What are you thankful for on Thanksgiving week?

What are you thankful for on Thanksgiving week?

Submitted by Noleverine on November 19th, 2011 at 10:32 PM


On the week of Thanksgiving, it is important to look back and consider what we are thankful for, both as human beings and Michigan football fans.

I am thankful for Brady Hoke, our tremendous head coach.  I am thankful for Mattison, our NFL DC who turned things around so much more quickly than anyone could have ever imagined.  I am grateful for Borges, who despite some disagreements we have had this season, seems to have quite a pair on him when calling plays. 

I am thankful for Mike Martin, Ryan Van Bergen, Troy Woolfolk, and the rest of the seniors for sticking with it through the most tumultuous career any players have ever had at Michigan.  I am thankful for Jordan Kovacs and his inspiring story.  I am grateful for Denard, Fitz, and the rest of the team, for representing the program in a way that would make Bo proud, and for sacrificing as much of their time as they do so that we may enjoy our Saturday afternoons.

I am thankful for 9-2 and a shot at a ten-win season.  I am grateful for a possible chance to play in a BCS bowl for the first time since '06.  I am thankful for the direction this program is heading, and the quality young men it will continue to shape.  But most of all, I am thankful for a chance to smack Ohio State in the mouth, stand over them, and let them know that “WE’RE BACK!”

Moving Picture Pages: Stunting The Veer

Moving Picture Pages: Stunting The Veer

Submitted by Chris of Dange… on November 2nd, 2011 at 5:36 PM

Analysis courtesy Brian, per usual.  Original Picture Pages at http://mgoblog.com/content/picture-pages-stunting-veer.

I apologize for the lack of slo-mo this time around; my video editing SW seems to have a mind of its own and decided 'no slo-mo for you!'  OTOH, my lower-case letters are actually lower-case this time, so there's that.

Setup: Purdue comes out in the Wildcat with WR Justin Siller at QB, which immediately causes anyone who remembers the 2008 game to break out in hives.  Then they realize that Greg Orton and Kory Sheets aren't on the field and they relax a bit.  Michigan tips that they're going to drop Roh into coverage (Brian's original PP says he plays standup, but really he's just late to put his hand down) and stunt Ryan behind Martin (shown by Ryan lining up a yard downfield from Martin).

Wha'hoppon: Ryan does indeed stunt and Roh does indeed start to drop, then he reads the mesh point and heads for the edge to contain the outside run.  Siller reads Demens heading outside as well, so he keeps.  There appears to be an opportunity straight up the middle, as Purdue has two linemen heading downfield and nobody's in the hole...

...except Ryan.  The pulling RG doesn't see him stunting into the hole and chooses to double RVB instead.  The LG does see him but is too far downfield to pick him up.  Ryan gets practically a free run at Siller, and it's only Siller's agility that makes this a regular TFL rather than a semi-vs-Smartcar moment.

Full YouTubage at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fzm-mAPvcw8.

Moving Picture Pages - How Not To Defend Power, Part I

Moving Picture Pages - How Not To Defend Power, Part I

Submitted by Chris of Dange… on September 9th, 2011 at 11:04 AM

In case anybody's wondering, I'm Chris of Dangerous Logic here, but parkinggod pretty much everywhere else on the web, including YouTube.

(apologies to those who are familiar with MPP from last year; this is for the new folks)

  I love Picture Pages, but I'm so obtuse that I usually have to replay the video as I'm reading in order to understand what's happening.  Finally it dawned on me that I have the game footage, a video editor, and a little bit of free time, so (with Brian's permission) I have annotated the play with pauses, spot-shadowing, and other kindergarden video effects to make it easier to follow.  I notice that Brian has also started including an annotated version at the end of his regular picture pages posts (in this case, http://mgoblog.com/content/picture-pages-how-not-defend-power-part-i), but he points out different things there so I think this is still useful.

Setup: It's second and two on the Michigan 47 on Western's second drive of the day.  Western runs a counter out of the shotgun against Michigan's 3-4 front with corners pressing and only Kovacs deep.

Wha'hoppon: The LT ignores Brennen Beyer to double RVB. Beyer crashes into the backfield only to get hit by a pulling guard as the RB runs by him on the counter.  Demens steps up into the hole but loses outside contain, and the RB cuts outside and may well have had a TD if Kovacs doesn't make a tackle 25 yards downfield.


Van Bergen article/quotes

Van Bergen article/quotes

Submitted by Steve Lorenz on July 2nd, 2011 at 12:10 PM


I recently interviewed Van Bergen for the Muskegon Chronicle and the subsequent article was released today. Most of the quotes used in the article were relatively straightforward, but some of the quotes that I was unable to add were among the most interesting to me (paraphrased obv.): 

He believes Cam Gordon is going to be a star and said the same about Courtney Avery. 

He thinks Pryor's story would have been different if he had committed to U of M. 

He doesn't care about OSU bending the rules in regards to them beating us seven straight years. 

The Denard-to-transfer talk was way overblown. Denard loves the Michigan family and appreciates the tradition. Wants to leave his own legacy behind. 

Hoke shoots straight with the players and his honesty with recruits is helping him. 

Just thought I'd share these with you guys.