Pre-SeasonThank You Seniors!

Pre-SeasonThank You Seniors!

Submitted by Hail-Storm on August 4th, 2014 at 10:30 AM
Raymon Taylor CB Def Starter Lewis/ Peppers/ Stribling
Delonte Hollowell CB Def    
Desmond Morgan LB Def Starter Gedeon/ Bolden/ Ferns/
Jake Ryan LB Def Starter Gedeon/ Ferns?
Frank Clark DE Def Starter Charlton/ Ojemudia
Brennen Beyer DE Def Starter Charlton/ Ojemudia
Anthony Capatina WR Off    
Joey Burzinski OL Off    
Devin Gardner QB Off Starter Morris
Will Hagerup P ST Starter Allen
Matt Wile K ST Starter Allen

Wolverine Devotee put out the most recent roster charts and some members noted the small number (11) of the RS Sr and Sr class.  These are the players that committed to another coach or found a commitment to a new coach in a short period after "The Process". 

I've put a small table above showing the position and side of the ball they play on as well as if they are a starter.  Although there are only a few of them, they are a talented group as 8 of the 11 are starters.  6 are on defense (5 starters), 3 on offense (1 Starter), and 2 on special teams (2 starters).  

I also put next years potential replacement player(s) who might get playing time behind them this year. I didn't put Speight out as I assume he will get a RS and didn't know who would spell Ryan when he goes out as the LB shift has me confused on who plays where. Feel free to note others to watch as well or mistakes I made.

Hopefully the team comes together and sends them out as "Those who stay" should be sent out.

Edit: dahblue and ducksterstepnoutsociety were users who did initial counts.


Nice article at "The Wolverine" on last day for seniors

Nice article at "The Wolverine" on last day for seniors

Submitted by StephenRKass on November 17th, 2012 at 9:23 PM

There is a nice article at "The Wolverine" on the win and the seniors last day, entitled "Here and now trumps the way we were."


(Edit:  Bad link fixed.)

It must be very hard for Denard, Kovacs, Demens, and all the seniors to say goodbye to the Stadium for the last time as football players at Michigan. The last 5 years have been the most tumultuous of my tenure as a Michigan fan. I'm very glad to see the team where they are now, and I look forward to many good years to come. And I can't thank the seniors enough for all they've done. Bravo!

Michigan's Seniors should decide tomorrow's game

Michigan's Seniors should decide tomorrow's game

Submitted by Dailysportseditor on October 19th, 2012 at 8:21 PM

Here are the departing seniors as listed on the depth charts posted at the official Michigan State and Michigan websites:



C    68 ETHAN RUHLAND (6-5, 290, Sr.-5)
RG 62 CHRIS MCDONALD (6-5, 298, Sr.-5)
RB 22 Larry Caper (5-11, 222, Sr.)
DT 91 Tyler Hoover (6-7, 310, Sr.-5)
NT 98 ANTHONY RASHAD WHITE (6-2, 330, Sr.)
STAR 10 CHRIS NORMAN (6-1, 233, Sr.)

SAM  50 Steve Gardiner (6-1, 224, Sr.-5)

FC 32 Mitchell White (5-11, 185, Sr.-5)

BC 5 JOHNNY ADAMS (5-11, 177, Sr.-5)






WR 21 Roy Roundtree (6-0, 180, 5th Sr.)

LG 52 Ricky Barnum (6-3, 296, 5th Sr.)

C 57 Elliott Mealer (6-5, 308, 5th Sr.)

RG 65 Patrick Omameh (6-4, 305, 5th Sr.)

TE 87 Brandon Moore (6-5, 268, 5th Sr.)

TE 81 Mike Kwiatkowski (6-5, 262, 5th Sr.)

QB 16 Denard Robinson (6-0, 197, Sr./Sr.)

FB 31 Paul Gyarmati (6-1, 234, 5th Sr.)

RB 2 Vincent Smith (5-6, 175, Sr./Sr.)




DT 73 Will Campbell (6-5, 308, Sr./Sr.)

DE 88 Craig Roh (6-5, 281, Sr./Sr.)

MLB 25 Kenny Demens (6-1, 242, 5th Sr.)

WLB 7 Brandin Hawthorne (6-0, 220, Sr./Sr.)

SS 32 Jordan Kovacs (6-0, 202, Sr./Jr.) [Should be listed as "5th Sr."]

