Summer football camp roundup

Summer football camp roundup

Submitted by DualThreat on May 2nd, 2016 at 1:36 PM

Wanted a thread to allow us to share the latest information we might have regarding Michigan's home and satellite camp dates.

Feel free to add or make corrections in the comments.  Here's what I got so far.  Ann Arbor camps in bold.


June 2 - Atlanta’s Maynard Jackson High School, Georgia - with Georgia coaching staff

June 4 - USF Campus, Tampa, Florida

June 5 - Old Dominon, Virginia - with Maryland and Penn State staffs

June 6 - Madison, Alabama (unconfirmed if this one is back on)

June 7 - Mobile, Alabama - with South Alabama staff

June 7 - Prattville, Alabama (unconfirmed?)

June 8 - Pearl, Mississippi - with Ole Miss and Miss St. staffs

June 9 - Sound Mind, Sound Body Detroit Regional camp

June 10 - Sound Mind, Sound Body Detroit Regional camp

June 11 - 5th Quarter Football Camp

June 11 - Youth Football Camp

June 12 - Waco, Texas - with Baylor staff

June 13 - Addison, Texas - with Iowa State staff

June 17 - Bright Lights Big House Camp

June 18 - A4: Ann Arbor's Aerial Assult Elite Quarterback Training Camp

June 18 - Big Man Football Camp

June 20 or 21 - Shine Time Football Camp

June 22 or 23 - Specialist Camp


Harbaugh be a busy man.  Curious they're all in June so far.  No May or July camps?

I especially want the June 6 Madison, AL camp to be on.  It's 3 miles from my house!