"NEW" Football Season Ticket Holder!!!

"NEW" Football Season Ticket Holder!!!

Submitted by HELLE on May 24th, 2012 at 8:42 PM

I received my 2012 Football Season Ticket Application in the mail yesterday. I was on the Football Ticket Interest List with 12 Victors Club points. The letter says that I get 2 tickets and the seat locations will be assigned later in the summer. I'm just curious if anyone else received this letter, how many points do you have, and number of tickets offered? I am assuming the amount of Victors Club points required has increased significantly from a few years ago. If I had to guess I would say that 8-10 points was probably the minimum, due to David Brandon's love of the "a la carte" ticket packages over just allocating the season tickets to the Football Ticket Interest List as they become available.

and ...Yes... I believe that David Brandon places a value on renewable season tickets and until you have reached his price point in donations, their is no chance you will be offered tickets. 

Meh news for student hockey season ticket holders!

Meh news for student hockey season ticket holders!

Submitted by CleverMichigan… on July 27th, 2010 at 5:40 PM

Just got this email:

Dear Student Season Ticket Holder:

We want to inform you of a change in student seating for The Big Chill at the Big House on Dec. 11, 2010. We originally indicated that student seating would be general admission within the student area. Due to our experience with general admission seating at graduation in May, we have decided to use reserved seating for this event. This will ensure your seats for this once in a lifetime special event.

• Your football ticket for The Big Chill at the Big House will be a reserved seat in the same location as your football season ticket and will be included on your football season ticket sheet.
• Your hockey ticket for The Big Chill at the Big House will be a reserved seat in section 33 adjacent to the student section. Student hockey groups will be assigned together. Information on hockey group seating and ticket pick-up for this ticket will be emailed in September.
• If you purchased additional tickets beyond those included with your season tickets, they will be reserved seats assigned in the endzone sections adjacent to the student section. Additional tickets will be available at the Ticket Office in November and we will email you when they are ready for pickup. If you have any questions or wish to cancel your order for additional tickets, please contact us at [email protected] or 866.296.6849. We look forward to seeing you in Michigan Stadium on Sept. 4 for the start of the football season. Thank you for your understanding.

We've been moved to the endzone... but at least we're together right?

EDIT: If you feel strongly about the treatment student ticketholders are receiving for this event, I encourage you and your friends to help flood the above email address with  well-thought-out emails of complaint.

First-time season ticket discussion

First-time season ticket discussion

Submitted by BlueFish on May 31st, 2010 at 6:40 PM

Allow me to preface my question by noting that this is not a "congrats to me on my first season tickets!" post. I'm genuinely interested in the discussion, and I couldn't find any previous posts that reflect it.

Background: I've been procrastinating for years about getting football season tickets, partly because living out-of-state meant I probably wouldn't be able to attend more than 2-3 games in any given season. To compound matters, I either wasn't told about or completely botched the switch from the old waiting list to the new priority point system.

So in December, I decided it was time to make my initial donation (albeit a paltry one) and activate my priority points. I had an idea what those points should be after the donation (~15), but I was convinced that they would NOT be enough to receive a season ticket offer (much less one that isn't in the endzone). In 2009, 18 points ranked 12,500.

Lo and behold, I received an offer last month to purchase tickets in the blue zone. I was shocked. So my questions are these:

1. What are the experiences of the MGoNation with regard to the priority point list? Has anyone received an offer with less than 15 points? Has anyone needed significantly more than 15 to receive an offer? At what point total have you been invited to upgrade to a new seating tier?

2. IF this is indeed unusual (as I assumed it would be), are there factors that would explain it?

I heard a while back that season ticket renewals run ~97% each year (which I assume doesn't include students, who turn over at a rate of roughly 25%). If season tickets comprise 60% of stadium capacity (good/bad assumption?), that would open ~2,000 seats for new season tickets each year. To compound matters, I'd heard that some changes in the stadium (e.g. to achieve ADA compliance, widen aisles, etc.) would be reducing capacity. On the other hand, perhaps some of the better-off donors are upgrading to indoor seating. And of course, there's the theory that unhappy ticket holders could be voicing their disapproval with the product on the field by not renewing.

