OT: Northernmost college in the lower 48?

OT: Northernmost college in the lower 48?

Submitted by lhglrkwg on March 12th, 2011 at 8:15 PM

I have the Michigan Tech / Nodak game on tv and I just wondered if Tech is the northernmost college in the lower 48. I checked google maps and it looks like houghton isn't even close. and for the smart-alecks here who will respond with lmgtfy, i did check there.

so does anyone know what the northernmost university/college in the lower 48 is?

stoicism and subtitles

stoicism and subtitles

Submitted by Moe Greene on March 13th, 2010 at 2:22 PM

I note that the subtitle of this epic blog hath changed to "TAKE IT LIKE A MAN."

If the dong punches keep up, this blog will become a shrine to stoicism - think about it:

* daily affirmations from marcus aurelius and epictetus
* the title might change to "suffering is the key to salvation"

Yesterday sucked.

These dong punches shall pass.

PS: Apologies if you thought this was OT and about watching foreign films.

Back to the Future II: 1955 Michigan Season

Back to the Future II: 1955 Michigan Season

Submitted by Michiganguy19 on February 5th, 2010 at 9:15 AM

Caught the last 20-30minutes of Back to the Future II last night, the one with the sports almanac from the future (that Biff is going to use to get rich). In the scene where Michael J. Fox is trying to steal it back while Biff drives his convertable the radio shouts out the scores of the Top 10 Teams in the country:

UCLA 19 Washington 17
Michigan State 42 Minnesota 14
Ohio State 20 Iowa 10
Michigan "blanks" Indiana 30-0
Notre Dame 27 UNC 7
Oklahoma 52 Iowa State 0
WVU 26 Pitt 7
Texas A&M 20 Rice 10
Maryland 25 Clemson 12
TCU 47 Texas 20

Intrigued as to if the scores were real... I looked it up.

All of the scores were ACTUAL scores from November 12, 1955 and yes MSU, OSU, and Michigan were all in the top 10 (NO SEC TEAM in sight).

Michigan Season Highlights from 1955:
-Michigan beat Missouri 42-7
-Michigan gave MSU its only loss of the season (MSU finished 8-1, #2 in the polls) in a 14-7 victory at Michigan Stadium (Attendence just over 97,000).
-Michigan beat Army 26-2, rising to #1 in the next poll
-However, Michigan needed a come from behind victory at MINN, after falling behind 13-0, they rallied to win 14-13 (Go Blue!). But they fell from #1 to #3 in the polls.
-Michigan beat Iowa 33-21
-Unfortunately though Michigan notched a great win against Indiana, but they would suffer defeats to both Illinois and OhioState (lame) withing their last three games of the season.

-Not making the Rose Bowl, Michigan didn't play in a Bowl Game
-MSU finished #2, OSU #5, Michigan #12 in the final AP Poll (occuring before the bowl games)... And OSU's Howard Cassady won the Heisman. Overall a great season for the Big10.

-Bennie Oosterbaan was the Head Coach
-Ron Kramer was an All-American

Random Things

Random Things

Submitted by anup414 on September 29th, 2008 at 6:00 PM
  1. Did anyone see what Steven Threet did on this 58 yard run? He turned his head saw the defensive back chasing him and immediately put two hands and secured the ball so that god couldn't even take it from him. It was funny at first, but EVERY player should do that the way we are securing the ball. Hopefully he is leading by example.
  2. I am sick of hearing about how this was an upset. That game wasn't an upset, it was freshman inexperience, Michigan talent and illogical preseason poll assumptions. (and Wisconsin choking)
  3. In one of the funniest moments of Michigan Football ever, as the game ended and the stadium emptied, there was a Wisconsin fan standing in the student section just dejectedly staring at the field wondering what had just happened and how his team lost. Some Michigan students loudly said, "Hey look at that kid! He is soooo pissed!" and then another, "I got to get a picture of this! Let me get my camera out and lets go closer to him!" These guys went RIGHT UP to this kid and get a perfect picture of him staring at the field with the scoreboard in the background. After the picture was taken, they all said, "That is DEFINITELY going to be my facebook picture for the next two weeks!" Hahahhaahah!! Who's jumping around now?
  4. I was so excited to see Morgan Trent get to return the ball off the punt because of this speed, but then we found out why he is a defensive back and not a wide reciever. Damn!