Hope for Denard's career rushing record

Hope for Denard's career rushing record

Submitted by StateStreetApostle on November 18th, 2012 at 10:26 PM

Before we knew what surprises Hoke, Borges, et al. had on Saturday, there was discussion (read: lamentation) of Denard's chances for the rushing record by quarterbacks.  Now, with the 98 yards he could be as close as 207 to Pat White.  

HOWEVA...in that discussion, people claimed variously that he had 4129 yards or 4175.  The reason for this discrepancy was the 46 yards he accumulated last year in his matchup against Alex "Did You Know Graham Couch Is My Mom" Carder & WMU.  Some sites count them, and some do not.

We UM fans have always decided to count them (witness the case for Fitz' thousand-yard season).  As for the NCAA?

Yet another reason why Iowa has to somehow win Friday: gives him 3 games to get 69 ypg, as opposed to 104 ypg without the B1G championship.

BUT: the bulk of his carries on Saturday came from the running back position.  Would the record book make such a distinction?  The record IS "yards rushing by a quarterback"...but think of what wrinkles like the wildcat could do to record-keeping...

One would think that wouldn't matter, right?  Except that keepers of record books, as we know, love to pick them some nits...