Priority Points Updated

Priority Points Updated

Submitted by MLaw06 on March 28th, 2013 at 4:42 PM

Priority Point totals on the site were updated yesterday.  The changes include those that were previously highlighted; including the increased points to alumni (20 instead of 5) and letterwinners (40 instead of 10).  It looks like they're still updating some of the categories since not all of my information is showing, but I noticed a boost of approximately 30 points.

What are you guys seeing?

Athletic Dept Changes to Priority Points (HUGE!)

Athletic Dept Changes to Priority Points (HUGE!)

Submitted by MLaw06 on November 29th, 2012 at 2:27 PM

Beginning in 2013, the Priority Points system will be modified to give more points to Michigan alums and athletes.  Specifically, the priority points for one alumnus(a) will increase from 5 points to 20 points and the priority points for one athlete will increase from 10 points to 40 points.  Alumni couples and athlete couples may combine their points to a max of 40 points and 80 points for each such category, respectively. [Chart below highlights these changes (note: an athlete is also assumed to be an alum for purposes of the calculations below).  The plus numbers are netted as compared to current point values for their respective categories.]

This will cause significant priority point inflation for alums and athletes (and conversely, depreciation for non-alums and non-athletes).  The magnitude of this change can be extrapolated into dollars by converting 1 point to $100 (i.e., which is the conversion rate based on direct donations to Michigan Athletics), which results in a net benefit to single alums in the amount of $1,500... and to athlete/alum couples of $9,000, etc.

Given that the current (as of 2012 based on the Michigan website) median for priority points is 21.2, this is a huge change.


1 Alum


2 Alums


1 Athlete


2 Athletes


25% 3.82 18.82 33.82 48.82 93.82
50% 21.2 36.2 51.2 66.2 111.2
90% 174.67 189.67 204.67 219.67 264.67
95% 326.65 341.65 356.65 371.65 416.65
99% 1365.81 1380.81 1395.81 1410.81 1455.81

What are your thoughts re: whether this is an appropriate change to properly value a Michigan degree and/or varsity athletic involvement?  Does this unfairly affect the Michigan fans who are not alums?