A Tradition-ish: the M Fanfare 'Fist'

A Tradition-ish: the M Fanfare 'Fist'

Submitted by MGoBender on August 20th, 2012 at 8:53 PM

One of the best (for me the best) moments of a Michigan Football Saturday is the entrance of the band and the M Fanfare.

There's something about the M Fanfare that always blows me back - the moment of silence prior to it, the sudden blast of the brass, and the rise into the Victors always brings tears to my eyes.  I thought one of the cooler sights towards the end of my run as a student was seeing the student section hold up a single fist throughout the entirity of the Fanfare and simultaneously as the drum major completes his back bend the crowd begins to clap together "CLAP.... CLAP... CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP".

So, my question is: Why is the alumni and the rest of the stadium so slow to accept what would be an awesome sight.  A unified fan base, raising a "HAIL" fist.  Come on blue hairs, even you can get behind this!

In case nobody cares, my question to you: What's your favority Michigan tradition (other than winning).

Skip to 4:00 for the Fan fare. The whole thing is worth watching: The walk-up to stadium and probably the coolest and lowest flyover ever.