OT: Post Portugal observations

OT: Post Portugal observations

Submitted by 1464 on June 22nd, 2014 at 9:04 PM

I know we have a POSbang thread, but I'd like to start one with a more strategic dialogue. 

So what do we know about the USMNT this World Cup?  We are prone to making some mistakes, but also seem to be prone to some amazing play. 

I think we have more playing in our favor come Thursday than we do playing against us.  Portugal will not let Ghana surprise them, as did Germany.  If Ghana wins, it is not due to oversight. 

I think that Germany will be content to play keep away, as a draw eliminates the other game from becoming a factor at all.  Germany knows that even if they lose to us 1-0, they get through as well, due to GD.  I hope for a very passive game from both sides.

Our worst case scenario is that we lose and Ghana wins, but we'd still have a solid shot at making the knockout round, even then.  If I were a betting man, I'd say that Thursday is not our farewell performance.

- Howard looked a lot shakier this game.  I'm a former keeper myself, and he didn't seem to have that killer instinct on when to come off or hold his line.  His athleticism saved him a couple of times.

- I really liked Yedlin's cameo, a lot.  He looks like a bright spot for our team in Russia.

- Dempsey played very well for what he is being asked.

- Bradley played like himself, which thank God.  He had a couple of mediocre balls, but mae some really nice reads as well.  Our whole team played some amazing through balls. 

- I wonder/worry about the extra day of recovery that Germany gets, and for that matter, Ghana as well.  That could be a big factor to play out to our disadvantage.

As a hypothetical, if the US were somehow, someway, able to make it to the finals, I will guarantee that the viewing for that game will match or surpass Super Bowl ratings in the US.

Another hypothetical, to test the chemical makeup of the board: What 2014 Michigan football game(s) would you assign a loss to the good guys, if it meant that the final cross was shanked by Portugal and that the US would be through?  Just curious...

World Cup Thread- Day 10

World Cup Thread- Day 10

Submitted by dr eng1ish on June 21st, 2010 at 8:35 AM

Today's matches (in EST):

7:30 am: Portugal - DPRK (North Korea)

10:00 am: Chile - Switzerland

2:30 pm: Spain - Honduras


Portugal - North Korea is on now.  Superb passing led to the only goal so far for Portugal, put away by Raul Meireles.  Second half kicking off now. North Korea has looked ok, but the goal definitely rattled them a bit.  Come on Chollima!