A Treatise on Music

A Treatise on Music

Submitted by Shaqsquatch on September 13th, 2009 at 2:35 PM
First off I'd like to start by thanking whoever made the "Boerma play the Blues Brothers" sign yesterday, and to everyone else who knew and did the hockey dance to Can't Turn You Loose, I'm glad I wasn't the only one.

However, this isn't really about that. For the second week now we've had piped-in music to the Big House, and as angry as I was at first, I can see the potential, especially with the band becoming even harder to hear this year than in years past it seems. But, the way the music is currently being managed is beyond asinine. Despite that, the music is a good way to keep the less than dedicated fans (which, less be honest, the Big House is full of) attention held for more than a 15 second play. Here's a few suggestions I have to improve the music system to allow it to keep the crowd pumped while not angering traditionalists too much (don't take this the wrong way, I consider myself one of these):

1. For the love of god, have some respect for the other portions of game day. Too many times yesterday and during the WMU game did I notice the piped-in music being played over the band, or over the cheerleaders trying to organize a stadium-wide cheer. This is unacceptable and beyond disrespectful to the band and cheerleaders. If you're going to pipe in music, only do it when there isn't something else currently going on.

2. Know when to use the music. This is another big one, there were quite a few occasions yesterday where the music was played on short breaks, and ND would time their snap to right after the music stopped. This gave them a little window of quiet between when fans were singing along with the music before they began their general Michigan is on D raucousness. Also, there were a few times where a song which took time to build up into the energetic section (namely the Eminem song) was used in a time span where it didn't have time to reach the climax, leaving it just some ineffective piano riffs.


3. Get a larger/better selection of music! I fully appreciate attempting to make a Michigan/Detroit tie in with the music, but we need more than the same four songs repeated ad infinitum all game. The AD could easily stick with the Michigan theme and get some much better pump-up music. What about some Nugent (I would love to hear Stranglehold pumped in), KISS, or even work from some former UM students (Iggy Pop and Andrew W K, I don't think Madonna fits the niche of stadium pump up music)? Aside from Michigan-related artists, it would also be alright to break the theme a few times, as they already have done with AC/DC and Guns and Roses, to get some more variety in the music.

So as much as some of us hate it, the music is here, and is unlikely to go anywhere. However, the AD could be much smarter about how it's handled, and I feel like these suggestions would be good directions to go in to provide a much better experience for everyone.

What do you fellow mgobloggers think?