse, and they’ve got the personal, long-term, community-oriented approach we particularly appreciate.

If you run a business and want to talk to them, stop by the new Washtenaw County lending office at 305 E. Eisenhower, Ann Arbor, call (800) 466-2990, or see their other locations here: https://www.osbcb.com/locations.php

Sponsor Note: MGoGame-Watching Party Tonight at Dewey’s Pub, the MGoFriendly Bar Near MSG

Sponsor Note: MGoGame-Watching Party Tonight at Dewey’s Pub, the MGoFriendly Bar Near MSG

Submitted by Seth on November 17th, 2016 at 11:12 AM


Since there’s always overflow from Professor Thom’s, the official AAUM bar in Manhattan, a few weeks ago I suggested MGoReaders congregate at friend of the blog Kevin Blauch’s pub by Madison Square Garden, Dewey’s Pub, on West 30th Street.

Apparently this went well, and he’d like to have the MGofolks back tonight for the Videogame Console Expectaculo at the Garden. Here’s a map:


But you’ll be able to spot it by the wait staff standing outside with Michigan shirts and handing out discount cards. If you’re looking for a place to watch the game after failing to scalp tickets, Dewey’s gourmet burgers and surfeit of flatscreens will be some consolation. If you do make it to the game, stop by afterwards for a postgame beer with the other MGoBloggers.


Let me know how it goes.

Sponsor Note: Tailgate Next to the Big House

Sponsor Note: Tailgate Next to the Big House

Submitted by Seth on September 15th, 2016 at 8:02 AM


One of our sponsors called me this week to let me know they’ve made a bit of a purchase. Tailgater Concierge heard the plot just across from the stadium became available and jumped on it. Since this JUST happened they asked our help to get the word out, especially for this week against Colorado.

Their deal is if you want a tailgate and don’t want to THROW a tailgate, they will do all of that for you. They have the tent and the chairs and the tableclothed table and the cooler all set up for you. They’ll deliver whichever food/beverages you request (you can also bring your own stuff; they can supply a grill). They will even supply a runabout mother to staff it and pressure your guests to eat up or it all goes to waste!

If you’re interested they’ve got a deal going on for MGoBlog readers for a 20% discount with the code Tailgate. So get 10 buddies together for $50 each and you’ve got a prime spot with everything you want, and don’t have to worry about setup, takedown, or pretty much anything except gameday traffic.

You can also reserve a parking spot there and throw your own tailgate. I think that’s $65.


So this is the house, on Google maps:


Let’s spin that little yellow dude 180 degrees:




They’re also going to throw us a tailgate there later on. Mentally pencil in the Wisconsin game for a tailgate for Marlin Jackson’s Fight for Life Foundation, which bears reminding is seriously one of the most forward-thinking and well run organizations for providing educational opportunities to disadvantaged kids. We’ll have a formal announcement once the details are settled.

Sponsor Note: Mighty Good Coffee Opening New South U Location

Sponsor Note: Mighty Good Coffee Opening New South U Location

Submitted by Seth on February 26th, 2015 at 11:37 AM

mgoblog2[Ed-Seth: Those of you in parts of Ann Arbor should have by now seen our sponsor's ad at right. Or maybe you've walked by the Main Street location and immediately had to do battle with any brain cell registering mmm coffee. Or maybe after losing this battle you curled up inside with a double espresso and a good book MGoBlog article.

For students and anyone in that Geddes-Washtenaw area, I wanted you to know they just opened another location on South U. West Siders and Packards, stop in the Main Street one.

Anyway you won't be the only reader in there. If you don't believe me, walk in sometime, put your fist in the air, and say "Harbaugh!" Also see if you can get the baristas to make an 'M' in the crema.]


Hi MGBLOG readers, David from Mighty Good Coffee here. As many of you know, Mighty Good has been roasting coffee in Ann Arbor for almost 10 years now and we have a great cafe right on Main St. in downtown Ann Arbor.

What you may not know, is that we just opened a new cafe right on the Michigan campus at 1335 South University. There we are serving coffee and espresso drinks made from our freshly roasted beans. We have a great selection of our signature latte drinks as well including the brown sugar sea salt latte! If you need freshly roasted beans to brew at home, we have those too.

So whether you’re on campus, or in downtown Ann Arbor, you can enjoy a great cup of coffee throughout the day and can even cozy up, hop on our wifi and get some work done while sipping the time away.

Sponsor Note: HomeSure Lending Ticket Giveaway

Sponsor Note: HomeSure Lending Ticket Giveaway

Submitted by Seth on November 21st, 2014 at 11:09 AM


Last August I introduced you to one of our sponsors,

HomeSure Lending,

whose business model I have a ton of respect for. He does home finance/refinance, but where most banks just work with one set of rules and have pretty strict bottom-lines, Matt acts as more of a consultant. Since he doesn't have to support a whole bank staff, he also charges less, which for his clients usually means lower rates and fees.

He's been running various promotions; right now he's giving away Free Tickets and a Parking Pass to the Maryland Game, or a $100 Amazon Gift Certificate if you don't need/can't use the tix. The seats are Section 13, row 18. The parking's brown lot. [UPDATE UPDATE: They gone.]

