If Denard becomes the starter...

If Denard becomes the starter...

Submitted by corncobb on August 20th, 2010 at 5:02 PM

As I sit at my computer and relentlessly check the board for new topics and all things Michigan, I thought I would start a thread with a positive tone rather than the dong-punching rubbish of the past week.

There is plenty of speculation as to whether Denard will become the starter this season. What is not in question is the fact that he is one of the fastest players on the team, and that he has the potential to take it to the house every time he touches the ball.

 I wonder how many times we will hear a call similar to this after Denard shows his defense shredding skills:

And Now Deep Thought, by Matt Millen...

"If you look real close there's a jock strap on the field and it belongs to (insert defender's name here)." -Matt Millen

Starter or not, having a full year under his belt will make DRob a better all around player, and an exciting piece of the puzzle in 2010. Go Blue.

OSU OOC Analysis

OSU OOC Analysis

Submitted by BleedingBlue on September 22nd, 2009 at 7:08 PM

Full analysis for Response to WinWithPeople from Dinosaur Thread:

OSU Out of Conference games since 2002:

2003: Losses @ Wisc 17-10 and #4 OSU @ #5 Michigan in 100th game 35-38


#17 Washington v #2 OSU W 28-9

San Diego State v #2 OSU W 16-13 (!)

#24 NC State v #2 OSU W 44-38 3OT - OSU had a 14 points in 1Q

Bowling Green v #5 OSU W 24-17 (!)

Fiesta Bowl: Kansas v #10 OSU W 35-28 Krenzel overcame two first quarter interceptions to complete 11-of-24 passes for 189 yards and four touchdowns, finding both Michael Jenkins and Santonio Holmes for two scoring strikes each. He earned his second straight Fiesta Bowl Offensive MVP honor.”  Wha? How does that earn MVP?


2004: 8-4 3 losses in a row mid-season

Cincinnati v #9 OSU W 27-6

Marshall v #9 OSU W 24-21 

#9 OSU @ NC State W 22-14

Alamo Bowl: Ok State v OSU W 33-7

Notes: Losses on the season - @NWU, Wisc, @Iowa (33-7!), @PU Troy smith sucked a lot, beat Michigan, and then was suspended for the bowl game because someone found out he was getting paid.


2005: 11-2 Loss @ PSU 10-17

Miami(NTM) v #6 OSU W 27-6

Game in question #1: #2Texas v #4 OSU L 25-22 more later

SDSU v #9 OSU W 72-6

Fiesta Bowl: #6 ND v #4 OSU W 34-20 (even dinosaurs can out-scheme Jabba)


2006: 13-1

Northern ILL v #1(!)OSU W 35-12

#1OSU @ #2 Texas W 24-7 (Colt McCoy’s second start ever – T. Smith is a buckeye god)

Cincinnati @ #1 OSU W 37-7

BCS National Championship Game:  BEAT DOWN by Florida 41-14

Notes:  Halftime score 34-14 with Ted Ginn kick return on first play.  Total Yards from scrimmage – FL: 370 OSU: 82 (hur hur !!!11!!) Heisman Trophy winner T. Smith:  4-14 (29%) 35 Yards 1Int – not a god anymore. 

Hello Future Football, nice to meet you.  Hey Urban, Senator Tressel wants to know where you got that Delorean…oh, some guy named Rich Rodriquez? Cool.


2007: 11-2 season – Lost to ILL at home

Youngstown State v #10 OSU W 38-6

Akron v #11 OSU W 20-2 (2-3 OSU lead at half-time!!!)

#10 OSU @ Washington  W 33-14

Kent State v #3 OSU W 48-2

BCS National Championship Game:  BEAT DOWN by LSU 38-24

Notes:  OSU should never have been in this game.  Their schedule was horrendous. Anywho:  4th play of the game wells scores a 65 yard TD.  25-yard field goal on next possession to make it 10-0.  Dinosaur then takes hold… LSU scores the next 31 points!!! The Buckeyes made the score more respect­able on Boeckman’s 5-yard TD pass on fourth down to Brian Robiskie, only to have Flynn come back and throw his second TD pass to Dickson.

