D stats and improvement? (add on to HeismanPose's Diary)

D stats and improvement? (add on to HeismanPose's Diary)

Submitted by Wolverine In Exile on October 18th, 2010 at 11:54 AM

A couple additional things on the Defense team stats:

We're currently 82nd in scoring defense and 105th in yardage allowed (thanks HeismanPose Diary)... HOWEVA:

- DYK that of teams ranked 90th or lower in yardage allowed, we're one of 5 teams with a winning record? Others? USC (90th, 5-2, did you hear they have a DC who has won a Super Bowl and is considered one of the best defensive minds in football, AND has a full compliment of scholarship players who average 4 stars?), Ok St (92nd, 6-0), Tulsa (107, 4-3), & East Carolina (115th, 4-2).

- But for scoring defense, we're 82nd and only 5 teams below us have winning records. Compare to the yardage stats up above, in the 90th ranking and lower in scoring defense, only 2 teams have winning records

So what does this mean to me?

- This may win the internet for MOST OBVIOUS ANALYSIS EVER, but contrary to the blue hair in Sec 37 who says that our play is UNACCEPTABLE, you can give up yardage by the boatloads and still win a lot, you just better hold them to FG's every once in a while. So it's possible offense wins... just not very likely

- Our defense is bad, probably worse than any other team in the Big Ten, but that doesn't preculde us from having a good season (8+ wins, see Ok St) provided our offense can find a way to stop self-destructing. Remember our all time winning percentage is .736; in a 12 game season, that equates to 8.8 wins per year... with all the problems we have, if we can beat Penn St, Illinois & Purdue, we'll be 0.8 games below historical average. Add in a bowl game win and adjust for a 13 game schedule, we'd be 0.5 games below historical average. I'll take it

- I don't know if Bill Belichick could turn this defense around... I'm pretty sure Monte Kiffin has a good reputation as a defensive coach and they're getting torched like us, the difference being approximately (1) 40 yd play per game than equates to four extra points for our opponents than USC's-- USC has some similar issues to us in terms of injuries & defections in their defense and they have a hell of lot more "star talent" than us right now.

Wrapping up: defense is bad, but not so much that it's a statistical impossibility we can have a successful season; other teams with "good coaches" can have bad defenses too if plagued by personnel issues (and they have more STARZZZ); if offense doesn't self destruct and finds a way to take 2 out the next 3 and pull an upset (OSU or Wiscy), we'll be right in line with historical winning percentages, albeit a little below.