ESPN: "All eyes on 2023 for conference realignment"

ESPN: "All eyes on 2023 for conference realignment"

Submitted by LLG on June 27th, 2017 at 10:43 AM

"Why 2023? It starts with expiring TV contracts. The ACC and SEC both have long-term media grant-of-rights agreements, running through 2035-36 and 2033-34, respectively. But the other three Power 5 conferences have agreements ending roughly around the same time (the SEC's Tier 1 deal with CBS runs through 2023-24). The Big Ten last summer opted for a shorter agreement with Fox and ESPN, which runs through 2022-23. The Pac-12 deal expires after the 2023-24 sports year, and the Big 12's ends the following year."


Catholic 7 to keep Big East name, add Xavier and Butler

Catholic 7 to keep Big East name, add Xavier and Butler

Submitted by MaizeAndBlueWahoo on February 28th, 2013 at 7:27 PM

Headline says it all.  Or most.  Creighton is also "expected" to join, and Dayton and St. Louis in the future.  That would make them the Catholic 11 Plus Butler, so it's probably for the best they get to keep the traditional Big East name.  Getting to start the league this fall might also move Notre Dame to the ACC this fall as well.

I guess that just leaves the question of what to call the southern-oriented conference that was once the Big East.  Big South is already taken.  If it were up to me, the Phoenix Conference would be pretty cool.


OT: Realignment would split Wings, Blackhawks

OT: Realignment would split Wings, Blackhawks

Submitted by StephenRKass on February 26th, 2013 at 4:20 PM

In an article in the Chicago Tribune, a proposed NHL realignment of conferences would put the Red Wings in the Eastern Conference and the Blackhawks in the Western Conference.


There is more commentary on this at the WWL. 

Somehow, it just seems wrong to pull apart these traditional Central Division rivals who were part of the league's original six teams. I know I'm a grumpy old man, but why can't they leave things like this alone? I hate it at Michigan, in the Big 10, and now in the NHL. Even though I'm a Blackhawk's fan, I don't like this a bit.

EDIT:  I am very thankful to the Red Wings for declining to resign Marian Hossa. He has been a critical part of the Blackhawks.

Probable realignment scenario per 97.1 WXYT

Probable realignment scenario per 97.1 WXYT

Submitted by Stephen Y on January 30th, 2013 at 11:50 AM
Per Doug Karsch... EAST Michigan, Ohio State, Penn State, Maryland, Rutgers, Indiana. WEST Wisconsin, Nebraska, Iowa, Northwestern, Illinois, Minnesota. Up in the air is where Michigan State and Purdue end up. EDIT: Sorry about the formatting. I started the thread on my phone. Per Doug Karsch, this comes from a source of his.

OT: ACC sues Maryland

OT: ACC sues Maryland

Submitted by MaizeAndBlueWahoo on November 27th, 2012 at 4:01 PM

The ACC isn't going quietly.  Looks as though they decided to be proactive and collect their $52 million.  Here is the lawsuit document:

The document establishes the buyout at a little over $52.2 million, actually.  Likely filed first so as to be able to file in North Carolina instead of Maryland, maybe bring some of that Dukie refereeing to the table.  Strong case in that regard as the lawsuit points out the ACC operates under North Carolina law.

As someone who prefers the ACC stay together, I'm happy to see the conference being proactive here, and IME, the uglier this gets, the better.

Save The Game : Official Information Thread

Save The Game : Official Information Thread

Submitted by JeemtotheH on August 26th, 2010 at 11:23 PM

This thread is an attempt to consolidate information that will help save The Game. Below are some ways to speak up and help out. Please add information that will help with these options or add new ones. Please avoid discussing “pros and cons” of Big 10 alignment because that horse is currently a puddle of blood and horseshoes.

The message is simple: Michigan and Ohio State should play The Game during the final week of the Big 10 regular season, period.

Details beyond that are irrelevant until this is guaranteed.


Email the Michigan Athletic Department and the Ohio State Athletic Department

            Bruce Madej
            University of Michigan
            Associate Athletic Director
            [email protected]

            Gene Smith
            Ohio State University
            Associate Vice President/Director of Athletics
            [email protected]
            614- 292-2477


Write a letter (yes the paper kind) to Big 10 Commissioner Jim Delany

            James E. Delany
            Big Ten Conference
            1500 West Higgins Road
            Park Ridge, IL 60068-6300


Join a Facebook group

Don’t Mess with the Ohio State/Michigan Game!!/group.php?gid=112688455453262

Keep Michigan v. Ohio State the Last Game of the Season.!/group.php?gid=137963456245872


Sign an online petition

Bring signs to Michigan football games

Some ideas to start things off:

            “Keep The Game the Same”
            “Save the Date, Michigan Ohio State”


Start chants at Michigan football games

 A Facebook Group is organizing a cheer at Ohio State's first home game on Thursday.  With 10 minutes left in the 1st quarter, fans will rise and chant "Save The Game".

I asked the Michigan Facebook Group to email out an event for a similar chant at the Michigan-UCONN game and he promised that he would.


Finally, notify all of your friends, family, alumni, and Ohio State acquaintances of these options.





Brandon on WJR 8/26 (Subj: Realignment)

Brandon on WJR 8/26 (Subj: Realignment)

Submitted by Aequitas on August 26th, 2010 at 1:06 PM

Dave Brandon was on WJR this morning on the Frank Beckmann show.  Happened a few hours ago, but I haven't seen it posted yet, and not everyone on this board can get AM 760.

Here's the highlights that I remember:

  1. DB DOES want MSU and OSU to play UM each year.
  2. DB does NOT want Michigan to play OSU at the end of the year going into a championship game.  He said no coach or TV person wants to see the same two teams match up in consecutive weeks.
  3. The conference's primary means for determining which schools go into which divisions is based on each programs performance.... # of wins, conference titles, bowl appearances, etc.  Geography is NOT a consideration.
  4. The year that Penn State came into the conference is as far back as the conference is looking when evaluating programs.
  5. The top 4 teams are OSU, UM, Nebraska, and PSU.
  6. UM and OSU are NOT going to be in the same division.

Reading into what he said, it looks like MSU will probably be in our division and OSU will be a protected match-up scheduled some time before the last regular season game.  He said he's fighting very hard to have us play those two schools each year and I can't see them giving UM two protected teams on the schedule, thus MSU in the same division.

He did stress several times that the divisions will be formed based on past performance (dating back to PSU's entry into the conference) more than anything else; and he reiterated that geography is a non-factor.

Dave Brandon's a straight shooter and doesn't mince words.  He did add that Coach Rod's future is not determined by a "number" (of wins).  He's the AD and he has access to far more metrics than win / loss stats.  Those metrics (and he listed a bunch) are what DB looks at.