OT: Scalabrine and the "Scallenge"

OT: Scalabrine and the "Scallenge"

Submitted by JeepinBen on January 23rd, 2013 at 12:54 PM

This is for anyone who has said "I could do better" than that highly trained athlete you pay to watch be an athlete. Ever say "I'm more athletic than Novak" or "I could block better than Hopkins" or "I COULD CATCH ALL THE DAMN PUNTS".... well, guess what. The highly trained athlete is better than you, despite how big you are on the internet.*

If the reality of them being a high-profile athlete and you being on the internet weren't enough, I present the Scallenge.

Brian Scalabrine, aka the White Mamba, aka Doc Rivers' human victory cigar before becoming a favorite at the United Center as a human victory cigar, played 3 normal dudes in a 1-on-3 game of basketball.

Yes. This man.

And, well, there's a reason he was paid to play basketball.

Just something to think about before you talk about how much better you are than "that guy who's playing in the game I'm watching".

*Maybe you're a better free throw shooter than Shaq. But have you ever shot them in front of 20k people? And have you shot thousands of them, while, ya know, playing in basketball games and dominating the rest of the game in front of 20k people? Because, I mean, we all can shoot better than 50% in an empty gym.

EDIT: PART 2 HAS POSTED. A 19 year old who calls himself "the Great White Hope" played Scal in 1-on-1