TomVH: What Will Winning Get Us?

TomVH: What Will Winning Get Us?

Submitted by TomVH on September 15th, 2010 at 1:37 AM


A few people have requested a look at some names recruiting wise that could potentially be affected by Michigan's record this year. There have been plenty of recruits that openly said they're waiting to see what happens during Michigan's season, and will decide once they've seen enough progress, or haven't seen enough. Here's some names to keep an eye on if Michigan keeps up their winning pace later into the season. (Note: I'm not saying we will get these recruits, but they're prospects that there's potential with. Don't take this as a definitive "if we win, we get these" post. It's just a look at kids that are watching closely.) 

Anthony Zettel

6'4" 247 lbs.
Defensive End Ogemaw Heights/Michigan

 Probably the most known on this list for waiting the season out is Zettel. He's said publicly that he wants to wait and see what happens with Michigan's season before he decides. If Michigan wins, there's a good chance he's on our commit list. 

Darian Cooper

6'3" 275 lbs.
Defensive Tackle Dematha/Maryland

 Cooper has Michigan listed in his top group of schools, and is coming back sometime in the winter to stay with Delonte Hollowell and his family. They struck up a friendship at the Big House BBQ, and have stayed close ever since. He has also stated that he's watching what happens at Michigan closely, and how their season pans out will largely play into his final decision. Unfortunately he hasn't been able to watch any of the games yet, but he has told me he's impressed with the wins so far. Keep it up, and we're in the money.

Chris Bryant

6'5" 330 lbs.
Offensive Tackle Simeon/Illinois

 Bryant is very high on Michigan, and had originally planned to already have his commitment done. He decided to wait a few games into the season to see how everyone was doing. There's a chance that he will visit soon, and if he does, I wouldn't be surprised to see a commitment come soon after. Win, and you're in the driver's seat. 

Jack Tabb

6'4" 230 lbs.
Tight End Red Bank/New Jersey

 Tabb, much like Bryant, originally wanted to get his decision out of the way early. He took a quick visit to Michigan, and all of the sudden things slowed down for him. North Carolina and Michigan are two of his top choices, and potentially his top two choices. Both are in the midst of NCAA regulations and scrutinized seasons. He is now planning on taking his official visits, and seeing what plays out with sanctions and probation. I think Michigan has a very good shot, especially since UNC is seemingly about to be in quite a bit of trouble.  

Ray Hamilton

6'5" 230 lbs.
Tight End Strongsville/Ohio

 Did you forget about Ol' Ray? Did you forget that Ray's dad is good friends with Rich Rodriguez, and that Ray himself is good friends with current Michigan commit Jack Miller? Well you shouldn't have. If Michigan continues their progress, and can show more of how the tight ends are involved with the offense, then we still have a shot. It also doesn't hurt to have his good friend that may be committed to Michigan  trying to sell the program to him either. He still really likes what Iowa offers him, but it's not out of the question yet. Michigan has shown that they want a tight end in this class, and Ray was one of their first choices.

AJ Jordan

6'2" 165 lbs.
Wide Receiver Trotwood/Ohio

 Wisconsin leads for AJ right now, but as I've said recently I think Michigan is gaining on them. Whether it will be enough, I'm not sure. Jordan was at the U Conn game, but will also be taking an official visit to Wisconsin this weekend. His visit this weekend could put the Badgers over the top. If he decides to wait and see how the season progresses, it will give Michigan a better chance. The season so far has not gone unnoticed though.

Karlos Williams

6'2" 210 lbs.
Safety Ridge/Florida

I said this yesterday, and wrote an article on this very subject, but Karlos is keeping an eye on what Michigan does. He told me that he thinks Michigan is showing that they want to be an elite team again. He also told me that he's still committed to FSU, which is where his brother plays. it's going to be difficult for any team to swing him from the Seminoles, but Michigan definitely has a chance. Williams is a monster athlete, and could end up at either safety or linebacker, or in our system both. He's one prospect that could be an immediate difference maker on our roster.

Marquise Williams

6'3" 218 lbs.
Quarterback Mallard Creek High/North Carolina

 This is an interesting one since Michigan already took a commitment from Kevin Sousa. They offered Williams first, and only offered Sousa once Marquise committed to North Carolina, and the coaches didn't think they had a shot with anyone else. Since the allegations have come out against North Carolina, Marquise has said that he is still committed, but is definitely keeping his options open. One of those options is Michigan, and he'll be on hand for an official visit on October 9th for the Michigan State game. He says he's still very much interested in Michigan, and don't forget he's good friends with ATH Kris Frost, who will also be in attendance for the MSU game. This is one to keep an eye on, depending on if the coaches want to pursue him or not.

De'Anthony Thomas

5'9" 160 lbs.
Athlete Crenshaw/California

 Thomas is a long shot, but he did tell me that if Michigan decides to offer he will potentially take an official visit. You might be asking yourself, why haven't the coaches offered a five star that could be an outstanding slot receiver, or a really good cornerback. I don't have an answer, I was just saying that's probably what you're asking yourself. He's still very much committed to USC, but Michigan's new found fame in the spotlight will definitely be noticed by Thomas. There first needs to be communication with the coaches before an offer happens, and before a visit happens. If that communication starts up, then there might be something to watch. Until then, don't hold your breath.

ToB's The Battle of Michigan - this year's recruiting battles - the need to win....

ToB's The Battle of Michigan - this year's recruiting battles - the need to win....

Submitted by Sextus Empiricus on August 28th, 2010 at 1:41 AM

Just got back from vacation and read ToB's final recruiting post The Battle of Michigan (excellent read ToB BTW - I have learned much from you and Sam Webb about the instate recruiting drama.) 

This got me thinking about the battles this year and I have to say...though the recruiting is not done...I'm not happy with Jordan Walsh and Ray Hamilton.  Both had seemingly big time pulls to UofM and went the Ferentz way. Walsh's pull was somewhat anecdotal in that his mother teared up in RR's office  but his academic goals were set high as well...Hamilton's dad played with RR, is a close bud of Jack Miller and is in a position of need for the team going forward.  Both these guys have nice film.  These two hurt.  Not to mention Jeff Heuerman lost to OSU - whose dad I remember well from Crisler arena.

Lots to discuss here - but specifically - my take is twofold - the need to win and the need to involve the TE more in the offense. 

It's not just about RR's's also about the program.  I understand losing Chris Norman to the coaching change and that waterfalling into losing Lawrence Thomas (which was news to me but somewhat consoling.)  All three of the above guys (Walsh-Hamilton-Heuerman) saw the program up close and decided to go elsewhere.  It's been said before - recruits have short memories and Mich needs wins to keep the franchise relevant.  Was there more to these decisions than this?  Mich is a far better school than Iowa - yet Jordan said they had more to offer??? an OL said that???  Beluga was good but not Steve Hutchinson good.

There was some talk last year about involving the TEs more in the passing game.  I'm thinking specifically of the running paly that called for the TE to pull and seal the opposite DE/LB that Brian discussed in detail last year.  We need good TEs even when we don't throw them the ball.  It's hard to pitch these TEs without giving them more of a role.  I'm assuming that is what is up with Hamilton and Heuerman.

Any insight would be appreciated.  Obviously tl;dr worthy material...but the angst is real.  It would be nice to hear my concern is unwarranted (which is not exactly my take on ToB's piece...)

Here's to big and early wins.