17-17 UM v. Wisconsin Tie! Sore Loser Edition

17-17 UM v. Wisconsin Tie! Sore Loser Edition

Submitted by RedRum on November 18th, 2017 at 3:57 PM

Dear University of Michigan Athletic Department.

You have embarrassed ME for the last time. I'm tired of being disappointed by the efforts of countless coaches and 18-22 year olds of which i have contributed nothing.  My ego and hurt butt will not abide another infliction to my tertiary hobby of spectating amateur sports. 

Blame the refs portion of my bitterness: Clear block in the back on the first Wisconsin touchdown, clear touchdown by DPJ. In the end, however, Wisconsin wore our defense down and knocked our offensive weapons off center.  (Gentry could have come down with a couple of those catches, but again, see the snarky paragraph above).

We are likely to go 8-4 for this season. I'm sad about it - but we are rebuilding.  Anyone who questions Harbaugh is, and I know I'm being preemptive with comments, an impatient idiot.

Couple of questions for the board:

Is it wrong to yell at the TV for DPJ to run forward on punt returns.  He does more dancing than MC Hammer on “Cant touch this?”

Gentry dropped some passes. Can’t we put Bunting in the game?

Why wasn’t Perry target more?

Clean hit on Peters, but why was he savaged 3 times before the knock out? Even if our line is terrible and collapses, at least we  can get a lineman to slow the collision right?

Lastly, This loss hurts. We had them in a good corner up three in the third quarter.  I see UM turning a corner soon, but the loss hurts none-the less. Go Blue!!

Impede Trolls! Go Blue! Impede Trolls! Stop Butt Hurt! Recognize 2017 as a rebuilding year! Go Blue! Support your team! This isn’t about you! This is a hobby for us! Love you guys! Go Blue! I had too much wine during the game! Go Blue!


Out M00N-ed

Out M00N-ed

Submitted by mi93 on November 22nd, 2014 at 11:52 PM

We can't even be the best at sucking?!

VaTech and Wake played to a 0-0, 4-quarter sister-kisser, that ended after 2OTs at...6-3.  We just can't have anything worth owning.

In this season of hilarity, what would you choose as the highest, low point?  Seeing as it's just a game and we're all well-adjusted people, we can laugh about this now, right?

My favorite play of the year has to be the snap that bounced off the motion-man.


Link to VT-WF sadness: http://www.sbnation.com/college-football/2014/11/22/7268461/wake-forest…

How Stoops' impending acceptance of the ND offer will affect recruiting /sarcasm

How Stoops' impending acceptance of the ND offer will affect recruiting /sarcasm

Submitted by gpsimms not to… on December 1st, 2009 at 4:00 AM

So, I google searched this topic and didn't see any threads on it. I saw on flight tracker that Stoops is flying to South Bend as I write this. When he inks the deal, here's what I see going down:

Stills, Jefferson, and Santa Claus round out the last 3 schollies in the class, after a flurry of decommits from OU.

Now, Jimmay Claussen decides he's not ready for the NFL, but won't play at ND without Charlie and he transfers to Michigan.

Richrod says, "Whatever fool, you can't play here."

Jimmay decides to join the dance team, where he wins the dance team equivalent of the Heisman trophy (I'm sure there is one, right.)

OK, so then, since OU is gonna suck with all the transfers, Texas is all, "Dude, the big 12 sucks, bra" and decides to join the big ten.

Now, Michigan has sa-weet rivals like every week and they're on ESPN with the top crew all the time, so all other college football teams decide to quit, and everyone transfers to Michigan and we never lose again.

Finally, Michigan joins the NFL and invents the "we just won like bjillion goddamn games in a row" trophy and wins that, and Rrod rides off into the sunset.

Happy trails. [Oh, Canada] Bye now.

/end sarcasm, Stoops won't be coaching at ND.