Yost Renovation and New Scoreboards

Yost Renovation and New Scoreboards

Submitted by Raoul on June 13th, 2011 at 6:59 PM

Annarbor.com reports that a $14 million renovation of Yost Ice Arena will be going before the regents on Thursday for approval:

Improved concourses, new seating and new loge boxes for fans at Yost Ice Arena are among the improvements in a $14 million plan the University of Michigan Board of Regents will consider for approval when it meets Thursday.

The schedule for the construction has not yet been set. Some additional details from the university action request:

The Department of Intercollegiate Athletics is proposing a project which will replace the spectator seating on the east, south and west sides of the rink, improving accessibility as well as emergency egress. The project also includes improvements to the east and west concourses, conversion of the level four west side media balcony into a series of loge boxes, a new level five on the west side for media, as well as new comer and stair platforms for additional seating. Infrastructure improvements will be made, including upgrading the existing fire alarm system, extending the existing fire suppression system to areas which are not currently protected, and replacing the exterior windows.

The annarbor.com article also had a link to a photo (below) showing the new Yost scoreboard, which is being installed this week.

Michigan Stadium Scoreboards

Michigan Stadium Scoreboards

Submitted by snoopblue on September 19th, 2010 at 12:23 AM

Would a giant HD "Godzillatron" sized scoreboard fit with the aesthetics of Michigan Stadium? It would be cool to have the largest stadium with the largest scoreboard. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_largest_scoreboards_in_NCAA_colleg…) Have you seen other scoreboards at other venues that would fit the Michigan Stadium look?

Hopefully we NEVER have advertising in the stadium, but what the hell else would they put on a giant screen? Retired numbers? National/Big Ten Championships? Wolverine statue on top? I'd imagine they'd keep the classic MICHIGAN STADIUM lettering on the top.

Also, what happens to the old scoreboards? They are old but they have a certain mystique to them. Maybe just leave them (fully operating) outside the stadium surrounding area?

Just something to speculate about..

Pondering the HD Scoreboard Possibilities

Pondering the HD Scoreboard Possibilities

Submitted by MGoShoe on August 9th, 2010 at 11:41 PM

Dave Brandon's announcement that Michigan Stadium's scoreboards would be updated (as early as 2011) has been hailed as another in the growing list of Brandon master strokes. 

Yesterday the Redskins debuted their new 100 foot long HD scoreboards that have been installed in FedEx Field.  The results are nothing short of spectacular.

Although the most notable addition this year is the previously announced 100-foot long HD videoboards installed in each endzone, the multi-million dollar renovation of the stadium's control room is just as important. The much-anticipated video boards are accompanied by eight new digital ribbon boards to provide fans with out-of-town scores, statistics and more, all monitored and operated from a state-of-the-art control room located on the Owner's Club Level. The improvements will allow for simultaneous multi-angle game highlights and replays, game graphics and other high definition content.

Everyone's least favorite NFL owner was quoted as saying that the clarity of the new screens was better than the Jerry's World punt target.

“This is as good as you get quality-wise," Snyder said with a sly grin, anticipating the shot he was about to take. "These are sharper definition than you'll see down in Texas.”

“This is a little clearer than his," Snyder continued with another jab. "I think this is a safer location, not above your head.”

Take off the advertising boards and you have about 70 feet or so of HD awesomeness for the Michigan Stadium north and south end zones.  If Brandon can pull off a scoreboard project that even approaches the quality of the FedEx Field scoreboards, he will cement his place in the pantheon of Michigan ADs.

That and elevating Men's LAX and an accompanying women's sport to NCAA varsity status.

I Have Scoreboard Envy

I Have Scoreboard Envy

Submitted by MGoShoe on July 27th, 2010 at 9:31 AM

Perhaps Dave Brandon was aware of IU's scoreboard project when he made his recent comments about uppgrading Michigan Stadium's scoreboards.

IU athletic director Fred Glass announced [July 21] that a new scoreboard is being installed at the South end of Memorial Stadium for the 2010 football season. According to a press release sent out by school, IU's new scoreboard will provide the most cutting-edge video technology of any scoreboard in the country and will be among the nation's 10 largest college scoreboards. The Big Ten's second-largest scoreboard will also serve as a new revenue source for IU Athletics, and its integrated video and audio systems are being provided by Daktronics, Inc.

The new scoreboard is a 36-foot high by 91-foot wide high definition video screen featuring state-of-the-art technology with wide-angle visibility and unparalleled image clarity. It can operate as an independent display showing "wall to wall" video or other images or be divided into multiple zones (windows) to show a wide variety of statistics, information, graphics, animations and live and recorded video in crystal clear HD content.

The release also said that "Hoosier fans at Memorial Stadium will also hear all the hard-hitting action with a Daktronics custom audio system offering a powerful audio experience with excellent sound projection and high speech intelligibility. Unlike its predecessor, which was designed to amplify only speech, the new audio system is designed to reproduce high-fidelity speech, music and other audio."

[The] football scoreboard is the most high profile component of a package of six scoreboards IU Athletics has purchased from Daktronics for installation this summer and fall. Scoreboards are being installed at Memorial Stadium, the Counsilman-Billingsley Aquatic Center, Armstrong Stadium, and the Tennis Center.

The total price for the six-scoreboard package is $3,000,000, which includes nearly a half-million dollar package discount from the price of $3,470,600. The pre-discount price of the Memorial Stadium scoreboard was $2,062,900.

While we can all agree that new scoreboards at Michigan should not "serve as a new revenue source", I think we can all agree that a package deal along the lines outlined above (add in another $2M or so for a second football scoreboard) is a small price for the Michigan Athletic Department to pay to improve the fan experience at Michigan Stadium, Crisler, Yost, Canham, and other venues.