If you want the tix, or if you want to discuss a mortgage refinance or pre-approval, give Matt a call (248.955.3250 ext. 1) or send him an email to [email protected] Each person who calls about a mortgage will also get a $10 gift card good towards the MGoStore.

Since last summer he's helped a bunch of MGoBloggers, some of whom offered to share their experiences. Note: He only serves in-state clients; for out-of-staters the best he can do is a referral.

The references:


I highly recommend calling Matt

I recently finished the process of refinancing my home through Homesure and highly recommend Matt's services.  His rates are extremely competitive, and he has made the entire process not just pain free but enjoyable even.  I've already referred a couple others to him and will continue to do so going forward.

Thanks again, Matt!  Go Blue!


Matt recently helped us purchase a house, and is awesome. He is unquestionably knowledgeable, extremely helpful and always on the look out for your best interest, above and beyond expectations. His communication is among the best I have ever had with any professional in my life. Highly recommended and I don't give out praise easily.

Sponsor Note: $10 MGoGift Card & Free Tickets from HomeSure Lending

Sponsor Note: $10 MGoGift Card & Free Tickets from HomeSure Lending

Submitted by Seth on August 28th, 2014 at 11:19 AM

[Ed-Seth: As you're probably aware, MGoBlog is pretty selective with how we choose which advertisers we partner with. The first thing we look for is whether they share our commitment to ethics and serving their customers/our readers.

Having bought a home recently, when Matt explained what he did, amazingly I understood it, and also understood how much of a positive departure it was from the typical turnkey stuff. I am very proud to introduce him as a sponsor of our site, and very happy that he has to be the one to explain what he does to you. Link to his site and the deal is here: http://www.homesurelending.com/go/mgoblog]

Note: He only serves in-state clients; for out-of-staters the best he can do is a referral.


Hey MGoBlog, this is bigdemo, aka Matt Demorest: sponsor guy.

You've probably been seeing my ads (like the one at right) on the site the last few weeks. The guys gave me an opportunity to explain who I am and how I do mortgages.

Also get a $10 MGoStore gift
card just for talking to him.

I worked at two really large local mortgage companies and I was really hoping to do things a little differently. I started my own mortgage company with the idea of being a consultant rather than a simple broker. My slogan is simple mortgage guidance. I care about making sure my clients are well informed, that the mortgage process is simple and easy, and that their are no surprises. The other big difference is I can shop the mortgage to different underwriters, rather than having to work with one lender.

As a daily reader of MGoBlog for the last 7 years I could think of no better place to partner with.  Not only do I have the same obsessive love for Michigan athletics as those who I may end up working with, but as small business based in Royal Oak I also live and work near a large percentage of the readership.

I do both purchase and refinance mortgages and offer Conventional, FHA, VA, USDA loans.  My rates are very competitive and my turn times are very fast.  If I can help you that is great, if I cannot you will know why and leave our call with a plan for the future.

Bottom line is, I would love to see if you can save money through a refinance by lowering your rate, eliminating mortgage insurance, etc.  Or to help you get pre-approved to buy a home.  I don't charge anything to see where we stand (like some other places) and I never pressure anyone.

To receive the $10 MGoStore Gift Card you just need to go here and submit your contact info.  As long as we have a 5-10 minute preliminary phone call within one week, you will get a code emailed to you by the staff at MGoBlog.

To get a pair of free tickets you just need to close and loan with us. You choose the sport and we will choose the game.

Don’t worry, it won’t be THE HORROR II or hoops versus Concordia.  If you don’t need the tickets, we will give you a $100 gift card  to the Ann Arbor restaurant of your choosing (that is a lot of BTBs). Simple as that.

Matt Demorest, President | HomeSure Lending

Sponsor Note: Marawatch for a Cause

Sponsor Note: Marawatch for a Cause

Submitted by Seth on December 20th, 2013 at 4:50 PM

[Ed-S: Marawatch is doing a very nice thing. Read on]

MWC_MGoBlog_Dec2013 copy

At Michigan, just having a great football team isn't enough; we also expect that team to be out there making the world a better place. In that spirit, this holiday season, Marawatch, they of the exquisite Michigan timepieces, will be donating 10% of each sale to the charity or Michigan fund of the customer’s choice. Whenever you wear your watch, it will be one more reminder that this isn't just any old school...fergodsakes.

You are welcome to choose any accredited fund or charity, or join us in contributing to the following meaningful Michigan funds:

  • The Charles Woodson Clinical Research Fund at Mott’s: Your gift represents hope for children affected by life-threatening or chronic diseases. It supports investigators who have dedicated their lives to finding solutions, accelerating innovative ideas, and bringing concepts closer to real cures.
  • The Paul and Amy Blavin Scholars Fund: In 2006, Paul (BBA '86) and Amy Blavin endowed a University of Michigan scholarship benefiting students from foster care in the state of Michigan admitted to the University. The scholarship offers the same opportunity to University of Michigan students who may not have the financial resources to reach their dreams, but who have the drive and ambition to do so, regardless of the hurdles they face.
    Head over to to start selecting your timepiece.