Question - Deep Safety

Question - Deep Safety

Submitted by ciszew on August 2nd, 2010 at 3:47 PM

So RR said for the most part that deep safety is his biggest concern in the secondary and it may be a position in which true freshman can contribute. 

Who are all the candidates to play this position?  (even the true freshmen)

Is JT Turner a candidate for deep safety?  Or would he fit more of the Cam Gordon safety position?  Why is the coaching staff reluctant to turn Turner into a safety? (I'm assuming depth at CB)

What are some creative solutions to the deep safety postion?  I.E. Could Woolfolk go back?

Interested to hear the opinions out there. 

Tony Jefferson Update

Tony Jefferson Update

Submitted by TomVH on October 26th, 2009 at 9:12 PM

California DB Tony Jefferson recently announced his intention to take an official visit to Michigan, although committed to UCLA. Jefferson is a four star safety with a fake [ed: !!!] 4.5 40 time. As I mentioned in a different thread, my computer broke again, so this will be somewhat brief, and in a different format. I spoke with him about the change in his recruitment, and here are some bullet points about what he said:

  • Wherever he goes, he will be enrolling early, which means he will be deciding soon.
  • His visit will be November 7th for the Purdue game.
  • "The coaches (from Michigan) have been talking to me for awhile now, and they've really turned up the intensity. That's part of why I'm taking a visit. I've been talking to coach Singletary and Rich Rodriguez. They've basically been telling me that I'm a priority for them, and they really want me."
  • "I've been watching their games, and I really like the way they've been playing defense. I know at Michigan I could get a really good education, and always be fighting to play in a bowl game; I like that."
  • "I have a really strong feeling towards Michigan. I get along really well with their staff, and Tate Forcier has been talking to me alot. He's a San Diego boy, and he's been telling me about how much he loves it."
  • He said that UCLA hasn't done anything wrong, he just doesn't want to second guess himself.
  • His final list is UCLA, Florida, Michigan, and Miami.
  • An interesting side note: He has a lot of family in Florida, and confirmed that if he committed to Florida, his family might move there.

It seems like Florida has the best shot, but he seemed sincere when he said he has a strong feeling towards Michigan. Since he's never been on campus, you never know. The coaches have definitely shown him they want him, and he mentioned that it means a lot that they're showing so much interest. He'll visit Florida on November 28th and will decide shortly after.

Mike Williams injury/Kovaks in

Mike Williams injury/Kovaks in

Submitted by Brick on September 13th, 2009 at 2:07 PM

Did anyone else notice that the Angry Michigan Safety Hating God struck Mike Williams with about 4 minutes left in the 3rd quarter? It looked like he grabbed his hamstring and then sat out the rest of the game.

I was surprised Kovaks was the replacement. I don't remember him from the two deep. I thought Van Slyke or Vlad would be the first off the bench. Also, Kovaks had his number changed from 22 to 32.

He didn't screw up at all so I guess that's good. I hope Williams is OK.