OT: Hail! To American Samoa?

OT: Hail! To American Samoa?

Submitted by M Wolve on October 10th, 2012 at 12:18 AM

My sister, a recent M grad, is currently working in American Samoa for WorldTeach, which is similar to Teach for America except that it takes place all over the world.  Somewhat surpisingly, Samoa puts a lot of guys in the NFL for such a small country, and Samoans are pretty fond of football.  One of the classes that my sister is teaching is grades 3 and 4 combined, and they were stunned when they found out their teacher went to the same school as Tom Brady.  Well, the class was assigned to create a song about Manu'a (their Island) and Fitiuta (their village).  Here's what they came up with (lyrics below):


Hail! to Manu'a People

Hail! to Fitiuta Students

Hail! Hail! Our school will never rest.

Hail !to Manu'a People

Hail to Fitiuta Students

Hail! Hail! Level 3 and 4 is the best.

Go Suns!