Ravens to Build Statue of Ray Lewis

Ravens to Build Statue of Ray Lewis

Submitted by TheGhostofYost on February 7th, 2013 at 2:40 PM

According to owner Steve Bisciotti, The Ravens will construct a statue of Ray Lewis outside M&T Bank Stadium. This seems....wrong.  

"I think he set himself apart in Baltimre sports history...and I will not be surprised if there is one there in the next year or two."


Simmons on PEDs in Sports

Simmons on PEDs in Sports

Submitted by JeepinBen on February 3rd, 2013 at 11:43 AM

In case you missed this article from Friday, Simmons does a great job discussing a couple of "modern miracles" that may warrant a bit more scrutiny. I'm not saying that I know that any of these guys are juicing, but Simmons's list of "people who should have to pee in a cup" makes some excellent points. Interested to hear what the board thinks of it. Why don't we have better PED testing in sports? Reasons cited often include players' freedoms, and that blood testing is invasive, or something. Well, there are all kinds of random and invasive rules commiserate with playing pro sports. Hell, the combine has a literal meat market where players walk around in their underwear and are measured in front of hundreds of men. I'd think that the clean players would push hard for more testing.

Remember as you hear today that a 37 year old tore his triceps 2 months ago and is now on a "victory tour" making tons of tackles... that the NFL doesn't test for HGH. 



The following anecdote is also 100 percent true … When Bertrand Berry and Ty Warren suffered a complete tear of their triceps, it took them six months to recover. When Arizona left tackle Levi Brown suffered a complete tear of his triceps in August 2012, the Cardinals immediately put him on their season-ending injured list. When Ray Lewis suffered a complete tear of his triceps in mid-October, we thought he was finished for the season … only he returned to action a little more than two months later. During the third month of his "recovery," he made 17 tackles in a double-overtime playoff game in Denver. In 13-degree weather. At age 37. So when Lewis's name landed in this week's PED scandal, nobody tumbled over in shock. We wasted the rest of Super Bowl week talking about him, wondering whether he cheated, watching his denial for signs that he was lying, Googling "deer antler spray" and talking about everything other than the game. Eventually, the moment will pass, like it always does. Nothing will change. Sadly, the collective irresponsibility of some sports media members — call it "cornballbrotheritis" — ruined any rational media member's chances to question the current environment. You don't trust our ability to handle such a loaded subject, nor should you. We've ruined your trust too many times.

Semi-OT: Toomer Blasts Ray Lewis

Semi-OT: Toomer Blasts Ray Lewis

Submitted by Everyone Murders on February 1st, 2013 at 8:46 AM

The Detroit News has a short article regarding Amani Toomer's impressions of the Ray Lewis spectacle, labeling Lewis a "caricature".  All in all I think it was good of Toomer to call Lewis out on Lewis's antics.

A theme in Toomer's comments is that in addition to Lewis's checkered past, Lewis is largely all about Ray Lewis and less so about his team.  That jibes with my impression of Lewis.

I am a big believer that people can redeem themselves, but also think that most people who do show contrition and humility.  I haven't seen much of either from Lewis, so I'm hoping he goes out with a thud rather than a bang.*  Lewis strikes me as positively unrepenetant regarding his involvement in the Atlanta murders.

On the other hand, Ed Reed seems to be on the way out of the NFL himself, and has been a model of humility.  Anyway, let's hear your thoughts on this topic since it's the off-season.

"It's definitely all about him," Toomer, a former NFL player whose Giants lost to Lewis and the Ravens in Super Bowl XXXV, told USA Today. "Once a guy goes to the center of the field, goes into the victory formation on the last play of his last home game … I just don't think the Giants or any organization I've ever been a part of, even growing up, would allow somebody to single themselves out like that.

*Insert off-color joke about Lewis's crew's victim going out with a bang. Feel bad because the victims were real and the crime horrendous. Wring hands about dilemma of including this comment. Realize the victims were stabbed rather than shot.  Hang head in shame.

Sam Webb Profiles Joe Bolden

Sam Webb Profiles Joe Bolden

Submitted by MGoShoe on April 21st, 2011 at 12:25 PM

Sam Webb's latest is a profile of Michigan target OH MLB Joe Bolden. It contains some interesting nuggets that confirm what we've expected about Greg Mattison's recruiting approach:

Mattison's ability to reference his time in the pro ranks has definitely been a feather in Michigan's cap with numerous defensive recruits thus far. The same is certainly true with Bolden. "We watched the Ravens film from last year," Joe recalled. "Coach Mattison showed me where I was going to play in that defense. He pointed to Ray Lewis."

Michigan is in contention with 21 other schools but could be separating themselves from the pack.

That list is now 22 schools long and rising. BCS programs like Penn State, Stanford, North Carolina, Tennessee, Arkansas, Boston College, and West Virginia have thrown their hats in the ring. Michigan made its way into the mix a little over a month ago, and in has become an extremely strong contender thanks to two memorable visits to Ann Arbor.

"They are definitely up there on the list," Bolden said of the Wolverines. "The facilities are impressive. Both indoor fields are as long as the outdoor grass and outdoor turf fields. Then you just walk into the Big House and look from side to side — 115,000 people are screaming for you on a Saturday. There is probably no feeling like it. They told me that they were going to add about 6,000 seats. That's definitely an impressive thing."

The specificity of the 6,000 seats things is interesting. 

Noticeably absent from that list are two particular schools who apparently have different LB needs than does Michigan.

Bolden was courted for a time by Ohio State and Notre Dame, but neither chose to step forth with an offer. "It is not going to work out for Notre Dame," said Bolden. "They are looking for outside linebackers who are 6-4 and 250 pounds coming out of high school. I don't have any hard feelings towards them. I'm not the guy they are looking for and it is not going to work out for Notre Dame. God closed that door for a reason and we'll end up finding out that reason some time. Ohio State, they're looking for will linebackers — smaller, faster guys. I'm a bigger guy that doesn't fit that profile. I also don't have any harsh feelings towards them either. Both schools have been pretty much straightforward with me and I really appreciate them doing that. That is pretty much how the cookie crumbles with them."

"To me, if you didn't recruit me — and I don't like to be arrogant and full of myself — I like to prove people wrong," Bolden admitted. "I love doing it. I love talking, but also backing it up. If you've ever been in that situation, it makes it sweeter. It would definitely feel good."

Sam thinks decision time is nigh, but according to Bolden his timeline is based on Another's timeline.

"If I feel comfortable with a school 10 minutes from now and God gives me a sign and answers my prayers and tells me where I'm going to spend the next four or five years of my life, it is going to happen 10 minutes from now. Now if God has got a plan for me to wait all the way up until Feb. 2, it will be made on Feb. 2 at 7 o'clock in the morning and that is me and just how God works his magic."

Get your prayer on, MGoBlogerati.