Goal-by-Goal Analysis: Wisconsin

Goal-by-Goal Analysis: Wisconsin

Submitted by Adam Schnepp on January 16th, 2014 at 2:03 PM

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If you’re a frequent visitor of this site then you’re familiar with the 2014 meme. Unfortunately it seems that the gilded griffin who’s been sprinkling magic dust on all of the arenas and administrative buildings across the athletic campus couldn’t make the road trip to Wisconsin. I heard it was icy, maybe that was an issue for the griffin. I’m not sure. What I am sure of is how frustrating this weekend was to watch. Even Michigan’s human embodiment of the 2014 meme, Andrew Copp, couldn’t turn this series around.

#8 Michigan v. #14 Wisconsin

Friday, January 10, 2014

1st Period

Wisconsin 1 UM 0 4:16 EV

Mersch from Schulze & Dahl

Wisconsin dances around Michigan in the neutral zone to gain the offensive zone with little pushback from the Wolverines. Instead of driving the net Schulze leaves a drop pass for Mersch, who has no one defending him. You’ve heard of gap control? Here’s an example of what not to do.

Mersch takes what appears to be a harmless shot. Nagelvoort has a good read on the puck and isn’t screened, but the puck hits the outside of his glove and deflects in. Nagelvoort was phenomenal most of the night, and this is just a tough break for the freshman netminder.


Ryan Raburn vs. Baseball

Wisconsin 2 UM 0 11:47 EV

Besse from Schulze & LaBate

Wisconsin shoots the puck from near the blueline into a crowd, where it hits someone and deflects to the side of the net. There just so happens to be a Wisconsin player in the vicinity, who grabs the puck and heads behind the net.

Besse skates out from behind the net and centers the puck to the slot. It hits the back of De Jong’s skate (who actually has his man well defended in front of the net) and deflects in between Nagelvoort’s legs. Two flukes, two times the puck finds the back of the net for Wisconsin. At this point it appears that Michigan’s just not going to have fortune smile upon them. Rarely does one bizarre goal happen in a game, but to have two happen in the same period puts a team so far behind the eight ball that they aren’t even playing pool anymore.


2nd Period

No scoring

3rd Period

Wisconsin 3 UM 0 11:47 EV

Dahl from Mersch & McCabe

How does a shot get through from the blueline to the front of the net? One way is for there to be a big defensive miscue, such as sticking with the wrong man when the other team is moving laterally. That’s exactly what happens here. This is especially unfortunate because Motte played an otherwise good game defensively

To his credit, Motte closes the gap fairly well even though the shot gets through. Nagelvoort stops the initial shot but gives up a juicy, grade-A rebound.

Dahl is right in front but can’t get his stick on the puck. The puck actually bounces in off of his skate, going through Nagelvoort’s legs in the process. Credit to Dahl for not kicking the puck.

[AFTER THE JUMP: Michigan's response, and sad happenings the next night.]

OT: Tigers acquire Jeff Baker: So long, Raburn?

OT: Tigers acquire Jeff Baker: So long, Raburn?

Submitted by Phil Brickma on August 5th, 2012 at 1:41 PM

The Tigers announced a trade early this afternoon. They have acquired utilityman Jeff Baker from the Cubs for two players to be named later. Baker is Don Kelly with better numbers. Notably, as a righty, he hits lefties at a career .304 clip.

I assume this means Raburn's days in Detroit are numbered. Most Tigers fans have been waiting for this move for a while.

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