I Have Seen Evil Incarnate

I Have Seen Evil Incarnate

Submitted by Enjoy Life on October 11th, 2009 at 9:54 PM

I attended the game Saturday at Iowa. For those who are in favor of the “preprogrammed disco music” and the incessant noise blaring from loudspeakers, please attend a game away from Michigan Stadium.

The Iowa game experience was one of the worst of my life (and, I have been told, Purdue is much worse!). I have attended several games at MSU and thought they were pure, crass commercialism. Man, was I wrong!

The Iowa band was hardly even given a chance to play – before, during the game, or at halftime (and, this was homecoming). Constant commercials and noise blaring on the jumbotron drowned out any chance of hearing the band or hearing anyone cheer. Why would anyone bother to cheer when no one could possibly hear you? At one point I completely lost it and yelled (in vain). “Please, dear god, make it stop. Where is the mute button? I use my DVR so I don’t have to listen to this crap. Please, make it stop, Please make it stop.”

My family has had University of Michigan season football tickets for 4 generations. Until this year, do you realize how privileged we are to have a university that values and upholds tradition and the college experience?

For me, some of the many joys of game day (until this year): spending 3-4 hours without any artificially enhanced noise; the joy of screaming along with tens of thousands of other fans knowing we could actually be heard; singing the Victors, hearing the band play, and hearing other fans sing along; clapping and yelling the “Let’s go blue cheer.

The artificial noise has already started to drown out the fans and the band. We have started down a path that will lead to evil incarnate unless it is stopped.

ND Complaint RE: NCAA Rule on Piped in Music at Game

ND Complaint RE: NCAA Rule on Piped in Music at Game

Submitted by DCBlue on September 15th, 2009 at 4:44 PM

Just saw this in a comment thread over at EDSBS. I noticed at the game on Saturday that the RAWK music was played almost up to the second the ball was snapped by ND and wondered if there were any regulations on the timing of when, and how long, music could be played. I've been to games in Columbus, and seem to remember that the music was shut down long when a team broke the huddle. During the ND game, the music was played much longer, even to the point where the ND offense was at the line.

Here's the thread from a bitter ND fan at EDSBS:

"Okay, I made my first trip to the Big House for the game last weekend. Although I left thoroughly depressed, I had a great time. 99.9% of the Michigan fans were great, as was the tailgating atmosphere on the golf course before and after the game.

My one complaint? Not the refs, not Weis’ playcalling, not our failure to execute. It was the music played by Michigan when ND was on offense, AFTER the team had broken the huddle and DURING Clausen’s cadence. Honestly, I think this contributed more to the “noise” of Michigan Stadium more than the 107,000 or whatever in attendance.

NCAA Rule 9-2-1(b)(6) provides that persons subject to the rules, including bands, shall not create any noise that prohibits a team from hearing its signals. Rule 1-1-6 dictates that public-address announcers, audio and video system operators, and other persons affiliated with the teams or institutions are subject to the rules. During almost the entire second half there would routinely be (crappy) pump-up music played from the end of one play through the snap of the next.

Is my complaint nit-picky and the result of the taste of Michigan’s collective ass in my mouth? Youbetcha. However, if you were at the game you would know what I am talking about. Michigan has never had the reputation of being a loud stadium, and any claim to being so, in my estimation, is due to the noise being piped in and not the fans.

That being said, who the hell knows whether the music played any role in ND’s bed-shitting. My guess is no, but it still pissed me off. Good day."

I disagree with the allegation that the music was played "through the snap." However, I can attest that it was played while ND was at the line. Wondering if ND has pitched this bitch to the NCAA, and whether anything will come of it.

Media experience: piped-in music and TV timeouts

Media experience: piped-in music and TV timeouts

Submitted by Topher on September 6th, 2009 at 11:52 AM

My pop made a great point about the piped-in music - "when you have bajillions of TV timeouts you have to have enough music to play." I might care more for the music if it wasn't cliche stadium music (AC/DC, Journey, Guns 'N Roses, Sweet Caroline - surprised they didn't play Enter Sandman), but I do wonder if the all-out control of the networks on the game procedure has something to do with it.

Maybe the networks want loud music when they come back from commercial? But I think it mostly is the obsession with a "marketable" product, like the game is not enough to please the crowd, and doing it like everyone else does.

I haven't seen anyone bring up the timeouts; the second half in particular had tons of really long TV timeouts that ruined the flow of an already-dragging ballgame.

Where I went to grad school, they remodeled the basketball arena, and starting running ads and piped-in music during timeouts instead of the band. The students hated it, but after a couple years everyone who knew the old way graduated and the outcry quieted, and now it's here to stay. Boo.