CC - Where we stand - Part IV (last of the HCs)

CC - Where we stand - Part IV (last of the HCs)

Submitted by Ron Utah on October 14th, 2014 at 1:23 PM

Can he beat his former employer (Meyer)?

David Shaw, HC Stanford

  • Track Record: B+. Jim's OC all four years at Stanford. Seems to have maintained the success there, though this year will probably be his worst, record-wise. Is currently 38-9, 25-5 in Pac-12.

  • Michigan Ties: D-. Nothing there. Coached with Jim. Has coached in NFL at Philly, Oakland, and Baltimore.

  • Recruiting: B+. Had the #5 class (Rivals) in 2012, but otherwise has been solid but not spectacular (22, 64, 14).

  • Chances/Loyalty: D. Why would Shaw leave his alma mater for Michigan? Money would be the only conceivable reason, and I think Stanford would match.

  • Demeanor: B+. For a 42-year-old, he seems polished and is certainly used to operating in an arrogant, highly-educated environment.

  • Three Phases: A-. MANBALL offense that has had sustained success combined with aggressive, highly-ranked defenses and good special teams.

  • Roster Fit: A. Hard to imagine a better fit in terms of scheme for our players; he recruits basically the same guys.

  • OVERALL GPA: 2.76 (B-). Shaw seems like a great fit, except I don't believe he has any love for or desire to coach at Michigan. I think he is among the most unrealistic names on the list.


Kevin Sumlin, HC Texas A&M

  • Track Record: B+. 60-25 as a HC at Houston and A&M. Was 11-2 in first season at A&M, then 9-4, and looks to be on his way to no better than 9-4 this season. Can he excel without Manziel?

  • Michigan Ties: C+. Coached at Minnesota from '93-97, then at Purdue (his alma mater) until 2000. Since then has been in the south, where he was born.

  • Recruiting: A-. Sumlin has been killing it on the recruiting trail. Rivals #6, #11, and #15 classes the last three years. '15 class is currently at #6.

  • Chances/Loyalty: D+. Sumlin has some midwest ties, but has been in the south for a long time now and has no good reason to leave, unless he wants to escape the SEC West. Makes $3.1 million.

  • Demeanor: B+. 50 years old and presents well. Would fit the Michigan culture, IMO.

  • Three Phases: B. Is Sumlin just an offensive genius? The first thing I'd want to know if we hired him is, “Who's your DC?”

  • Roster Fit: C. Would need a significant roster overhaul for his style. We don't have the speed he likes at almost any position.

  • OVERALL GPA: 2.71 (B-). Sumlin seems like a quality person capable of turning just about any athlete into a Heisman-contender at QB...but can he coach a defense?


Butch Jones, HC Tennessee

  • Track Record: B. Maintained and even built on Kelly's success at Central Michigan, going 11-2 in 2009. Cincinnati was 12-0 in Kelly's last year (2009), and 4-8 in Jones' first year there in 2010. Did rebound to 10-3 and 9-3. Is 8-10 so far at Tennessee.

  • Michigan Ties: B+. Born in Saugatuck, played at Ferris State, and has coached at Ferris and CMU. Coached with Rich Rod at WVU.

  • Recruiting: B+. Was okay at Cincinnati (but, Cincinnati), staying near the top but not at the top of the Big East. Has been dynamite at Tennessee so far, with the #5 class last year and currently ranked #5.

  • Chances/Loyalty: C+. Hard to say. Butch is a Michigan guy, but he's at a top-tier program that's paying him about $3 million and might match any Michigan offer. No direct ties to U-M.

  • Demeanor: A-. 46. No nonsense approach and knows how to play to fanbase. Answers questions at press conferences. Would fit at Michigan, IMO.

  • Three Phases: B. Is an offensive guy, but hasn't gotten offense going at Tennessee. Defense has been a pleasant surprise under his watch so far.

  • Roster Fit: B. More Brian Kelly than Rich Rod, Jones could be successful with a Shane Morris-type at QB. Needs more space players on offense.

  • OVERALL GPA: 3.14 (B/B+). May have overrated him a bit. I feel he needs more time at Tennessee, but if he's interested in the job, I would definitely interview him.


Ruffin McNeill, HC East Carolina.

  • Track Record: B+. I believe McNeil should get more credit. Has taken perennial overachiever ECU and turned them into a ranked team. Was part of Texas Tech's strong run as a defensive coach.

  • Michigan Ties: F. There is nothing here.

  • Recruiting: C+. Has not had great success at ECU...but, ECU. No idea how he'd fare at a top-tier program.

  • Chances/Loyalty: C. NO ties to U-M or the midwest. Would be about the money and the chance to coach a big-time program. Is an ECU grad. Only making $400K.

  • Demeanor: C+. Southern guy who is not a fast talker. Seems like an awesome southern uncle. Don't think he would be appreciated in A2. 56 years old.

  • Three Phases: B+. Is a defensive guy, but ECU allowed over 30 pts/game until 2013. Has made steady improvement there and has now beaten some tougher opponents.

  • Roster Fit: B-. Defensively, it's a fit. Offensively, spready-spread needs space players, which we don't have.

  • OVERALL GPA: 2.29 (C+). McNeill seems like a really good football coach. Unfortunately, he has no ties to U-M, runs a completely different offense, and doesn't seem like a good cultural fit.


Kyle Whittingham, HC Utah.

  • Track Record: B. Was 58-22 in the Mountain West with an undefeated season in 2008 including a Sugar Bowl victory over Nick Saban's 'Bama squad. Since the move to the Pac-12, however, is just 22-18 overall and 10-19 in conference.

  • Michigan Ties: F. There is nothing here. Born in California and has always coached in the west.

  • Recruiting: B. Has done a pretty good job recruiting high-3 star types; classes average around 2.90 on Rivals. Not bad for Utah.

  • Chances/Loyalty: B-. NO ties to U-M or the midwest. Makes $2 million. If he's interested in running a big-time program, now is his chance (he's 54). I think he would take the chance if offered. Has been at Utah since 1994(!!!).

  • Demeanor: B. Boring press conferences would play well at U-M, but I'd like something better, and I think the fanbase would, too. Known as a good motivator and tactician.

  • Three Phases: B+. Is a defensive guy, but smart enough to find the right staff: new OC Dave Christensen's passing spread has catapulted Utah into one of the top scoring teams in the country. Would Christensen take the Utah job if Whittingham left?

  • Roster Fit: B. Defensively, it's a fit. Offensively, passing spread could use more space players, but simple route combinations have made his lesser athletes look great.

  • OVERALL GPA: 2.57 (B-/C+). If Whittingham brought his OC, or hired a proven one, this a hire I would support, though not be overjoyed with.

New LB Coach Candidate: Ruffin McNeill?

New LB Coach Candidate: Ruffin McNeill?

Submitted by CCBlue on January 14th, 2010 at 12:50 PM

It appears that the much beloved Ruffin McNeill, the former DC and Interim Head Coach for Texas Tech, has been fired by the new Tuberville regime. He was apparently also their LBs Coach.

Would love to get him in the mix for LB Coach consideration as possible. He appeared to be beloved by the players who had supported him to replace Leach after the Alamo Bowl win. He seems like a players coach would also likely give us more recruiting chops/connections in TX and the South.