Best and Worst: Pre-Season

Best and Worst: Pre-Season

Submitted by bronxblue on August 14th, 2014 at 9:18 AM

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Seeing as we just had the annual heights and weights delivered to our doorstep with nary an emotion beyond “these large men either got slightly larger or slightly smaller, and that is good”, there really isn’t much else going on until the season starts.  Sure, there was the BBQ and a couple of commitments, but I’d be surprised if much else happened until a couple of days before The Horror II – Horror-ier comes into our lives at the end of August.  So yeah, figured I’d dust off this diary and expound a bit on the UM sports landscape, the upcoming football season, college sports in general, and a couple of other topics. 

Best:  Are You Ready for Some Football!

So it’s been over 8 months since UM last played a down of football (and, frankly, many more months since those downs felt meaningful).  I know a great deal has gone on both locally and nationally to put a dour tone on the upcoming season, but I’m just excited for the sport to return and for my fall weekends to have a bit more entertainment.  Living in NY but being a Lions fan, I’m forced to watch the Jets and Giants try to out-dryhump doorknobs for 3 hours most weeks, and can usually only catch games with teams I care about on postage stamp-sized feeds from random “sports” sites hosted in countries Russia hasn’t realized they might want to take back yet.  But basically every Saturday from August until November I know that I can turn on the television and find some channel with Michigan on it, and for a couple of hours I can be unabashedly zealous over something pretty inconsequential but still incredibly endearing to my heart.  That’s why I love the fall, and why I love having Michigan football back in my life.

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Game day prediction thread. Let's hear em

Game day prediction thread. Let's hear em

Submitted by go16blue on September 7th, 2013 at 10:23 AM

Any and all predictions go here. Who wins? What's the score? The first play? The fourteenth play? The final play? If you want bragging rights for a prediction, it has to go in writing before kickoff, so here's your chance.

Personally, here's my call for the first play on offense: play action of a zone stretch left, with Funchess coming across the formation left to right from his TE position on an intermediate route, Gallon going deep on the right, and another TE (Butt?) coming into the right flat late on a checkdown route. 

Football Outsiders (Per ESPN) predict 7 losses for UM ($)

Football Outsiders (Per ESPN) predict 7 losses for UM ($)

Submitted by massblue on August 7th, 2013 at 12:13 PM

I think Football Outsiders are on drugs.  Among their many strange predictions are the following margins of victory/losses


CMU + 19, ND - 10, Akron + 33, UConn -5, MINN + 13, PSU -11, IND + 9, MSU -16, NEB -7, NW - 11, IOWA -8, OSU -13.


It also claims that we will have the #31 Defense.


Of course, ESPN turns around and ranks us #14.





Football Outsiders has had a good record in predicting NFL games.  But their methodology may not translate well to the college level.  Can anyone explain their Efficiency Rating?


Added Iowa

2012 Season Record Prediction Thread

2012 Season Record Prediction Thread

Submitted by hart20 on August 30th, 2012 at 3:29 PM

As the name would suggest, this thread is for your season record predictions for 2012. Feel free to predict the record for other teams besides Michigan.


My predictions:


Michigan 11-1

Notre Dame 6-6 (or 7-5, I haven't decided yet)

MSU 8-4

Ohio 9-3


Yeah, I'll drink that Kool-Aid.

A Prediction For the WMU Game (Because I Can)

A Prediction For the WMU Game (Because I Can)

Submitted by UMAero90 on September 5th, 2009 at 9:53 AM
Diary post #2 .... Wow, if this site were a crack pipe, I'd be licking the outside hoping to get a buzz. I'm pathetic. On the other hand, I haven't been so revved up about Michigan Football in years. I've been in need of a Maize and Blue transfusion for a while, and all of you have provided it for me. Many thanks!

On to today's game ... I have no f*cking clue what's going to happen. I believe the team will look waaaaaay better than at any time last year, and the offense is sure to look pretty capable against the WMU defense.

On the other hand .... the defense (*gulp*). I really thought that the "Weapon of Choice" video was awesome. Great music, a freshman QB who looked like Heisman material before he'd even played his first official game, hot-handed receivers ... wow. But, am I the only one who saw the elephant in the room, i.e. the defense (or complete lack thereof)?

Those guys didn't look like they could catch a cold. I know, I know ... Not necessarily starters, and it was spring, and the sun was in their eyes, etc., etc.. But, you'd think that more than one of them had seen playing time in the '08 season. If, on balance, they're really THAT bad .... yikes.

What does this portend for today's game? It means that the front seven had better be able to spend so much time in the WMU backfield that they can count the threads on Hiller's jersey by the end of the day. Otherwise, Hiller will shred the DBs. That could be the deciding factor of the game. Fortunately, if there is a strength on UM's defense, its a couple of guys on the D-line and maybe one or two at LB. We'll see.

It also means that the offense had better


(Sorry, Brian, that was a stroke of genius and I felt compelled to borrow it)

What worries me is that if WMU's D is as bad as everyone says, UM will be able to move the ball at will, opening the possibility of quick scoring drives that don't eat time off the clock. That puts the ball back into Hiller's hands, which scares the $hit out of me. It's pretty likely that the WMU game plan will count on possession passing and plenty of rushing ... In order to keep the ball out of Tate's mitts. You can bet that WMU is as nervous about its possible lack of a competent defense as we are.

So, if I net it all out: all the other analysis I've read, my own paranoia, the number of days since I got lucky, (I'm married -- easy guess on your part) ..... UM 31, WMU 28.

Outlandish Prediction on Pryor

Outlandish Prediction on Pryor

Submitted by MichiganPhotoRod on September 4th, 2009 at 12:09 PM

Follow me on this...

I did state it was outlandish. Forget what I said in my previous post.

It came to me in a dream last night. I was reading the following headline:


I still feel negative Brian points coming. I can take it like a man!