As the clock ticked down, Boeckman threw a 15-yard touchdown pass to Brian Hartline.”


2008: 10-3 w/ loss to PSU @ home 16-3!

Youngstown State v OSU W 43-0

Ohio U v #3 OSU W 26-14 (losing 7-6 at halftime!!! Had a punt return TD and one other TD in fourth quarter)

OSU @ USC L 35-3 BEAT DOWN – no need to recap this, right?  207 total yards for the buckeyes in this one and the FG was in 1Q.

Fiesta Bowl:  #3 Texas v #10 OSU L 24-21

Notes:  Texas Total Defense was ranked 110th (!) in 2008.  Their offense ranked 11th.  OSU?  Total offense: 69th Total Defense: 40th  Tressel ball comes up short again.



OSU Record since 2005 in “Big Time” national out-of-conference games: 2 wins and 5 losses <b>Big Wins:</b>

[UPDAE:  Texas Lost 2009 BCS Bowl to Texas - sorry.  I was thinking of 2005 ND I think]Texas twice- 2006 Texas in Austin – see full analysis for more notes – Colt McCoy’s 2nd game. Texas team coming off national title – OSU should have won this big and did. 2008-09 BCS bowl - Beat an Texas team with the 111th ranked defense by 3 points.


Obvious Beat Downs:

2006 FLA 

2007 LSU - see full analysis. This was a beat-down. 

2008 USC


Close Losses, or “Non-Beat-downs” in question (really only 2):


USC 2009: USC just lost to Washington, who had lost 19 straight games, then beat Idaho, then beat USC. I think it is safe to say the USC is not that good and OSU should have destroyed them like the beat down OSU received in 2008 in L.A. This qualifies as a ‘bad-beat’ at least, if not a full beat down due to the sheer magnitude of the USC follow-up loss. Plus, this was in Columbus at night.

2005 #1 Texas @ USO: OSU was down 10-0, after 1Q, and outscored 9-0 in 4Q. School record 5 field goals made by OSU. "A.J. Hawk had an interception, two sacks, a team-high 12 tackles (including three for loss), a forced fumble and a fumble recovery." also "In the game, Ohio State had 255 yards of total offense, Texas 382." also "With his seventh career interception, Hawk doubled back and returned the ball 24 yards to the UT 18-yard line, but Ohio State could not pick up a first down and settled for the go-ahead field goal." "Hawk fell on a fumble on the ensuing Texas possession to give the ball back to Ohio State. OSU defensive end Jay Richardson forced Texas tailback Selvin Young to fumble and Hawk pounced on the ball at the UT 30-yard line. Nine plays later, Huston kicked his third field goal of the night to build the Buckeye lead to 16-10 with 35 seconds to play before intermission. Texas pulled within three points on a Pino 37-yard field goal with two seconds left in the opening half. In the second half, another Texas turnover led to another Huston field goal. On the Longhorns’ second play of their first second-half drive, Vince Young threw his second interception of the game as safety Nate Salley picked off a ball tipped by linebacker Bobby Carpenter. Six plays later, Huston booted his fourth field goal of the game, this time connecting from 44 yards to give the Buckeyes a 19-13 lead with 11:46 to play in the third quarter." Despite the score - that was a smackdown, spectacularly punctuated by Smith taking a safety while down 1 point with 2 mins to go. Without two linebackers currently starting in the NFL, and Vince Young being generous with the ball, it is a blowout.

Weis's playcalling is assed out

Weis's playcalling is assed out

Submitted by MaizeAndBlueWahoo on September 12th, 2009 at 7:33 PM

Seriously. Tate is awesome. HOWEVA, this would not be possible if Charlie Weis was not a complete fucktard at playcalling when protecting a lead. Yes, I get that their receivers had been burning up our cornerbacks all day, but Armando Allen scared me just as much. We couldn't bring him down all day. So instead of moving down the field and making us burn our timeouts (and we don't win without those timeouts, those were HUGE) two plays take a grand total of ten seconds off the clock, we get great field position and two timeouts.