Dantonio Dress-Up: Smilin' Mark's Pump n' Lube

Dantonio Dress-Up: Smilin' Mark's Pump n' Lube

Submitted by Sven_Da_M on August 23rd, 2013 at 9:44 AM

It's "goin' to work," Sparty-style, according to the Freep:

Mark Dantonio wore his “camp shirt” today, a nod to the blue-collar approach he seeks from his team this season.

And, here he is, in a low-res picture:


That's a Dantonio smile.  It really is.  The snappy label?  Here's the details:

Everyone on the team got one of the shirts, he said — short sleeves, collars and sewn-on name tags with “Spartan Moving” below the names.

First off, "blue collar?"  Really?  It's the primary color of your only real rival!

Secondly, "Spartan Moving?"  As in "Movin' Out?" Like after another year like last year...

Finally, those of us who have truly been blue collar once (and not had to fashion a cute outfit for make-believe) know that movers don't have work shirts with their names on them.  (Protip: It's because many are day-laborers, and the moving company wouldn't spring for such items except for generic models sporting names like "Bub" or "Tony" or "Melvin" or "Mark.")

So I would suggest that if Coach D wants to channel a timeless blue-collar service provider, this is a good guy to model:


Mark better practice smiling because here is a candid picture of The Sparty AD and President upon recently hearing of another recruiting class of 1 and 2 stars:



As Dantonio says: Go Blue (Collar)! 



Old CFN Michigan FB preview.

Old CFN Michigan FB preview.

Submitted by GunnersApe on May 3rd, 2011 at 9:14 AM

Standard disclaimer for clicking on CFN, please take it with a grain of salt. It's ancient in terms of internet time but I didn't see it posted. No dead players starting but UM did pick up a hybrid QB.

Final Polls will be...:



17. Michigan 9-3
The Spring Call: Brady Hoke’s first season will be a major success. Rich Rodriguez left the shelves relatively stocked, and it’ll show with an improved defense and with Denard Robinson doing less (and staying healthier). An early loss to Notre Dame will be big, but the wins will pile up until late in the season when the win over Ohio State brings a Legends title.


Sched. and too early predictions:


2011 CFN Pred. (Spring):

Sep. 3 Western Michigan W
Sep. 10 Notre Dame L
Sep. 17 Eastern Michigan W
Sep. 24 San Diego State W
Oct. 1 Minnesota W
Oct. 8 at Northwestern W
Oct. 15 at Michigan State W
Oct. 29 Purdue W
Nov. 5 at Iowa L
Nov. 12 at Illinois L
Nov. 19 Nebraska W
Nov. 26 Ohio State W


Spring Preview:


2010 Offensive Player of the Year … QB Desmond Robinson

Again it CFN and it's the off-season. Hopefully we'll hear some Buckeye tear article or a new recruit pick up and this will fade to the second page or you could to keep pretending that your working.