Bellomy to Texas - San Antonio

Bellomy to Texas - San Antonio

Submitted by The Mad Hatter on February 23rd, 2015 at 10:55 AM

The former Michigan quarterback announced Sunday night that he's transferring to the University of Texas-San Antonio to play his final season of football in 2015.


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FF410: 2012 Spring Game Breakdown - Bellomy Pass Plays - Day 4

FF410: 2012 Spring Game Breakdown - Bellomy Pass Plays - Day 4

Submitted by Space Coyote on July 12th, 2012 at 11:59 AM

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FF410: 2012 Spring Game Breakdown - RB Pass Plays - Day 4


In the past I broke down 13 of DG’s pass plays (Day 1, Day 2, Day 3).  This included my reaction about how DG and the offense performed, the idea or theory behind the offensive play, and how the defense performed. This helped me get a much better feel for how DG is actually improving and allowed me to evaluate his performance considering the performance of those around him.

Today, we will take a look at how Russell Bellomy performed.  Note that it is sometimes difficult to determine the routes and defense being run due to tight camera angles, but I will do my best to grasp what I think is happening.  I will once again be taking a look at all of the pass plays, and separate them into 2 separate days.  Today, we will take a gander at the first 5 pass plays.



Play 14 – 0:00

The defense appears to be running a cover 0 look out of a their normal over 4-3 look and a safety coming down to help against the run. 

Bellomy makes the right read (a fairly easy one), as he sees the DBs drop back into their soft coverage. His footwork looks good and he looks comfortable, and I think the short throw is really a matter of arm strength more so than any fundamental problem (he could get a little more push off his back foot, but that’s about it).

The design of the play and the theory behind it are going to look very familiar to readers of the previous days.  The slot is running a corner route and the outside receiver a dig with the idea or running a high low on the corner.  As the corner drops, Bellomy knows his play is to the dig route.

On the backside you see a post run.  This is designed to do a double move on the boundary corner and get behind the man and into the deep middle of the field. This is to take advantage of teams cheating on the corner route with their safety by hitting the area of the field they vacate.  You will seldom see the QB have the time/patience to go through his progression and hit this receiver, but that is the idea behind that route.  The route is run well.  Note that the boundary corner doesn’t bite hard on the initial slant as he sees the play running away from him (a QB won’t roll opposite a slant route).  When the WR sees that the corner didn’t bite and still is step for step with him, he breaks his post a bit more shallow to take advantage of the intermediate zone being open.

The SAM is a little late diagnosing the play.  His initial responsibility is leverage and FB coverage, but he could turn and get to the boundary quicker than he does.  The outcome of the play isn’t affected because of a poor pass, and the play would have picked up yards regardless due to the design of the defense, but you would like to see the SAM closer to the man as he catches the ball, and preferably that corner as well, though being out on an island the primary responsibility is not to get beat deep.

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2013 QB Situation

2013 QB Situation

Submitted by sheepdog on February 6th, 2012 at 9:32 AM

I read this article this morning talking about our QB situation for the 2012 season.  They are obviously trying to create buzz by the title, but the article basically says there is no QB controversy.  I agree.

Moving on to 2013 when we basically have:

Devin Gardner - 2 years elg. left (pending probable RS)

Shane Morris - True Freshman

Russell Bellomy -3 year elg. left (RS Sophomore)

What are the chances we see Sugar Shane starting in the 2013 season?  If not at the beginning, then at least by the end?  Obviously, this depends on the development of Devin this year, and how good Shane is when he hits campus.  But, I think pretty good.

The coaches are always saying the best 11 will play.  You also tend to see young QBs come in and play early when the system is changing or there is no real good upperclassmen options.  Example would be Chad Henne is 2004 or Braxton Miller last year.

So, if Shane can come in and compete better or as well as Devin, and Shane is presumably the future of the program, Shane should play - there is so much upside to this decision.  But, what happens to Devin?  Obviously, the kid is a freak athlete and can contribue, but if not at QB, where?

Just interested in the board's thoughts on a slow day awaiting Alex Kozan's decision.

Bellomy making headlines & converting Texans

Bellomy making headlines & converting Texans

Submitted by cjm on February 2nd, 2011 at 8:59 PM

Obviously our newest QB sent in his letter this morning.  His ceremony has been postponed for a second  time due to the ice age coming to Arlington, Tx.  We blame the Steelers and Packers for bringing it with them.

Russell is getting all kinds of love down here and has plenty of local fans jumping on the Michigan bandwagon and even chatter about more Texans heading north to play ball in the future.  ESPN Dallas did a short write up on him and Michigan that you can read

7 Martin HS players signed Div 1 letters today.  I caught up with 3 of them the other day and the only thing they could talk about was Russell and how great this match is for him and Michigan.  So we have Russell and two other Texans in this class, along with our current boys (Stonum, T Robinson, Woolfolk, Hopkins) to keep the pipeline going.