SS 23 Floyd Simmons (6-0, 200, 5th Sr.)

RCB 8 J.T. Floyd (6-0, 183, 5th Sr.)



It seems to me that Michigan's senior leadership should dominate in this game.  The difference in the experience level of the 2 teams is considerable, especially when MSU's offense faces Michigan's defense.

Night of 1000 emails

Night of 1000 emails

Submitted by MGoKereton on March 15th, 2012 at 1:25 AM
So, as many Michigan seniors probably know by now, you probably got hundreds of emails within the past couple of hours. Considering half of them were "What are you drinking tonight?" and "Hoke has changed the tide on the rivalry" or comments about Craig James, I figured many of us on here had a little fun tonight. What were some of the best ones? Do any of you guys know how to post videos to...facebook?

Thank you, Seniors.

Thank you, Seniors.

Submitted by Noleverine on February 25th, 2012 at 10:34 PM

I just wanted to take this opportunity on Senior night to thank the seniors for what they have done for Michigan Basketball. It wasn't always pretty, or flashy, but these young men gave their everything for 4 years to help restore Michigan Basketball to its once proud state. It's a shame that their last home game was a loss, but they should know they will ALWAYS be appreciated and loved by Michigan fans. They are true Michigan Men.

Now let's win this thing with house money.

A reminder that the roster is still not Rodriguez's

A reminder that the roster is still not Rodriguez's

Submitted by msoccer10 on August 31st, 2010 at 2:13 PM

There have been numerous excellent diaries on the subject of recruiting prior to Rodriguez. I am not trying to replicate that work. However, I read a couple comments to the effect that, to paraphrase, "this is Rodriguez's team now, its  year three and the Carr years should have little or no part in the discussion about how the team performs this year".

I agree that Rodriguez has to do the most with what he has. Also, I will stipulate that there have been some seriously questionable recruiting moves, like pursuing Demar Dorsey, that look terrible in hind sight.

That being said, I fear the reason we will go 7-5 this year is because of the defense. I was predicting 9-3 in the spring but I had Emelien, Woolfolk, Turner and Dorsey as our starting defensive backfield. Hell, last fall I expected us to be 10-2 or 11-1 in 2010 because I thought our starting backfied would be Turner, Woolfolk, Warren and Cissoko.

But I digress. The stat I wanted to highlight is starting 4th and 5th year players. The majority of excellent teams in the country are heavily weighted toward older starters. On defense, Michigan has four-Ezeh or Moundros, Mouton, VanBergen and Banks. (I expect Rogers to get beat out.). You can't blame the loss of Woolfolk or Warren on either Carr or Rodriguez, but I do blame Carr a little for not having any other 4th and 5th year guys to replace them.

Want to know what our competition looks like? On defense, 4th and 5th year players









We are still at a competative disadvantage on defense due to a lot of things that are out of Rodriguez's control. As Brian has argued in the past, a coach should probably get 4 years at least to get his program together so you can see what his seniors can do. Also, don't forget that Rodriguez's 3rd year players are mostly Carr's. So far only Martin has proven to be an impact player from that class on defense.

An open letter to Michigan Football.

An open letter to Michigan Football.

Submitted by Dhani Bowtie on November 21st, 2009 at 4:35 PM
I cannot express my love for this squad in words. I have been crying for an hour and it feels good… This team was everything I could hope for in terms of character, they did everything they could do to seal a victory but sometimes the cards don’t play out the way you need them too. To Brandon Graham, Ortman, Matthews, Stevie B and all the other seniors; I will never forget what you put in to make this program great in the future. You are all Michigan Men and I will love you and what you have done for this program forever… To the underclassmen, thank you. You have fought hard, worked hard and put yourselves in a position to be a dominant team going forward. To Rich Rodriguez and the coaching staff; Thank you, today you showed the fans that our faith in you is not misguided, I firmly believe we are on the right track and it is all thanks to you. Please do not believe in the negativity that the media perpetuates, I am here to tell you that I have faith and a lot of love invested in this program and at the end of the day you are ALL making me proud. Thank you to all the fans in section 27 with me cheering as hard as you could, we left our hearts on the benches and we will pick them up next year. I love Ann Arbor, I love this state and I will die with a Michigan football jersey hanging to my back.