Standing Sections vs. Sitting Sections

Standing Sections vs. Sitting Sections

Submitted by Blazefire on October 13th, 2009 at 1:49 PM

Okay, so we have all at one time or another wanted to stand at a game, only to be ostricized by some, and possibly even scolded by security. However, I have noted, obviously, the student section is under no such strictures, and most stand the whole game.

Does anyone know if the university has ever, or if there are any universities out there that have ever considered dividing sections of the stadium into standing and sitting sections. It would be pretty simple.

Sections numbered X-Y would be normal sitting sections. In these sections, fans are expected to sit for most of the game. They may stand during big plays or celebrations, etc, but are expected to sit quickly, and security will enforce this if it becomes an issue.

Sections numbered A-B would be standing sections. In these sections, fans may sit or stand as desired, but, standing fans may not be rebuked nor will they be troubled by security. Fans asking others to sit in standing sections may be questioned/dealt with by security if they become an issue.

Perhaps Standing sections could be on the visitor's side and one end zone, where we would like it to be as loud and troubling as possible for the opposition.

Why wouldn't this plan work?