Sam Webb DetNews article on DE Washington/WR Stanford

Sam Webb DetNews article on DE Washington/WR Stanford

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Sam Webb article in DetNews talking about UM's chances with the Adolphus Washington/Dwayne Stanford duo

UM or MSu could land top-10 Ohio stars in 'package deal'

Michigan is looking to capitalize on a few "ins" of its own. The first is Stanford's boyhood affinity for the Maize and Blue. The second is Stanford and Washington's relationship with recent Michigan commitment, Cincinnati Sycamore tight end A.J. Williams.
"(Williams) called me all excited and said he committed to Michigan and told me that me and Aldophus need to get with the program and head on up to Ann Arbor with him and they wouldn't be able to stop us," Stanford recalled. "I'm loving Michigan right now. I have nothing but positive energy and thoughts on my mind about them. Coach (Mark) Smith and A.J. stay on me too. Especially with him committing there, that really helps me. We're just going to see how everything plays out. "Even though I'm here in Ohio, I've always liked Michigan. They have had great receivers like (Mario) Manningham and (Braylon) Edwards, and it's just the tradition they have that really turned me on about them."
Washington is less familiar with the Wolverines, but he is no less interested thanks to how relentlessly they've pursued him to this point."I call Michigan at least one time a week, then they come back to the school every couple weeks to check in on me," he said. "They're writing hand-written letters — Coach Smith, Coach Mattison and Coach Hoke. They tell me that I need to bring a spark back to the program to get it back going with the defensive presence that I have and rushing the quarterback and all the stuff I like."

I am really liking our chances here and how Hoke & Co. have been recruiting players that are all in and turn into recruiters themselves