But perhaps my initial assumption that all 15,000+ with a priority ranking are waiting for tickets is simply a bad one. Many of those with a high point total probably have tickets already. In which case I would ask:

3. Are there really only 5,000ish people on the waiting list who don't have tickets? That level of demand would seem low to me.


Happy Memorial Day to everyone, especially the Vets.

Season Tickets Good Deal?

Season Tickets Good Deal?

Submitted by kielpedia on January 8th, 2010 at 10:36 AM

So a friend of mine from work has two sets of season tickets. He recently found out for other reasons that he wont be able to use them next year and possibly the year after. He is offering me one of the pairs which are on the aisle of Row 90 in front of the 5 yard line.

I dont know much about the ticket situation in Michigan Stadium but I was wondering if $1k was a good deal for these. If I don't buy them he will forfeit them for good but if I do he will give me the option to buy the next season as well. If anyone knows the rough value of the tickets I would appreciate them sharing with me so I can attempt to bargain him down. The sale itself is beneficial to him since he would be able to keep the tickets in the long run anyway.

Season Tickets

Season Tickets

Submitted by EZMIKEP on November 13th, 2009 at 12:29 PM

I have season tickets for the first time ever this year. I got them from someone that had extras they bought and couldn't use. They are in different spots each game but its been nice going to the big games and not paying ridiculous premium prices or scrambling from the bloodsuckers for tickets like I usually do every year. I really want to have season tickets of my own and I am on the waiting list but I have been told so many different ways to get invited by the university & by different season ticket holders as to the rules & costs year in & year out etc. I don't know what is real & what isn't. The official site doesn't explain this and its a tad frustrating. I am sure somebody on here would have a breakdown. Some inside knowledge. I would really appreciate it. I am 33 and have a 2 year old son & a daughter on the way. I would really like to have my foot in the door and have seats so when they are old enough I can start a tradition & take my family down for years to come.

New Stadium, Season Tickets, New Seating, Etc.

New Stadium, Season Tickets, New Seating, Etc.

Submitted by M-Go-Bleu on September 21st, 2009 at 7:03 PM

I have been putting off season tickets for a while now (since graduating in 2002), until this year the athletic department mailed all alumni giving them access. I signed up and was given up to 4 (I took 2) season tickets to the games. They claimed it was a one time only offer to Alum and would not continue once the new stadium arrived and that they were given seats that would no longer exists once construction is complete. This seems strange since my seats have varied every game (always 2 together, but in different locations).

I usually only can make 4 home games a year (which isn't bad) and I wanted to find out what people's thoughts are on Season tickets going forward. The Victor's club and priority points system seems complicated. I can't see that they have posted the donation levels this year (expect it was bad given the economy). There are plenty of seats left in the new seating and I was contemplating going all in for the $2,000 West Side seat backs. My only concern is that there may be a better option. I would like to get tickets in the 20-40 yard line range on the Michigan home side.

Does anyone know how this works, or have insight into donation levels required to get these seats or thoughts on what will be required going forward. I assume that some Alum will be moving up to the new stadium seating, thus hopefully opening up good seats. Also, I assume the economy of Detroit has really put a dent in the amount of donation necessary to secure good seats. I was hoping to get into good seats (two) but not sure what that means I have to spend per year in donation/ ticket payments.

Any interest in Non OSU football tickets?

Any interest in Non OSU football tickets?

Submitted by will on August 4th, 2009 at 11:46 AM

I found someone willing to sell me her 2 season tickets for $810, but I really only have interest in the OSU/UM game. (Only have budget for that as well)

Is anyone looking for tickets to the other games? We could split up her season tickets if so... She has all the home games available.

I would of course be willing to chip in more for the OSU tickets than others would need to for the MAC/etc games...

Thinking some break down like this might be fair??

9/5 W. Michigan 90
9/12 Notre Dame 110
9/19 E. Michigan 90
9/26 Indiana 90
10/17 Delaware State 90
10/24 Penn State 110
11/7 Purdue 90
11/21 Ohio State 140