OT - I met Terp from 'Sean & Terp' last nite

OT - I met Terp from 'Sean & Terp' last nite

Submitted by MH20 on January 16th, 2010 at 2:14 PM

Before I begin: The details of this encounter are a bit hazy in my mind. That's what $1 beers at Griffins games will do to you.

So last nite I'm out with my buddies in downtown GR after the Griffins game (they lost but I was so drunk I couldn't have cared less) and go into Gardella's, which can be a bit of a dive but I like it because it has no cover and cheap drinks. So anyways we walk in and my buddy goes, "Hey Terpstra!" and walks over to a guy in the corner and shakes his hand. Without even thinking, I blurt out, "Hey are you Terp from Sean & Terp?" to which he replied that he was.

Anyways, he seemed like a real cool guy and down to earth, even though he's only 25 and co-hosts a show on ESPN Radio. We talked about next season and Michigan's prospects. He's a reader of the blog and a fan of Fearless Leader.

I also got into a debate with a guy he was with about whether DG or Denard should be backup next season (I said no way DG would be ready and he thought otherwise). He also kept telling me that DG could still enroll early, to which I said no way (I had not seen the news on Rivals nor been near a computer since I left work). Another guy was an Iowa fan and told me some funny stuff about the BHGP blog, but I pretty much forgot everything. Basically the only thing I remember from that was yelling "Oops Pow Surprise!" over and over.

One last thing: If you didn't know, 'Sean & Terp' don't actually broadcast from the same location. Sean works at a station in Detroit (WDFN I think) and remotes into ESPN 96.1 for their show.