Open letter to Jim Harbaugh

Open letter to Jim Harbaugh

Submitted by 1464 on December 4th, 2014 at 12:25 PM


I know that you scour these message boards in your spare time.  You were probably expecting a long winded and overly dramatic essay to woo you to come to Michigan.  That's what these open letters tend to be.

But I'm not going to do that.

Jim, I want you to look at these puppies:



Jim, if you don't come to Michigan, I'm going to turn these puppies into a fur coat.  

Now ask yourself... are you the kind of person that will allow that to happen?  I hope not, Jim.  I hope not.



Submitted by hathachips on August 1st, 2009 at 10:55 AM

would like to hear some predictions on the MIIIIIIIIIIIICH football season this year.  I've heard a lot of douche bags say the wouldn't win 4 games, which is why I call them douche bags.  But I was wondering what everyone else thought.  I don't get a chance to check out this e-blog to often and I'm sure this has already been asked, but give me some predictions, MO-FO's.  I'm liking 7-8 wins this year.  Here is the schedge and my thoughts...
09/05 ... W. Michigan -- 3:30pm   WIN, pick the over on this game.
09/12 ... Notre Dame -- 3:30pm   WIN Jimmah! will throw 8 picks
09/19 ... E. Michigan -- 12:00pm  WIN Sorry Ronald Jonathan English, you and your eagles can't cut it.
09/26 ... Indiana -- 12:00pm   WIN, by 40.
10/03 ... at Michigan State --  Loss/Win MSU could show up to this game 2-2 on the year, if they do, MICH will lose, if they are 4-0 like they all assume and wet their jorts about, MICH will win because the sparty's are due for a melt down.
10/10 ... at Iowa -- 8:00pm   Loss, pink locker room?  GUEERS.
10/17 ... Delaware State --  WIN (i hope)
10/24 ... Penn State -- Loss
10/31 ... at Illinois -- Loss
11/07 ... Purdue -- WIN, with a hooker and ladder, BITCH.
11/14 ... at Wisconsin --  WIN  (Wisconsin sucks we all know it)
11/21 ... Ohio State -- Loss or win, just epinion. 

thanks to GBMW for the schedge, not only informative BUT ALSO GOODT.