Kiffin: a deluge of criticism on ESPN

Kiffin: a deluge of criticism on ESPN

Submitted by michelin on January 14th, 2010 at 5:48 PM

ESPN just had a 5 person panel--the one with Paige, Mariotti, etc (called something like "outside the lines" I think).

The comments on Kiffin were uniformly negative by all 5 experts

“You cant believe a word he says"

“He's been at usc at and is already in trouble with ncaa violations"

“He’s gonna be not just in hot water but scalding hot water"

They seemed to imply that severe USC sactions are coming.

Then on the next show: the two person, back and forth discussion between Tony and Wilbon.**

Tony: "He needed to run a clean program but at his first USC press conf, questions already started flying as to whether he'd already violated rules his first day."
"this is not a good start for kiffin"


"He's real good at talk..."we just did a story about his guys getting in trouble"....
Tony reminded Wilbon that the had also previously said of Kiffin:

"he's a fraud and a cheat"

Whether you agree or not, the USC recruits or commits...especically Baxter, Parker, etc....should see these shows.

Yes, nobody likes negative recruiting, but don't think that Kiffin hasn't already pumped up his own negative recruiting machine. (he previously told a guy that if he went to south carolina, he'd be pumping gas the rest of his life)

Also, there's no need to say anything negative about Kiffin...since everybody else is alreay saying it for you.
The recruits just need to see what other people think of Kiffin--the universal opinion that this USC team--with a Forrest Gump coach and the likely stigma and restrictions of probation-- is very unlikely to be the USC team you thought you were getting, no matter what the slick salesmen will tell you.

*All quotes are approximate since the announcers spoke quickly and I did not have a recording

**(Not sure if i am spelling or realling his name right)