Campus Photos - Early to Mid 20th Century

Campus Photos - Early to Mid 20th Century

Submitted by Everyone Murders on January 17th, 2013 at 9:55 AM

The new Michigan Today has a great slideshow from the university's first "Staff Photographer" George Robert Swain.  It's a nice slice of U-M history, and worth your time - especially if you're an alumnus.  The article is here: .

Structural and functional deficiencies notwithstanding, it would have been nice for some more of these structures to have survived.  For example, a shot of the old library:


The Old Library

RAWK & RULE Issue 1 Vol. 1

RAWK & RULE Issue 1 Vol. 1

Submitted by BleedingBlue on March 18th, 2010 at 10:33 AM
Welcome to the inaugural issue of RAWK&RULE! Around here, we're inspired by things we consider purely awesome. In the first issue, we're exploring changes to the Michigan Stadium gameday experience, a discussion brought forth by the news of a potential night game between the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame and your very own Meeeechigan Wolverines. Possible night game @ The Big House 

First, a checklist of things that are pure awesome we would like to see at games: RAWK music? check 
Night game? check 
HYP-P-P-P-PE VIDEOOOOOOOOS!!!(with annoying announcer guy)? check 
We look to the Chicago Bears introductions for inspiration: 

As for the Wolverine to run out of, we have two choices for the "style": 

First Example: The full snarling/attack position wolverine. In this configuration, the players run out from underneath the wolverine. This type of wolverine intro would imply the players are protected by it, like, "Don't mess with us...we've got this ANGRY wolverine backing us up." Which...ok, it looks frightening from the front, but from the sides or back, not so much. This is a big issue for me considering the position of the tunnel at Michigan Stadium. See picture below. Note: Maize jerseys provide maximum intimidation factor (like the Orange jerseys pictured definitely achieve.) 

Second Example: The head of the Wolverine appears to be coming out of the ground. In this configuration, the players run out of the mouth of the Wolverine. This implies, "We're so TUFF even this scary-ass wolverine couldn't eat us. We're gonna destroy you!". I prefer this method, as the visual is better from all angles, the giant teeth would be pretty scary, and it would achieve maximum intimidation for opposing players and fans. 


Stay tuned: In the next issue of RAWK&RULE, we'll discuss the awesome power of intimidation with eye black....