MBB "Evaluating" 2014 Ohio Committ Ryan Taylor

MBB "Evaluating" 2014 Ohio Committ Ryan Taylor

Submitted by alum96 on April 12th, 2014 at 3:00 PM

Let's avoid the Caris LeVert comparison because other than being a late signee and school he has a comittiment to, and size (6'6), build (makes Caris look fat) and position (SG) he is nothing like Caris... ok ok, feel free to get all crazy on projections. 

More seriously he only has one offer and even that offer was originally a North Dakota State offer but said school's coach moved to Ohio and brought the offer with him.   Taylor says Seton Hall and Creighton are sniffing around in the general vicinity but no offers.   Kid played in same AAU program as Mitch, Spike, and GR3.

Anyhow UMhoops.com has the full story.

Profile at UMhoops - bored of developing 3 stars into NBA draft picks Beilein is trying for 0 stars.