Jim Miller: Former MSU QB, Current MSU DB

Jim Miller: Former MSU QB, Current MSU DB

Submitted by MGoShoe on October 7th, 2010 at 4:55 PM

Former MSU QB Jim Miller lends us his peculiar brand of football wisdom in this pathetic blog post over at Spartans Sports Netwok dot com.

After Michigan squeaked by beating Indiana - who dominated all statistical categories and the game for that matter - Jerry [Hanlon] chalked it up as a team doing enough to win!   Since when has Michigan reduced itself to doing just enough to get a win versus an opponent they should have dominated?  Mediocrity has never been the mantra of such a storied program, but evidently it is now the standard.

But wait, there's more:

Michigan does not have the players to win the physical battles that they once dominated traditionally.  Name me one Michigan defender who is dominant?  Name me one offensive lineman?  Name me a running back?  Oh, my bad, that would be their quarterback Deanard Robinson!  Michigan expects a beat down and Michigan State is more than willing to give it! 

Yes, what else Jimmy?

Defensively, everyone has been asking me how do you defend Denard Robinson?  He is a tremendous player, but he is just one player to defend.  I believe his Heisman hopes come to a crashing halt this weekend. Somebody will always have Denard accounted for and they are all guys that can run.  They outweigh Denard and all MSU defenders who have the opportunity, will be instructed to deliver punishment.  Denard is frail at 180 lbs.  You slow players like him down by physical abuse.

And finally:

You have to be a complete team to compete in the Big Ten!  You have to be a tough team to compete in the Big Ten!  You have to be a dominant team to win the Big Ten!  Helpful reminders from "Big Brother" to Michigan about straying from their roots as a football program will be on display Saturday.  

Wow. Just wow.

Sparty Hate Thread (Day 1)

Sparty Hate Thread (Day 1)

Submitted by jsquigg on October 3rd, 2010 at 8:22 PM

Hopefully no one has started something similar, but this is the place for your Spartan hate mail.  Any stories about why you can't stand the green and white or their mascot or their ever changing tradition.

Half of my family (roughly) are Spartan fans.  I have no problem with any of my family regarding fandom.  The rivalry only gets as intense as teasing, plus I can't blame them since they live near Lansing and some have/are working for MSU.  Unfortunately almost all of the non-family MSU fans I know are the exact opposite.  It's gotten much worse since Dantonio came to town.  Before, MSU fans just rooted against Michigan.  Now they have a sense of entitlement.  It's gotten to the point where I can't wear my M gear (at least half of my wardrobe which I wear religiously, even when times have been down) without running into some sort of unprovoked conflict.

At least Buckeyes have their own state.  I'm sick of stupid arguments over our unethical coach, our quiet stadium, the fact that we only win because of our quarterback, etc.  I normally wouldn't promote harsh language at all (I don't judge), but I seriously hope the Wolverines beat the shit out of Sparty on Saturday.  Win by any means, but please Rich, don't miss out on any opportunities to run it up as classy as possible.

Please share your own Sparty hate stories below.