OT: Sam McGuffie playing professional rugby now

OT: Sam McGuffie playing professional rugby now

Submitted by Kevbot on May 29th, 2016 at 6:17 PM

Saw this news on Twitter the other day. Apparently Sam McGuffie has been training with Tiger Rugby in Ohio in an attempt to convert to rugby (potentially for the Olympics, though he's likely much too late to make the squad for this year). He is currently listed as a reserve for the PRO Rugby Ohio team that is playing the San Francisco team right now (started at 6pm Eastern, will likely go until about 7:30 or so). The San Francisco team features Mils Muliaina, who played in 100 international matches for the legendary New Zealand All Blacks, so it should be an interesting match to watch. 

PRO Rugby is the first professional rugby competition here in North America and is in the middle of their inaugural season. There are only 5 teams in this first season, with hopes to expand to ~10 for next year. Currently there are teams in San Diego, San Francisco, Sacramento, Denver, and Ohio. Roughly half of the players are contracted full time while the others join the teams on a match by match basis. 

It seems as though Sam will be joining the Ohio team (based in Obetz, just outside of Columbus) for tonight's match in hopes of getting some high quality match experience. The match is streaming live at the link below if you'd like to watch! Hopefully Sam will get some playing time towards the end of the match. 



UPDATE: McGuffie only played the final 4 minutes (Ohio lost a relatively close match). He didn't get involved much in his limited time - only one opportunity for a tackle and didn't get an opportunity to carry the ball. You could tell he is very new to the game - looked like he wasn't sure where to be when the ball was away from him. He has mostly been training/playing 7s rugby - the Olympic version of the sport, which is a bit easier to learn/transition to - whereas this was 15s rugby. Hoping he'll get a few more opportunities to show what he's got moving forward. 

UM Rugby at ND Friday Night

UM Rugby at ND Friday Night

Submitted by bleu on September 3rd, 2014 at 10:58 PM

Seems like a nice warmup for Saturday if you are in SB the night before. We stfued them 18-0 last year. They play for a trophy honoring the Michigan players who brought rugby/football to ND in 1887. JV game at 5:30 before main game at 7:30pm. Takes place at Stinson Rugby Field wherever that is.

If you don't like Seven Nation Arby's football, this is true unbranded, vintage, MANBALL.

Info taken from this article: http://www.goffrugbyreport.com/college-men/michigan-notre-dame-renew-ri…

PS - First time poster

OT-Support Michigan Rugby in Philly 5/31 and 6/1

OT-Support Michigan Rugby in Philly 5/31 and 6/1

Submitted by J. Lichty on April 7th, 2014 at 3:16 PM

The U of Michigan Rugby Club has been invited to participate in the Collegiate Rugby "Sevens" Championship tournament in Philadelphia May 31 and June 1.

This tournament is nationally televised on NBC and this will be the first time that M has participated.  

This tournament will feature the seven a side game which will also be the version of the sport that will be played in the 2016 Olympics.For those unfamiliar with "Sevens" Rugby.  Games are played on a regulation size field with seven on each side as opposed to 15 as side in the traditional game.  Each half is seven minutes long - it is a track meet.

Although not as replete with men in blazers as a bowl game, there is a similar catch to M's participation.  The club is responsible for the sale of 350 tickets to the event.  While most of those have been purchased, the club is still short.

For those of you in the Philly area (or even NY or DC) this is a great, inexpensive way to support U of M at an exciting nationally televised event.

If you are going to purchase tickets - please use this link so the M Rugby Club gets credit for the tickets.




twitter war between M Rugby and Ohio Rugby

twitter war between M Rugby and Ohio Rugby

Submitted by J. Lichty on June 12th, 2012 at 5:13 PM

As an alum of the M Rugby club I thought I would do my part in spreading the word to those of you who either like rugby or who like to beat Ohio at anything.  

The UM Rugby Club is in a race against the Ohio Rugby Club to reach 2000 followers.  

Follow the club  @umrfc




Michigan women's rugby 2-0 in league play

Michigan women's rugby 2-0 in league play

Submitted by MGoScene on October 12th, 2009 at 10:13 AM

Michigan women's rugby team is currently 2-0 in the midwest d1 conference, with wins over grand valley and indiana. they play michigan state this saturday, oct 17, at north field (on plymouth road just northeast of north campus... to the north -- directions on the Michigan women's rugby team website). last year they finished #2 in midwest d2, so this is a big season for the ladies.

my cousin is on the team, and since i won't be in the a2 area at all for the rest of the season, i told her i'd post a thread on here to drum up some support.

so go see a game!

Add Rugby laterals to spread?

Add Rugby laterals to spread?

Submitted by phil.hersey on May 25th, 2009 at 2:14 PM

I have been playing rugby for last two months with Nevada Reno team. I played in last game of season, on B side and experienced why a 150lb guy must try to tackle a 220lb guy coming in fast very low (ha, splat). Since then we have been playing touch rugby with local semipro team Reno Zephyrs.

There seems to be two modes of offensive in rugby: 1) power running on scrum side of field behind the big forwards, or 2) get ball out to backs (fast guys) in space and try to defeat the one defender in front of them. This initial penenetration is done by either jukieness, extreme acceleration, or drawing in defender and at last instant passing (back) to a support runner who then finds a hole.

The passing doesn't end there. It seems very common to continue to lateral L and R down the field to goalline to whoever has the least pressure on them. There are amazingly few fumbles.

Question to the football experts out there... In spread the idea is often to get ball to agile fast guy in space and have them defeat a single defender (seems so far like rugby). So... why not have a support runner or two on either side run up behind for a lateral and really blow by them? i.e. I wonder if this common rugby offense (proven effective ...)would have any application to football... more lateralling... ?